Veronica Mars Movie Gets Made If 2 Mill Is Raised On Kickstarter; Almost There


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6078:]]Fans of the CW series Veronica Mars have their chance to get the movie made as all that is required is $2 million.

And it’s just about half way there after being launched a few hours ago.

Series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristin Bell got the okay from Warner Bros. to put up a Kickstarter for the movie.

Basically WB said if there is enough interest and the money can be raised they will green light the Veronica Mars movie for a Summer 2014 release.

Veronica Mars lasted three seasons on the CW with it ending in 2007.

Some of the cool perks include a speaking role on the movie for $10,000 – which is gone –  as well as smaller perks ranging from free t-shirts to digital copies.

Here’s a video with Kristin Bell.