Terry Crews Congratulates New Luke Cage Mike Colter




Terry Crews has been a long time fan-favorite choice to play Luke Cage, and with the upcoming Marvel Netflix series in the works, fans hoped Crews would be their power man of choice.

Crews didn’t get the job, but Mike Colter did.

Colter, a 38-year-old actor from South Carolina, is known for playing Jameson Locke on the Halo: Nightfall series as well as had roles in The Good Wife and American Horror Story.

Now Terry Crews has congratulated Mike Colter on landing Luke Cage.

“Congratulations to my man Mike Colter for being cast as LUKE CAGE!” Crews posted on Who Say. “A brilliant actor for one of my favorite superheroes ever! Love him!”

Mike Colter is set to debut as Luke Cage in the second Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones, which stars Krysten Ritter as the titular character.

Colter will appear in episodes of Jessica Jones before going on to his own Luke Cage series.

Marvel also has plans for a fourth Netflix series with Iron Fist, who has yet to be cast.

All four of the Marvel Netflix series, which launches with Daredevil in May, will then culminate in an Avengers-style miniseries called “The Defenders.”