Terminator Genisys Rumored Plot & Spoilers



A batch of Terminator Genisys images have leaked online, and now maybe the plot – which has yet to be revealed – may have hit the net as well.

Possible major spoilers follow.

The website ManlyMovie.net is said to have received the following information.

Note: I’m going to put this in my own words to try and makes some sense out of it, and there is also mention of a script for Terminator Genisys having leaked online in recent weeks that was from July 2013. Bear in mind the following could be complete BS, a cover for the leaked script or legit.

Update: Paramount demanded this be taken down, so it appears to be legit. Obviously, they can’t demand this to be taken down as it’s in our own words.

First, according to the site, the July 2013 script has undergone rewrites, with it mentioned Terminator Genisys was initially going to have John Connor (played by Jason Clarke) as a Terminator. It’s now said that is not happening.

Here we go… (parenthesis are my own thoughts for the most part)

It’s said Terminator Genisys opens in the future with with John Connor rescuing his son Kyle Connor (note: which would be grandson of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor) from a concentration camp guarded by Terminators.

John Connor and his men then send Kyle Connor (who could possibly be played by Douglas Smith) back in time to save his grandmother Sarah in 1994.

Regarding Kyle Reese, he is still sent back to 1984 to save a younger Sarah as seen in the original Terminator, and it is also stated the original T-800 also arrives in 1984 (again, just like in the original movie).

Things start to branch off when that T-800 encounters an older T-800 (both would be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), with a fight ensuing between the younger version of Arnold and the older version of Arnold.

It’s said the old Arnold T-800 Terminator loses, but the young Arnold T-800 ends up getting captured by the resistance and gets reprogrammed becoming “The Watchman.”

It’s said “The Watchman” then eventually goes on to become the old Arnold T-800.

The resistance then sends Kyle Reese (played by Jai Courtney) and The Watchman older Terminator to 1994 to help the older Sarah Connor and a young John Connor who are on the run from blowing up Cyberdyne (which sound similar T2, except the writers switched the young Arnold with the older version of Arnold for obvious reasons).

Terminator: Genisys also appears to depart from the previous movies in that now new Terminators are sent back to 1994 dubbed the “Genisys” series, which are hunting John Connor and Sarah (possibly because the timelines have been alterted leading to new future etc).

Now Sarah and John are said to be protected by the older “Watchman” Arnold as well as Kyle Reese and their grandson, Kyle Connor.

It’s said Kyle Reese knows he’s John Connor’s father, but Kyle Connor apparently is unaware (of what wasn’t specifically stated).

According to the rumor, Kyle Reese still dies a “gallant death” just like in the original movie.

A liquid metal T-2000 Terminator is also said to be in the movie, played by Byung-hun Lee. 

The story continues with mention that Skynet (or Cyberdyne, maybe) having a second base of operations. As the Connor’s attempt to destroy the other (guessing soon-to-be Skynet) the aged Arnold T-800 Terminator is beheaded by the Byung-hun Lee liquid metal T-2000.

Kyle Connor (the grandson from the future) is said to disappear with Sarah Connor crying out she has lost Kyle again, but remarks “the future is not set.”

My thoughts:

So if the above is true, we see they basically kept the history the same, but added in some slight details, namely which is of course writing in a reason for there to be an older Arnold in the movie, with some cool new Terminators and a fresh take on the story leading to the two sequels.

Also, Emilia Clarke could be playing both the younger 1984 Sarah and the older Sarah, with make-up/special effects used for the latter.

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