TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 8 “Thicker Than Water” (CBS)



As the egg on the mini-dome turned from black to pink (pink stars?), it becomes more apparent that teenager Joe is going to be of more import to this saga than at first suspected.
Julia becomes familiar with the egg’s power when a second Joe appears before her eyes as she touches the mini-dome, “Joe” saying, “The monarch will be crowned.”
There is a subtle undercurrent as a monarch butterfly glides along the summer skies inside the dome, and we later discover a prominent character has a monarch tattoo. Hmm.
Deputy Junior joins Ollie’s camp in the well dispute after he learns Big Jim has been lying about his mother’s death; it was a suicide.
The battle for the well gets serious and it’s Ollie and his muscle vs. Big Jim and the townsfolk in a big shoot ’em up! When the dust clears, Ollie is dead (do not trust Junior) and the well has been blown up courtesy of Barbie.
The whole mess puts some distance between former allies Barbie and Big Jim.
Meanwhile, Norrie blames everyone in sight for the death of her mom and bonds with Angie as they shatter snow globes against the dome.
A good episode basically reflecting on what these folks inside the dome are going through with tragedy increasing and alliances shifting.