Thunderbolts To Become Dark Avengers In June



This June will see Thunderbolts renamed to Dark Avengers and double-shipped with issues #175 and #176.

The info comes from Diamond, who apparently let the news out early, as by the looks of it, Marvel was set to announce the change at this weekend’s WonderCon.

For some basis as to why the name gets changed (other than trying to boost sales), check out this week’s issue of Avengers #24.

Jeff Parker And Decan Shalvey are still listed as the creators.

The solicitation for the last issue, #174 (right) reads in part: The Clash of the Bolts Concludes!? In their most dire hour, the Fixer makes a devastating decision!? Will Zemo’s legacy of evil destroy our present or can the Thunderbolts pull the world back from oblivion?!

So add another Avengers book to your pull list, folks!

(Via Bleeding Cool)