Toy Fair 2011: Marvel Cosmic Characters! Darkhawk, Rocket and Groot – more!



The annual Toy Fair is underway and ToyNewsSi covered the “Hasbro Brand-Team Panel.”

Among the many many Cap, Thor and Iron Man figures was mention of a few Marvel Cosmic characters.

“A Fantastic 3”  package with Invisible Woman. “Team Pack 3 Fantastic 3 with Invisible Woman and 3.75″ Herbie.”

Wave 4 will feature Darkhawk! “X-23 is in wave 4 and Darkhawk will also be in wave 4. There will be a variant with classic colors and more modern.”

Ultron and Doctor Strange in Wave 4.  “Namor will be in wave 4 with new sculpt and an updated Ultron. Finally Dr. Strange who will have a clear astro form variant.”

Warlock vs. Thanos comic pack. “New Comic Packs with Spider-Man and original Captain Britain, Power Man and Iron Fist Original Costumes, Warlock vs. Thanos. I missed one not mentioned here but will come back to it later today.”

Rocket and Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy! “GOTG Rocket Racoon is coming with Groot Accessory. They aren’t saying how its coming yet.”

Terrax will be a build-a-figure.  “Build A Figure will be back with Teraxx, these figures will be in single cards. More to come on these later in the year.”

From below we also see Captain Marvel, Gladiator and a new Planet Hulk – and Skaar!

I seem to remember back in 2009 mention of Guardians of the Galaxy figures. This was right around when War of Kings started, I believe.

Hopefully, we can get some images up soon.

My question is – where the heck is Quasar?!

Updated: Images are coming in! Check back often.

Image sources: and Bleeding Cool.

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