What’s The Frequency Bendis? Blocks CBN Twitter



While attempting to write up a news story on the fact that Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Von Oeming’s “Powers” got picked up by FX for a television show, I went to Bendis’ twitter to find a quote and discovered that CBN was not following the Avengers scribe.

Now, I’m sure we were following him, as I make it a point to follow all the creators on twitter. You can find useful bits of information and, perhaps, even tweet back and forth. Plus, I know Bendis has tweeted an article or two of ours.

Well, I hit the “follow” button and a message popped up informing that we had been blocked from following this particular user:


Of course, this got me thinking as to what we may have done to turn off Brian Michael Bendis.

I am aware there are “Bendis-haters” out there, however I don’t consider myself one. Heck, I’ve been contacted and complained to about CBN’s reviews being so Bendis-favorable!

However, it is quite possible that three of our more recent articles may be the culprit:

1. Avengers #10 Review.

2. The Cosmic Triune: Marvel Editorial to Cosmic Fans: “We’re just not that into you.”

3. Avengers #11 Solicit: Bendis Goes Cosmic! Kills off Nova and Star-Lord!

I highly doubt it to be the Avengers review. While M.E. Byron Brewer did have some fun with the review, many of his others have been positive.

The third, was part of a series of “playful” articles on why Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy may have been canceled from yours truely. The solicit reads that Avengers #11 introduces a new cosmic character. Not really much to this one to garnish a reaction, I would think.

Okay. What about #2? This one was from our very own “Timelord,” CBN’s expert on all things Nova, having been a fan since the ’70s. TL wrote up an opinion piece on the fact that Marvel keeps rebooting the same characters over and over – while his favorite disappears in the blink of a Thanos. This, actually got quite the reaction from the Senior Vice President of Publishing of Marvel Comics, Mr. Tom Brevoort.

Here’s the Moon-Knight related blurb that could be the one to turn the Cosmic Book News twitter off:

So recently, we’ve gotten news of yet another attempt to lure the Bat-fans to Marvel with a Bendis version of Moon Knight.  How many chances has MK been given to catch fire now?  I’ve lost count.  He guest stars constantly, gets promoted way more than his sales warrant, has a place in the blazing hot best selling Secret Avengers – and no sooner does one of his ongoings fail miserably than he’s given another one.  Now don’t get me wrong – I like MK.  I’m just saying, “Where’s the parity for cosmic?”

Enough to warrant banning Cosmic Book News?

Eh, could be! Or maybe it’s all of the above and more.

I suppose seeing how Mr. Bendis has 34,000+ followers – it’s gotta count for something. I think J.J. would think this to be actually quite the positive!

Or, this could be a simple twitter glitch.

Regardless, Cosmic Book News will still go on with covering all things Bendis, reviewing his titles and putting up any news-worthy stories.

CBN will also go on with our opinionated pieces as we don’t cater to any publisher – or creator, thank you very much. 🙂

Feel free to follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/cosmicbooknews.

Anyway, maybe the culprit is one of these?

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