Watch: DC Super Hero Girls & Fifth Harmony’s “That’s My Girl” Video


dc super hero girls fifth harmony music video Watch: DC Super Hero Girls & Fifth Harmony's "That's My Girl" Video

Today marks the launch of a dynamic new musical collaboration, as pop powerhouse Fifth Harmony teamed up with the DC Super Hero Girls to release the first ever DC Super Hero Girls music video showcasing Fifth Harmony’s new single, “That’s My Girl” – this fall’s ultimate girl-power anthem.

This action-packed video features iconic female Super Heroes such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Katana as they flex their super powers and support each other to conquer all obstacles. This collaboration will help build character, promote confidence, and empower girls to discover their true potential.

You can also check out the full list of DC Super Hero Girls lines and products here, from Warner Bros. Consumer Products. 



DC Super Hero Girls Take Center Stage in Music Video For​ ​Female Empowerment Anthem “That’s My Girl”


Burbank, Calif. – Sept. 28, 2016 – Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) and DC Entertainment (DCE) today announced a partnership with the award-winning, pop powerhouse Fifth Harmony to collaborate on the first-ever DC Super Hero Girls music video, showcasing the pop sensation’s new single, “That’s My Girl.” Featuring Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Katana, the animated DC Super Hero Girls music video is available for viewing on the official DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel.

“We all grew up with these strong female Super Heroes and it’s amazing to see how they have come together to show girls that anything is possible,” said the ladies of Fifth Harmony. “Our new single ‘That’s My Girl’ is the perfect anthem for DC Super Hero Girls and we are excited to team up with our new squad on this video to inspire young girls everywhere to feel powerful, strong and super.”

“That’s My Girl” is the newest single off Fifth Harmony’s recently released album 7/27, named after the day the group first formed, which has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The video for “That’s My Girl” can be watched on the official DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel and the song is available to download on all major music services.

“The members of Fifth Harmony are powerful role models for their millions of young fans and their anthem ‘That’s My Girl’ aligns perfectly with the DC Super Hero Girls mission to build character and promote confidence among young girls worldwide,” said Pam Lifford, President, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Fifth Harmony to celebrate our shared message of girl power.”

DC Super Hero Girls harnesses the power of the world’s most iconic female characters from DC, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl, as they learn to hone their super powers in a high school setting. This all new universe offers young fans the chance to play, watch, read and be inspired to discover their full super power potential.

Join DC Super Hero Girls and Fifth Harmony to show your girl power on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – #DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn.

The DC Super Hero Girls product assortment that includes everything from toys to costumes, apparel to accessories, publishing to stationery, and more is currently available at retailers and online around the world.

dc superhero girls fifth harmony Watch: DC Super Hero Girls & Fifth Harmony's "That's My Girl" Video

The members of Fifth Harmony celebrate the premiere of their DC Super Hero Girls “That’s My Girl” music video collaboration by striking a pose with their favorite DC Super Hero Girls Action Doll. (Photo Cred: Warner Bros Consumer Products and DC Entertainment / Product Cred: Mattel)