The Walking Dead Playboy’s Michonne Origin Revealed! (Spoilers)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:975:]]Fan favorite The Walking Dead character Michonne’s origin is featured in the latest issue of Playboy.

Some of you may not want to pick this up, but we here at Cosmic Book News have all the goodies.

Michonne is coming home after a day at the office when the Zombie stuff hits the fan!

She makes her way home to her boyfriend and boyfriend’s best friend.

They fight off zombies, with the best friend getting bitten.

They don’t realize that the bite will cause them to turn.

Michonne searches through a neighbor’s house and finds swords to use for protection. They belonged to a neighbor’s boy, who Michonne thought may have killed her dog with them.

Anyway, eventually the best friend does turn and bites Michonne’s boyfriend, who turns into a Walker in kind.

However, Michonne doesn’t want to kill her friends, as she feels too bad.

Then she has an idea as she realizes the Zombies are not chomping on each other.

We get basically the same image from The Walking Dead season two finale of Michonne with the two chained zombies with no arms — they are her boyfriend and boyfriend’s best friend!

Not a bad story by any means; quick and to the point. Plus, the issue is packed with extras! wink! wink!