Tom Brevoort Says There Are No Cosmic Books At Marvel Anymore



This isn’t such a surprise if you have been with us from the launch of the site since 2008 when we were extensively covering Marvel Cosmic, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

With the reboot of Nova under Loeb (NINO) and Guardians under Bendis (Garbage), Marvel wiped the slate clean and decided to cater to the Marvel Comics zombies who buy anything Avengers and X-Men (no matter how good the actual content).

Even though both Kevin Feige and James Gunn credit DnA for inspiration of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie (not Bendis and Loeb), Axel Alonso decided to cancel the line (nice place to work) and give it to Loeb and Bendis.

Sales for NINO have been a disaster as the series has been selling less than DnA’s from issue three. Garbage of the Galaxy has seen good figures (but dropping) due to 30 variants covers, false promises of big creator names and fan curiosity about the new movie.

Marvel also recently announced a new Rocket Raccoon series by Skottie Young which is described as being like Looney Tunes. Most recently, director James Gunn stated Rocket is not the Bug Bunny of the Avengers.

Now straight from the horse’s mouth – just in case any of the Marvel Cosmic fans were still wondering – Tom Brevoort matter-of-factly states there are no more Marvel Cosmic books while letting it be known they intentionally kept Cosmic away from the Earth characters.

Well, there really aren’t all that many of what you’d call “cosmic” books at the moment, and it seems like there’s plenty enough cohesion between them to me. But part of that is that I feel like, in the past, we’ve “ghetto-ized” titles such as these by separating them from the Marvel Universe as a whole. So we’re keeping these titles cohesive with the MU instead—as witnessed by the GUARDIANS/ALL-NEW X-MEN crossover, and Nova being a big part of ORIGINAL SIN #0.

Tom’s mention of cohesion is a stretch as the NINO is the direct opposite of Richard Rider. Guardians – as stated above – play second fiddle to both the Avengers and X-Men.

Marvel Comics had an opportunity to build a bridge, but instead they burned it down and replaced Cosmic with something that is truly an insult to intelligence and the great stories of the past.

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