Todd McFarlane Teases Medieval Spawn


Todd McFarlane took to his Facebook page to offer the following Spawn teaser suggesting it may be related to an upcoming animated project or even a movie.

McFarlane previously teased an R-Rated Spawn movie, and a Spawn animated series is in the works.

It’s guessed the image is the Medieval Spawn, who was slain by Angela.


Look, I’m not going to say TOO much about these photos… but I will give you a couple hints….

1. It’s going to be released in 2015.
2.You Spawn fans have been WAITING for this for a REALLY long time.
3. It’s going to be HUGE.

Could these be Spawn animation images? Could it be a hint about the new Spawn movie? Could it be new Spawn toys?!?!???? I’ll share more details later… but in the meantime, comment your best guess!

Be good.



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