Watchmen 2 Prequel: Andy and Joe Kubert On Night Owl; Darwyn Cooke Possible Comedian


watchmen2 We previously informed you of a short list of names associated with the Watchmen 2 prequel series of mini’s.

Among that list was artist Andy Kubert, who now appears to be confirmed as an artist on one of the four prequel mini series issues.

Not only that, but now it is being stated that his father, Joe Kubert, will be participating with his son on a Night Owl mini.

“Something that involved the original Nite Owl and his successor. Drawn by a father/son team,” reports Beeding Cool.

In addition, BC states that Watchmen 2 “showrunner,” Darwyn Cooke, could possibly be doing a Comedian prequel as well.

DC Comics has yet to announce anything official, but an announcement seems likely to come soon, with BC mentioning January as a strong possibility.

Cosmic Book News will keep you updated.