Video: Tron: Legacy: Blu-Ray Extra “The Next Day” clip



In January, we heard rumor (“Disc Roars“) of footage on the Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray set that was said to be a trailer for “Tron 3.”

Well, now that footage has been released on YouTube (view below) – but it is just an extra.

According to the user that posted it:

“The first of the 2 fabled TR3N (TRON 3) teaser videos. This one is titled “The Next Day”, and is an official exclusive extra from the TRON: Legacy Blu-Ray. It explains the origins of the Flynn Lives organisation (who ran the ARG) and who was in charge of it, and what happens after Sam decides to take over ENCOM at the end of TRON: Legacy! Featuring the fabled scene with Dan Shor as Ram and Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley. The second TRON 3 teaser is reportedly a hidden Easter Egg in the DVD/Blu-Ray and will reportedly feature Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Cillian Murphy as Ed Dillinger Jr.”

“Tron: Legacy Blu-Ray” will be available April 5th, 2011.

Check it out:

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the find.