Todd McFarlane Completes Spawn Movie Script; Compares To The Exorcist; Jamie Foxx Being Considered



We get an update on the highly anticipated new Spawn movie from its creator, Todd McFarlane, at the recent Toronto Fan Expo.

A fan in attendance posted news on Reddit that Todd McFarlane stated he completed a Spawn movie script, and that it will be darker and more horror oriented, comparing it to The Exorcist.

Jamie Foxx has previously stated he is aggressively seeking the lead role in Spawn, with McFarlance stating Foxx is among some of the big name contenders.

Todd McFarlane also stated he hopes to begin filming the Spawn movie next year.

Here’s the full blurb:

Todd discussed how he has completed a script for the new spawn movie, which he hopes will begin filming early next year. He also stated if will be very dark and horror like, mentioning movies such as ” The Exorcist”, and finally talked about how some big name actors are being considered, Jamie Foxx among them.

The 1997 Spawn movie starred Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, and Martin Sheen. 

Check out a trailer from that: