Thor 2 Hammers Over $100 Million Internationally



Good news for Thor 3 is that Thor 2 is off to a smashing start!

With previous mention made by the actors and Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige that a third Thor movie is dependent on how well Thor 2 does – the early box office results show promise.

Thor 2 currently has grossed about $109 million internationally in only three days, already on track to outperform the first movie from 2011, which brought in $460 million worldwide.

The $109 million from Thor 2 also sets a new record for Disney in terms of international gross with $2.31 billion so far this year.

Thor 2 opens in the U.S. next Friday which is tracking around the $80-100 million range.

The first Thor movie made about $181 million domestically so hopefully the success from The Avengers movie and Iron Man 3 carries over to Thor 2.

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