The Walking Dead Episode 304 Review/Recap “Killer Within”



Easy way out?

I kinda thought so.

Sure the ending of the episode was heartfelt and all, but it’s not what happened in the comics, which was a little more brutal.

More brutal than Carl finishing off his mom?


I’m lovin‘ this season of The Walking Dead a lot more than last. It’s more gory, gruesome and moving a heck of a lot faster.

Four episodes in and the baby is already born, Lori is dead and the prison looks to be getting overrun by Walkers.

However, as the prison angle is moving at light speed, The Governor storyline seems as slow as a turtle.

I’m alright with that though, as there is some rich character development going on. We all know The Governor is the bad guy, why rush it? It makes for good TV.

Sad to see T-Dog bite it – pun intended – but you saw that coming a mile away as early on in this episode T-Dog was on the fence regarding what to do with the two prisoners. At least he went out in style.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3833:]]So what about the ending? Two members of the group are history with one new addition in the form of a baby. Rick’s or Shane’s? Obviously we are led to believe that Rick thinks it’s Shane’s, and I believe it was never said in the comics, but the end of the episode also seemed to lead on that Maggie and Glenn might be all one happy family. Well, happy as can be in the land of the walking dead.

And regarding the baby?


Spoiler alert for the comics.

Originally in the comics the prison is getting overrun and Lori and the baby fall behind. They have no chance of escape so Rick does the only thing he can and “saves” them from the zombie hoard. Yeah, he blasts them with his six-shooter. At least I think I am remembering that right.

Update: Guess, I didn’t remember that right. A quick check on Wiki reveals that Lily, a member of The Governor’s group was the one who did the deed. Now that changes a lot as in essence that makes it The Governor who was responsible for Lori and the baby’s death. I’ll have to revist those issues, been almost five years or so, I think.

I kinda figured AMC wouldn’t be going there as it is just cable television. Was this a good enough alternate? Remains to be seen, but I’m curious how AMC handles the baby in further episodes as the baby wasn’t a part of the comic book.

Still, as a comic book fan, it’s nice to see a different direction.

Fans of Carl should like the direction AMC is taking his character. He’s a bad a– in the comics and within only a couple episodes in he’s achieved that status in the show.

Great episode, best show on TV.

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