Watch: DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Awesome Ending


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Warning: Spoilers follow for the first episode of this Season’s DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Watch the episode if you haven’t seen it yet — and if you happen to be a fan of The Flash

We knew from the promos that Arrow‘s Stephen Amell was going to be in the episode, and we also knew eventually the JSA were going to show up, but DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow featured a surprise character at the end that ties into The Flash‘s Flashpoint!

The Season 2 premiere episode saw the Legends essentially become the new Time Masters, where they right the wrongs of the past. Some sort of new time criminal has been changing history. I know what you are thinking, I thought the same, it’s just some obscure DC time villain running amok in the time stream. Nope!!

A time quake goes off where it’s learned something has caused the history of 1942 to change where an atomic bomb is detonated in NYC. The Nazis are involved, the kidnapping of Einstein happens, and Damien Darhk is involved as well! Long story short, the Legends of Tomorrow go back in time to fix 1942, but not without suffering consequences of their own! The Wave Rider is used to stop the atomic bomb, with apparently Rip Hunter having to sacrifice himself (is Arthur Darville off the show?! No!!).

The end of the episode then reveals who is responsible for changing history as Damien Darhk is on board the Nazi submarine and says his boss has changed plans; however, the Nazis aren’t happy and pull their guns. Red streaks of light! It’s none other than Eobard Thawne! The Reverse Flash! Eobard Thawne is the big time baddie who has been going back in time changing things that the Legends have been fixing for the past six months! This ties into The Flash series as Barry let Eobard Thawne go back in time to kill his mother in an attempt to fix the Flashpoint timeline, but now we see the Reverse Flash hasn’t stopped with Barry’s mother as it appears he has some sort of big plan to alter the timeline!

Great episode! This Season 2 premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow was actually a mini-crossover with Arrow and The FlashI’m a big fan of The Flash series, but this episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow topped all the CW DC season premiers for this year! You can watch the footage below featuring Reverse Flash, as well as the JSA who will be appearing in the next episode. The episode also featured Citizen Steel, who fits right in with the Legends! If you happened to miss this episode of DC’s Legends Of tomorrow, I believe you can watch it in its entirtely on the new CW App for Android and iOS.

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8pm ET on The CW.