WB Moving Forward With DC Comics Lucifer TV Series



Warner Bros. is moving forward with another DC Comics property adapted for television with Lucifer, which is slated for Fox.

It’s reported that Fox has ordered a pilot for Luciifer, a character that was featured in the Sandman Vertigo comic book as well as a spinoff comic book series.

Californication creator and executive producer Tom Kapinos is behind the project with WB TV.

Lucifer’s appearance in the Neil Gaiman Sandman comic series saw the rebellious Angel get bored with Hell and take up residence in Australia and Los Angeles.

In the solo series that followed by Mike Carey, Lucifer ran a piano bar in Los Angeles called “Lux.”

David Bowie was the inspiration behind the look of the character.

In addition to Lucifer, WB TV is also developing series for Supergirl and Nightwing/Teen Titans.