WB’s New Animated Movie Justice League: War Skips Over Aquaman



In a rather odd twist of events, the upcoming animated movie from Warner Bros., Justice League: War, will not be featuring Aquaman.

Odd because Geoff Johns recently confirmed an Aquaman animated movie is in the works, so having the character featured prominently in anticipation of his own animated film certainly makes sense.

However, that’s not happening.

The Aquaman fan site, AquaShrine.com, noted that no casting for the King of the Sea has been announced.

Because there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Aquaman will be part of it, despite the fact that it’s based upon the first six issues of the New 52 Justice League book, where the team–including ol‘ Arthur here–squared off against Darkseid!

A Twitter war ensued with WB animated movie publicist Gary Miereanu responding as well as Jay Oliva, storyboard artist for Man of Steel and director of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Curiously enough, Olivia makes it sound as if Aquman may have been skipped over for that movie as well as it seems Aquaman was featured as a result of his decision only.

In the following Justice League: War preview video, we see that Aquaman is basically skipped over (except the covers) as they go through the Justice League comic book: