Watch: How To Make A Zack Snyder Film

Zack Snyder is known for his style of filmmaking (slow-motionas well as for adapting comic book movies.

Snyder is presently directing Batman Vs. Superman and previously did Man of Steel, 300 and Watchmen.

Have you ever wondered how Zack Snyder does it?

The CinemaSins YouTube Channel has you covered as they present “How To Make A Zack Snyder” film.

The channel is responsible for the “Everything wrong with…” videos, so this should be pretty good.

Check it out:


Watch A Cool Zack Snyder Slo-Mo Supercut

Batman Vs. Superman director Zack Snyder likes to use a lot of slow motion effects in his movies, which he takes a lot of heat for, but check out the following supercut showing them off.

Footage is included from Snyder’s 300, Watchmen, Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch.

The music featured is “Sweet Dreams” (Are Made Of This) by Emily Browning.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cast As Thomas Wayne In Batman Vs. Superman?


A new set pic from Detroit for Batman Vs. Superman may reveal that Zack Snyder-alumnus Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast in a role, with it likely as Thomas Wayne, father to Bruce and Batman.

The following image was snapped on set of a painting, which clearly resembles Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

It’s pure speculation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is playing Thomas Wayne or even if he has a role in the movie (they could be just using his likeness for the art).

Morgan played The Comedian for Zack Snyder in Watchmen.


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has a March 25, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Ray Fisher as Cyborg with Callan Mulvey, Holly Hunter and Tao Okamoto in new character roles for the film. Justice League is to follow directed by Zack Snyder as well.

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Patrick Wilson Confirms Ant-Man Movie; Comments On Zack Snyder Vs. Joel Silver (Video)


About a week ago it came out that Patrick Wilson had landed an unknown role in the Edgar Wright Ant-Man movie.

Now Wilson confirms Ant-Man in the following video.

When asked if he is in the movie, Wilson responds, “Yeah,” and also lets it be known he read the script.

Wilson also comments on the recent “feud” between former Warner Bros. producer Joel Silver and Zack Snyder in regards to The Watchmen, of which Wilson starred as Nite Owl.

Joel Silver had his own thoughts about how The Watchmen should have ended in addition to some not so kind thoughts about Snyder’s vision of the movie. Snyder fired back regarding Silver’s ridiculous ending.

Wilson offers that Snyder was very well spoken and doesn’t need his backup. 

“It was awesome.”


Matthew Goode Rumored For Batman Vs. Superman; Played Ozymandias For Zack Snyder In Watchmen


It’s being said that Matthew Goode, who played Ozymandias for Zack Snyder in Watchmen, has taken a meeting for Batman Vs. Superman.

The rumored role is unknown, and the news of Matthew Goode said to be in talks for Batman Vs. Superman preceded the Lex Luthor casting news by a couple of days; so perhaps it’s for a different character entirely.

The rumor comes from Comic Book Movie who also stated Josh Holloway is being looked at for Aquaman.

My own source confirmed Holloway, but hasn’t heard anything about Matthew Goode in Batman Vs. Superman.

If we keep with the bad guy role, perhaps Matthew Goode is up for Metallo?

Or if we follow Snyder’s perceived thinking behind casting decisions, maybe Matthew Goode is up for Aquaman as well as Goode recently finished the underwater adventure Pressure.

Before being cast as Superman, Henry Cavill starred as a super hero in Immortals; Gal Gadot is a model and did her own action scenes for Fast and Furious as well as served in the Israeli military, and of course Jesse Eisenberg portrayed the billionaire behind Facebook in The Social Network.


“Batman Vs Superman” has a newly announced May 6, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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Batman vs. Superman Movie Gets Cinematographer From 300, Watchmen, Super 8 & Lost

Zack Snyder will be using his 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch cinematographer Larry Fong for the untitled Batman vs. Superman movie.

A resume at the World Wide Production Agency for Larry Fong has been updated and lists Fong as the director of photography (DP).

A DP is in charge of everything on set that deals with the camera work, basically having as much responsibility and answering only to the director.

The resume notes “Batman Vs. Superman” as the title of the movie, which we are guessing is only used as a general title.

