Transformers 4: Unicron, Galvatron, Dinobots; Rumored Script Leaks


Update: Michael Bay Says Transformers 4 Script Rumors Are False 

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4735:]]I could definitely get behind these Transformers 4 rumors.


Because it sounds a lot like Transformers: The Movie, minus Rodimus Prime and the death of Optimus Prime.

Never was a fan of Rodimus.

Possible spoilers follow.


Unleash The Fanboy says they have a draft of the Transformers 4 script from one of their friends that works at a security firm that specializes in destroying documents. Well, the guy working there noticed the script and handed it over. Bear in mind this could be an old script, an unused script, the real thing, or all BS. Sounds pretty cool to me, and actually sounds a lot like the recent Transformers Prime animated show as well, which is executive produced by Transformer scribes Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Here are the details (my added notes are in parenthesis):

• A strange cylinder object lands near Stonehenge which causes the Autobots to investigate. It’s Vector Prime’s spaceship, the guardian of Primus (the creator of the Autobots who first defeated Unicron).

• Unicron’s minions, led by Galvatron, attack a military base that houses Decepticon bodies. Galvatron plugs into the bodies to download their memories, with Megatron taking over Galvatron’s body.

• As the base is being destroyed a female character, Josie, transformers herself into some sort of cyborg, with Circuit Breaker mentioned (Marvel may actually own the rights to the character; they could always name her something different).

• A special ops sergeant is mentioned with some kids who might be Mark Wahlberg, his daughter, and her boyfriend (they don’t mention much about them, but these might be part of the boring details that were omitted).

• The Autobots go to Mount St. Helen to retrieve Primus through some sort of space/time portal, with Megatron (as Galvatron) attacking (and it sounds like some sort of time travel ensues).

• Circuit Breaker apparently goes crazy and starts to kill off both Decepticons and Autobots, eventually joining the Autobot side.

• As Unicron is coming closer the Earth — the Dinobots are unleashed through the portal (sounds like the Dinobots originated with Primus and came through from wherever the Autobots went)!

• Unicron begins to transform something into a mechanical planet, but never gets to finish as Primus appears to defeat him (they weren’t clear what Unicron transforms – himself? the earth?).

• There’s a final battle between the Autobots and Decepticons, with Optimus killing Megatron (Galvatron).

• The final shot reveals two red eyes gleaming in Galvatron’s ship as it sits secluded in space.

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Transformers 4 starts shooting next spring and has a July 4, 2014 release date directed by Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg.