Voltron (2011) Video Games Form Soon!



Form feet and legs! For arms and body! And I’ll form the – game controller!

Variety reports, with the recent announcements of the new Voltron cartoon series and a new Mattel toy line, World Event Prods. and Classic Media have “brokered a deal” with THQ to bring a series of Voltron video games this fall.

The new video game will be based off the original 80s “Voltron: Defender of the Universe.”

The new animated show, “Voltron Force,” is set to debut 26 one half-hour episdoes on Nick Toons.

The mattle Voltron toy line is set to debut in 2012 with lines based on the original and updated versions.

Variety notes, a live action film is still being developed, as well.

Note: these are the lions and not the cars!