Jon Hamm Wanted For X-Force

A production sheet has leaked online offering details about the canceled Fox Studios X-Force movie, with it also said Jon Hamm was wanted for a role. Regarding the X-Force cancellation, as the Disney-Fox deal is set to go through in the next couple of months, Fox Studios obviously wouldn’t have time to film the movie. …

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X-Force Canceled

Prior to the Disney-Fox merger officially going through, it is being claimed the planned X-Force, Gambit and Doctor Doom movies have been canceled, which is seemingly corroborated by comic book creator Rob Liefeld. A rumor hit Twitter offering that that Fox Studios Channing Tatum Gambit movie and the solo Doctor Doom film are officially dead, …

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X-Force Announced By Marvel Comics

X-Force Announced By Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics announces a new X-Force ongoing comic book which reunites the original characters – minus Cable – alongside none other than Deathlok. Details for the series include that Cable is dead, so Domino, Cannonball, Shatterstar, Boom Boom, and Warpath reassembel the original team, which springs forth from Extermination. Their goal is to hunt down …

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Deadpool 2 Asks You To Join X-Force!

Deadpool 2 Asks You To Join X-Force!

With the release of the Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut, the Merc with a Mouth asks you to join the X-Force! “You. Me. X-Force,” the promo image states. “Want to join a forward thinking, gender-neutral superhero group? Apply now at DeadpoolCore.com.” Heading on over to the website reveals five steps to join X-Force, including the following …

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TJ Miller X-Force

No TJ Miller For X-Force

Following TJ Miller’s arrest, it’s learned the actor will not be back for X-Force following Deadpool 2. In an interview with the NY Times, Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t comment on the situation, but did confirm that Miller will not be in Deadpool’s next film, X-Force. TJ Miller first made headlines – not in a good way – …

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