Watch: New Rendel Teaser Trailer


Update: The new Rendel teaser can be found here.


Check out a new teaser above for the Finnish superhero movie Rendel.

The filmmakers recently attended the Cannes Film Festival and also launched a crowd-sourcing campaign at IndieGoGo where fans can help fund the movie to get a Rendel action figure, mask, an appearance in the film and lots more.

“Since we are already in, we want to be fully in. This means we’ll be doing everything we can to get people involved and make this film look and feel like something very special,” director Jesse Haaja said.

Campaign manager Emma Iives added: “With this money we will make the film look better and more intensive. Crowdfunding brakes down the traditional production model which matches perfectly with a rebel like Rendel. We are now giving power directly to the viewers – they are the reason we are making the film in the first place.”

Rendel is a story of a man blinded by revenge and hatred and has a 2016 release date starring Kris Gummerus as Rendel; Matti Onnismaa as Mr. Erola; Rami Rusinen as Rotikka; Alina Tomnikov as Marla; Minttu Tamskias Anette, and Roosamaria Mäkinenas Enni.

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