What the D’ast? Lectronn


(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of CosmicBookNews.com. He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)

By Byron Brewer


One of the most unusual denizens I have come across in the Marvel Cosmos is Lectronn. With powers derived from an alien source, this puts him right up there with others I have included in this cosmic column. But, well, Lectronn is a bit different. You be the judge. OK?

As a child, Tommy Samuels contracted polio and lost the use of his legs. Years later, an alien came to Earth looking for a worthy person to bestow great power upon. (I can find absolutely no information, in back issues of Marvel Age or online, that identifies this alien or his species. Anyone?) He chose Tommy and granted him atomic powers, also healing his legs.

With these new powers, Tommy had “atomic-powered strength” to an unknown degree, the ability to fire electron blasts from his hands, and could fly. It is possible, but has never to my mind been stated, that Tommy may have had some degree of control over the molecules in his body to accomplish these feats.

Thrilled with his new powers, Tommy Samuels became Lectronn, “Master of the Atom,” and went out to test them. He came across a group of criminals and easily defeated them. However, while they were in custody, it was revealed that the criminals were grievously wounded by Lectronn’s powers. He then learned that with great power comes great responsibility. (Geez, with a tagline like that, looks like this friendly neighborhood cosmic hero woulda gone further, eh? lol)

In California, Lectronn rescued bystanders during an encounter between It the Living Colossus and an invading horde of Stonians. Lectronn eventually relocated to NYC and almost attended Dollar Bill’s “Defender for a Day” event but instead helped Crimebuster and Janus the Golden Angel rescue bystanders from mytic debris from the cosmic crisis called “Star Waaugh.” Lectronn once fought Schizoid Man to a standstill over New York for three hours. But he decided to hang up his boots after the Avengers and X-Men were defeated by the Masters of Evil and the Marauders.

Tommy married entertainer Amy Jo Bessolo and moved with her to Pennsylvania. They had twin boys (Rider and Martin) and Tom adopted Nathan, son of his wife from an earlier relationship.

Years passed, and Tom and Amy Jo went to Ireland on a second honeymoon, where Amy Jo became a victim of Vi-Locks, creatures brought to Earth by Yandroth. Transformed into a Vi-Lock herself, she departed Earth after Yandroth was defeated. The situation could not be prevented by the Irish heroes the Kindsmen and Tom was of no help to his wife.

Following the disheartening incident, Tom retrained his powers in an effort to both rescue his wife and also to prevent such things from happening to others.

Lectronn came to New York to consult some other heroes. But along with Lightbright, Wildstreak and Phone Ranger, Lectronn was arrested by Iron Man and Spider-Man for violation of the Superhero Registration Act. Later, Lectronn was freed from his cell in the Negative Zone prison known as 42 and joined Captain America’s anti-Registration heroes who actively opposed Iron Man’s pro heroes during America’s superhero civil war. Lectronn participated in the final battle between anti- and pro-Registration sides in New York City before Captain America brought an end to the war.

It’s unknown if this cosmic champion survived this last battle of Civil War, but we can scan the horizons and the stars of Earth-616 and continue to look for – Lectronn!