The Walking Dead Episode 305 Review/Recap “Say The Word”



Tonight saw The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5, “Say The Word,” air which was a direct follow up to last week’s hear-felt ending to episode 4.

Rick, almost trance-like, grabs an axe and heads into the prison seeking to take out his frustrations on the Walkers.

The group, meanwhile, has a baby to look after, and a baby that needs formula asap. With that, Daryl and Maggie head on out to a day care center to grab some.

Over at The Governor’s camp, a party is thrown for all the townsfolk leaving Andrea more comfortable than ever. However, Michonne seemingly saw The Governor with his daughter – a zombie he is keeping locked up – and is more suspicious than ever. In addition, Michonne came across The Governor’s journal revealing him to be a bit off his rocker. She also managed to discover a group of Biters locked up, which she managed to take down using her sword.

Eventually this leads to a confrontation between The Governor and Michonne, with Michonne pulling her sword on The Governor, and Michonne leaving the camp with Andrea staying behind. Andrea can’t take another 8 months out in the wild eating twigs and pulling a pair of zombies by the chains. Michonne tells Andrea she just would have slown her down, anyway.

Daryl and Maggie manage to find some bottles and baby formula and make their way back to the Prison where the baby ends up getting fed with the group – minus Rick – able to have a small moment of happiness.

Meanwhile, Merle, Martinez and that scientist guy, who previously mentioned something about experiments and needing more time, rounded up a few more zombies.

Back to The Governor, he tells Andrea that she needs some relaxation, a drink etc. It’s now night time, and the towns people are outside for some kind of excitement. Zombies are chained up — and Merle and Martinez are going to get it on! It’s The Governor’s pit! The Governor’s arena! Andrea is horrified as she sees Merle and Martinez beat the snot out of each other as the zombies are trying to take a bite. She attempts to leave with The Governor grabbing a hold of her and telling her it’s all planned out, the zombies teeth were removed ahead of time. It’s for fun to help the people through this and make them not afraid.

We then go back to Rick who comes upon the place where Laurie gave birth. The knife and a lot of blood are lying there — but no body.

There’s a zombie!

A zombie that looks as if it’s pregnant!

Rick takes his gun, shoots it in the mouth, and blows it away.

Was it Laurie?!


It frickin‘ ate Laurie! 

We see what happens when a zombie gets a full meal. It doesn’t digest the remains, it just gets bloated. The zombie’s stomach was full of Laurie’s parts!

With that, Rick takes the knife and cuts away as he digs out Laurie from the zombie’s body!

And then a telephone rings!


This was quite an episode. If you are not familiar with the comic books, it almost looks as if The Governor is really not all that bad of a guy. Like everyone else, he’s gone through his share of stuff and came out scarred; in addition, he’s doing what he has to do to survive. However, it’s obvious that something is brewing, and I’m curious to see what happens when The Governor and Rick come face to face.

I’m also curious to see what the general TV audience thinks about the telephone. I’m not sure many will “buy” it, and it is “out there,” and takes Rick’s character completely away from all the build up we have been seeing. Carl is a rock, though; his mom just died, his dad could be dead and he’s taking care of his little sister. Bad a– little dude.

What’s with the scientist needing all that power? All that comes to mind is some kind of Frankenstein experiments, I suppose, which fits in with The Governor’s daughter, maybe?

Lots of excitement and anticipation. Can’t wait for next week.

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