The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Death Was Changed After Mazzara Left — For the Worse


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6499:]]Now it’s all coming out.

The Walking Dead showrunner, Glen Mazzara, recently departed, and now we learn that a key scene was changed.

Spoilers for the Season 3 Finale of The Walking Dead.

Two changes were made in the Season 3 finale regarding Milton and Andrea’s death — after Mazzara had departed.

Initially, it didn’t open up with the Governor punching Milton in the face, but instead just showed The Governor shooting Milton and saying he would kill Andrea.

From there, things get interesting as the original ending didn’t seem to go into all that talk between Milton and Andrea – that didn’t make sense as she didn’t try to free herself – but instead…here read for yourself.

Dallas Roberts, who played Miltron, filled EW in:

Originally, the beating scene that started the episode wasn’t there. Originally, I showed up and was led into the room where Andrea was and I took the tools out – the instruments of torture that were laid on the table — and then he shot me in the stomach, completely unexpectedly. And then I was left to bleed out in the same idea basically — you’re going to kill her now. There was a lot more of Milton trying to open the door and him trying to free her from the chains. And then there was a section where he was going to wrap the chain around the neck and try to choke her to death before he turned so she wouldn’t have to deal with Walker Milton, or Biter Milton, as it were.

And then at the end of that, it was just Tyreese and someone else who found her. Rick and Daryl and Michonne weren’t there. So it was essentially the same idea, except you saw me taking chunks out of Laurie Holden in that version. And then they called us back a few months later to reshoot it and made all those changes. So now you’re not sure if I’ve gotten her until after that door opens, and I think that’s probably why they did it.

And on the scene that showed him biting Andrea:

Yeah. It’s funny, in the articles and on Talking Dead last night, you’ll notice stills of Milton where he has glasses on [Ed Note: See picture above!]. They are from the scenes that we shot and weren’t aired. Because Milton gets his glasses knocked off and never has glasses in the interrogation scene in this finale. But I’ve seen a lot of pictures where Milton has blood on his mouth and glasses on that were from that first shooting.

And on the part where he tried to strangle her:

They both desperately wanted for that to work but at that point he had bled out so much. So he pulls and pulls and pulls but he doesn’t get it done and he falls against the wall and is passed out. And he never comes back from that until he turns into a walker.

What do you think? Would this have been a better send off for Andrea?

Seems more in tune with “The Walking Dead” if you ask me, and I’ll also take back what I said about Mazzara leaving the show. Now, it doesn’t look like such a good thing.

It’s also been announced that The Governor is a regular in The Walking Dead Season 4.