Watch: Batman: Killing Joke Music Video By Voodoo Vegas


killing joke voodoo vegas

Watch the Joker-inspired Batman: The Killing Joke music video below by UK rockers Voodoo Vegas. 


UK Rock Band Voodoo Vegas release Joker inspired video for their new single.

UK rock band Voodoo Vegas have released a Joker inspired new music video for their song “Killing Joke.”

“Killing Joke” is the first single taken from the new Voodoo Vegas album Freak Show Candy Floss which is released November 4th via Plastic Head.

Lead singer Lawrence Case who plays the Joker in the video stated: “I’ve always been a big fan of comics especially the clown prince of crime. ‘Killing Joke’ is a song written about him and is inspired by his historic past. When we wrote the song I knew I wanted to film a video where I turned into the Joker, and ‘Killing Joke’ is it.”

Freak Show Candy Floss is the 2nd album released by Voodoo Vegas and again features the artwork of acclaimed British comic book artist Jim Boswell.