Tom Brevoort Teases The Return Of Captain Marvel! In More Ways Than One!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:581:]]The Cosmic Book News Twitter account has been on fire as of late. Not only do you get to chat with yours truly, but our friends on Twitter get involved with us in various conversations.

Some of them are Star Trek related, and some are about the recent news on the return of Watchmen to DC Comics.

I noticed one particular tweet from Mr. Brevoort in regards to the latter, and it included a pic of Mark Gruenwald’s Squadron Supreme, with “Before WATCHMEN.”

Now, I love Gru’s work and Squadron Supreme in particular.

This got me thinking.

Hmmm…with DC bringing back The Watchmen, how about Marvel bringing back Captain Marvel?! 

Update: Secret Avengers #27 AvX Cover Features Captain Marvel.

So I fired off the following tweet to Tom Brevoort suggesting just that: Now that DC is bringing back Watchmen, how about @marvel brings back Captain Marvel?!

Moments ago, Tom replied with the following:

@cosmicbooknews @marvel Closer than you suspect, in more ways than one…

Closer than I think and in more ways than one? Now would can that mean?

Could we see the return of the original Captain Marvel (Mar-vell) to Marvel Comics, as well as Genis?!

Or what if Tom meant Captain Marvel is returning to Marvel Comics and will also be appearing alongside our Assemblers as they battle Loki and his alien army in The Avengers movie?! Or how about appearing in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Or for that matter appearing in two Marvel Comics?

What we do know is that this Summer (or so) will see the return of Marvel Cosmic, “rumored” to be under the direction of Jeph Loeb. We know that Nova is involved with Avengers Vs. X-Men, and a new Guardians of the Galaxy is planned for some time around this coming Summer. More than likely Captain Marvel is apart of this? Any chance Mar-vell (or Genis) is a Guardian and getting his own book? Or maybe an Avenger?

And might I add, DC Comics recently announced that their own “Captain Marvel” is now being referred to as – SHAZAM

Let the speculation begin!