Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Marvel Makes ‘Strange’ Requests To Capcom; Movie-Related?


picCapcom recently revealed that Doctor Strange is a new character in the Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 video game.

In fact, they just released a bunch of images and trailers.

Capcom has been using Marvel characters for years, without any problems coming from the House of Ideas.

However, Capcom received some strange requests from Marvel in regards to Doctor Strange.

“With Dr. Strange, Marvel had some very special requests,” Capcom producer Ryota Niitsuma told Kotaku.com. “They wanted him to do this this and this. It was very specific what they wanted him to do.”

Niitsuma goes on to state how Marvel has never done that before.

“Dr. Strange had the most specific requests they ever made,” he said. “It was just unreal; what moves he had; what sort of hand gestures. Very specific.”

Kotaku.com even states that Marvel sent over images of Strange for Capcom to use, with Capcom having to go back and compromise as what Marvel requested was just too difficult.

“There were some bits and pieces we couldn’t do,” Niitsuma said. “There were some moves we had to counter-offer [with] something else and satisfy their needs for specific things in different ways.”

Marvel even requested that Doctor Strange float when he moves around the screen. However, Capcom shot back that too many of their other characters were already floating. Eventually, Marvel got their way, and now Strange floats.

To Kotaku.com’s credit, they asked the Capcom producer if he thought Marvel was being too picky because of the recent Doctor Strange movie news; Niitsuma declined to comment.

“Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3” hits North America on November 15th, with a worldwide release date of November 18th for the PS3 and XBox 360.

While it could be movie-related or not, as a comic book fan it’s good to hear Marvel was looking out for their characters. I just can’t wait for Nova in UMVC3!