TV Review: Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man “Exclusive” (Season 1, Episode 7)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1641:]]After a great episode of Marvel Cosmic madness on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it is a real shame and a let-down in watching this weekend’s Ultimate Spider-Man toon on Disney XD.

I am all for a jolly old-fashioned time watching the Hulk and Spider-Man rumble through Manhattan while Spidey quips and twips and Hulk smashes. Add the energy monster Zzzax to the picture as well as cub news reporter Mary Jane Watson trying to video tape it all and it sounds like a nice leisurely adventure. Right?


I cannot say what it is about this show, but the danger never seems real because even at the climax of the show Spidey is still quipping. Now I know the hero is known for his jokes and continual trail of puns, but this just keeps the drama of the fight from getting anywhere.

In the comics, Peter knows when to shut it and get to work. In this adventure, it was almost like one of those “Marvel Smash-ups” they have where it is supposed to be humorous. Hulk liked Spidey way too soon, and the threat of Zzzaxx wasn’t known until almost two-thirds of the way through the cartoon.

I know this is kids’ fare, but with great presentations like Avengers: EMH and Green Lantern: TAS, Ultimate Spider-Man better search for some new initials behind its moniker except D-U-L-L.

Or Big Reviewer smash!