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Vampire Love: Interview With Ryan Burton on “Female Force” Stephanie Meyer Bio Comic Book

Vampire Love: Interview With Ryan Burton on “Female Force” Stephanie Meyer Bio Comic Book

Vampire Love

By Sabrina J. Steyling


picCosmicBookNews.Com speaks to writer Ryan Burton about his latest endeavor – as the man behind the newest “Female Force” comic book featuring Stephenie Meyer, author of the one-and-only Twilight series.

Thanks to a nagging dream about two star-crossed lovers – one mortal, the other a vampire – author Stephenie Meyer quickly went from suburban housewife and mother of three to the most well-known, best-selling author since J.K. Rowling.

Twilight and its sequels, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, have become so immensely popular that they’ve spawned everything from feature films to perfume and candy, even inspiring the CW’s newest television series, The Vampire Diaries (though the television series is based on an older series of books). Now, with the release of the second film, Twilight’s New Moon, just around the corner on November 20th, it seemed only fitting that Bluewater Comics would choose Meyer for the next issue of their “Female Force” comic book series – because, as any young adult will tell you, Meyer is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

CosmicBookNews: Why did you choose Stephenie Meyer to be the subject of this comic?

Ryan Burton: Actually, it was [Bluewater publisher] Darren Davis’s choice. And it’s pretty obvious why he chose Ms. Meyer.

She’s not only wickedly popular with mainstream America , but it also makes sense timing-and marketing-wise. Her next movie is coming out the very month we’re releasing the book. There’s no doubt this comic will be perfect for her fans as a standalone supplement to their Twilight collection.

CosmicBookNews: How did you get so much information on Stephenie for this comic?

Ryan Burton: Fan sites, her books, my wife, interviews. I became somewhat of an expert in the

month it took me to write the 28-page book.

CosmicBookNews: Have you gotten any feedback from Stephenie about the comic?

Ryan Burton: I’d be surprised, to say the least, if she were to give any feedback. She’s a busy woman, who is probably fast at work on her next big novel.

CosmicBookNews: What inspired Stephenie to write the Twilight saga? Do you think her religion played a part in it?

Ryan Burton: From interviews and things of the sort, she cites a very vivid dream about a vampire and young woman playing kissy-kissy in a sunlit meadow as being what inspired her to begin writing Twilight.

Interestingly enough, it started off being called “Forks”, but her literary agent persuaded her to change it. And quite honestly, I feel a bit of her religion played some part in it, albeit, a very small role. For instance Mormons do not believe in premarital sex, and her main character Bella, waits until she’s married. So, I believe that’s one example.

I’m sure fans can find more examples of where her religion might play a part.

CosmicBookNews: Speaking of inspiration, how did you come to be a writer? Specifically, why do you like writing and who or what inspires you?

Ryan Burton: I actually started writing for a men’s interest magazine called Instinct, and an annual non-profit publication, Prism–I cut my teeth in those mediums. After a year or so of writing for those two, I contacted Darren at Bluewater. We chatted for a bit via email, and one thing eventually lead to another, and voila, here I am.

Writing is so much more than a creative outlet for me…if I go a day without writing I feel off-beat. That is to say, I feel off-track, like there’s something essential that I’ve missed for that day. I can’t fully explain it, but the best way I can put it is this way: I’ve got voices in my head: stories, ideas, that sort of thing.

Now, as cliché as that may sound, it’s just the way it is. I can be sitting in traffic, or at a pub, or on a date with my wife and I’ll be thinking things like What if the car in front of me explodes, and the driver comes out and attacks me covered in flames? or What if this beer were laced with a hallucinogenic, and the pub owner is a zombie love swami?, or Why am I watching another chick flick with my wife? But seriously, I’m always thinking of stuff. I’ve only been published—in comic book format—twice, but I have loads of notebooks with random “randomings.” So, to answer “Why do I like writing?”–it’s not so much “like”, as it is “obsessed”. And it’s just the way I’m wired, I suppose.

Now, as for who or what inspires me. That’s easy. Everything. But, on more granular level, my wife, my bother, family. Movies, video games, traveling. I’m a huge people watcher. Ever go to a bench at a park and just watch people? Not in the creepy way, of course, but just to see how they interact? People are really, really weird, beautiful, and interesting. Or perhaps the pub, or a quaint curbside diner, or a flea market…? In essence, I love the weird, the pulp, the esoteric. It’s a strange world, and there’s a story everywhere.

CosmicBookNews: Jumping back to Bluewater, this will be your second comic published with Bluewater. What is it about Bluewater that you like?

Ryan Burton: The company culture is in tune with what I look for—and appreciate—in a publishing house.

I’m kept autonomous, but given sound guidance when I need it. Darren trusts me because I’m timely, visual, and professional. There’s an understanding that when he says something, I can

take it at face value, and vice versa. I’m allowed to be creative without any type of editorial shackles.

Darren is also patient and full of grace. He’s good people.

CosmicBookNews: Thanks again, Ryan!

Ryan Burton: Thanks you!