Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is DC Comics’ premiere superheroine. Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman on the big screen with the next moving coming out November 1, 2019. Find our Wonder Woman news here.


Sara Underwood (Playboy) as Wonder Woman Images

Sorry, not “Playboy” images, but images of Sara Underwood, a Playboy model, sporting the Wonder Woman costume.

While we are on the topic of showing off pics of Wonder Woman, why not take a peak at some pics of Sara Underwood who showed up on G4‘s “Attack of the Show” donning the Wonder Woman costume.

Looks more like “Supergirl” to me, but I ain’t complaining!

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NBC’s Wonder Woman: New Image Stills From Episode of Adrianne Palicki

Some image stills from the now defunct Wonder Woman tv show on NBC have made their way on to the web via iFanboy, who got a look and review at the first episode.

Is that the plane?

As much as this sounds and looks kinda cheesy, I would have liked to at least seen the first episode.

Maybe it will eventually make its way online.

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NBC’s Wonder Woman: Bikini Costume Revealed!

We can complain about the first costume or about the script all we want, but this is what we are really missing out on a weekly basis from NBC!

The full “bikini” costume, as worn by Adrian Palicki, was tweeted by Christopher Cooley.

Maybe this will get picked up by another network.

Oh, say can you see…!


NBC Fall Previews: Grimm, Awake, Playboy Club

NBC released a bunch of previews for their newest shows including some that readers of CBN might like, “Grimm,” “Awake” and “The Playboy Club.”

“Grimm” (Fridays at 9pm/8c) is about a detective who discovers that he is part of a monster hunter family.

“Awake” (coming soon) is about another detective who gets into a car accident with his wife and daughter, and lives in a dual reality – one where his son survived and one where just his wife did.

“Playboy Club” (Mondays at 10/9c) is included, well, because it’s Playboy.


Elizabeth Hurley Wonder Woman Set Images

Check out some pics from the set of NBC’s Wonder Woman featuring Elizabeth Hurley!

They shot in Los Angeles today with Hurley playing the archrival and enemy to Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman – as Veronic Cale.

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