Upgrade Red-Band Trailer

Updgrade Red-Band Trailer

Woah! Watch the Upgrade Red-Band trailer below!

Upgrade is a new sci-fi movie from Blumhouse productions, the studio behind hits such as Get Out, Happy Death Day, Purge, Insidious and Split, and director Leigh Whannell (Insidious: Chapter 3).

The story sees Logan Marshall-Green starring as Grey Trace whose wife gets murdered, and he is left as a quadriplegic when attacked by a group of men. Trace is then given an offer he can’t refuse which is to become whole again through advanced technology, an upgrade. Upon awakening, Trace reveals he is paired with an AI, Stem, so he goes after the men who killed his wife. However, Trace finds he bit off more than he can chew and requires the assistance of Stem who takes over his body–and the madness ensues!

Looks wild!

“Not Man. Not Machine. More,” the description teases.

Upgrade hits June 1, 2018 with Simon Maiden providing the voice of Stem.

Note: The Upgrade trailer is Red-Band so it’s R-rated:

Upgrade Trailer

Upgrade Trailer

Upgrade Trailer