TitanFall 2 Teaser Trailer


Watch a teaser trailer above for TitanFall 2, which will be available for XBOX One, PS4 and PC.

Further info will be coming June 12th.

The first game was described as:

Experience the thrill of first-person action gaming brought to you by co-creators of the Call of Duty franchise who have drawn inspiration from their proven experiences to bring you the next generation in multiplayer gaming.

Dive into the juxtaposition of small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial and man vs. machine by choosing to either play as an elite assault pilot or an agile, heavily armored 24′ Titan.

Enjoy the ability to change tactics on the fly depending on the situation, attacking or escaping when needed in a gaming experience that rethinks fundamental combat and movement.

Get the thrill of fast-paced, online multiplayer action combined with the heroic set-piece moments traditionally associated with Campaign mode.