Toho Announces New Japanese Godzilla 2016 Movie



Fans of the King of Monsters will not have to wait until 2018 for another Godzilla movie as Toho (Japanese company that owns the rights) is planning their own for 2016.

The Japanese site Cinema Today broke the news (via Toho Kingdom).

Following the success of this Summer’s Godzilla from Legendary Entertainment, Toho will be developing their own Godzilla movie, which follows a decade after their last movie, 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars.

It’s said Toho is going to start a Godzilla franchise of their own, which is separate from the Legendary/U.S version.

Production on the Toho Godzilla movie is said to start Summer 2015, with it likely the Japanese Godzilla film will have a December 2016 release date.

“This is very good timing after the success of the American version this year: if not now, then when? The licensing contract we have with Legendary places no restrictions on us making domestic versions,” a Toho staffer told THR.

Gareth Edwards is attached to direct the Godzilla sequel for Legendary, which has a June 8, 2018 release, but first will be directing a Star Wars spinoff for Disney.

The Legendary Godzilla netted $525 million including almost $30 million in Japan.