Other credits for Fong include being the DP for J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 as well as Lost.

The sequel to “Man of Steel” goes into production next year for a July 17, 2015 release starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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Check out Larry Fong talking Watchmen:


One More Female Kryptonian Revealed In Man of Steel With Watchmen’s Apollonia Vanova


We can add more more female Kryptonian to the Man of Steel movie as Zack Snyder has brought back Apollonia Vanova who played Silhouette for him in Watchmen.

The Man of Steel IMDb page has Apollonia Vanova playing the female Kryptonian, Nadira, who in the comic books used her psychokinetic abilities to commit crimes and was sentenced to the Phantom Zone. Nadira was also a sleeper agent on Earth for Zod.

More than likely Nadira is a member of Zod’s crew in the Phantom Zone in the Man of Steel as well.

Vanova joins Antje Traue, another female Kryptonian, who plays the psychopath known as Faora.

I don’t believe any pictures have surfaced of Apollonia Vanova as Nadira, but we did see that pic of Zod going to the Phantom Zone in trailer #3 that revealed a batch of Kryptonians (below). Perhaps Nadira is off camera in that picture.

Apollonia Vanova is a Canadian artist, originally from Czechoslovakia, who is an accomplished singer and actress who recently released a new album and appeared in Julien Magnat’s Faces in the Crowd, and the CBC hit comedy TV series Insecurity.

Check out the official site of Apollonia Vanova for more from the actress.




Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

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Man of Steel Said To Be Better Than The Dark Knight Rises; Compared To Avengers Vs. Watchmen

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5901:]]Warner Bros. may have their next hit franchise with Henry Cavill as reports of early screenings of the Man of Steel have been hitting the net.

The latest has it that the Man of Steel is better than The Dark Knight Rises, with the fight scenes being compared to The Avengers vs. Watchmen.

Nick Jones Jr., an actor known for roles in Battle Los Angeles as well as a cut scene in Green Lantern, took to his twitter last night to offer some thoughts.

“I guess I can say this now. I saw Man of Steel the other day at a special screening…. It was a masterpiece of epic proportions,” Jones tweeted, which has since gone viral.

Then (via MOS Fan FB), Jones went on to state that the Man of Steel was better than Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, which went on to bring in over $1 billion worldwide last year.

“Honestly…… BETTER,” Jones tweeted in response to a fan’s question about being compared to The Dark Knight.

Other reports have surfaced stating the movie is going to be huge and that Warner Bros. is extremely pleased by it.

By all accounts if the Man of Steel is as much as a success as it’s been stated, news of a Justice League movie should be announced shortly after the new Superman movie’s debut, or we are hoping even earlier.

Henry Cavill is also signed on for a three picture deal with Warner Bros.

Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D rated PG-13 directed by Zack Snyder.

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Zack Snyder Describes his Watchmen Movie As “The Anti-Avengers Movie”


New Man of Steel director Zack Snyder has a new version of the Watchmen Blu-Ray coming out tomorrow.

The new Superman director spoke to Hero Complex about his thoughts and feelings on the movies continuing legacy.

He brings up The Avengers movie and how different his Watchmen movie is compared to it.

It’s weird because I was talking with some colleagues and we were talking about “Watchmen” and saying that in a weird way, “Watchmen” becomes more and more relevant as more and more superhero movies come out. After “Avengers” really would have been the perfect time to release “Watchmen” because it’s the anti-”Avengers” movie. With “Avengers” being this phenomenon worldwide, it’s interesting what Alan Moore did with that graphic novel and what we tried to do with the movie. Alan Moore not only is a genius in the book he created, but also his knowledge of comic books and mythology of comic books and what the superheroes were in response to and what they represent is really beautiful and insightful. We try to get that across in the movie. When “Avengers” or whatever other movies get made, it confirms to me the mythological deconstruction that Alan was able to achieve in the book and we tried to achieve in the movie. It’s even more fun to watch the movie now, I think, as the general audience has become more and more familiar with these icons and this mythology. The deconstruction of that mythology is inevitable, but it really hasn’t been done. I think it’s interesting that we have this genre that is so rich, but except for “Watchmen” and “Kick-Ass,” which I would call more of a comedy superhero movie, I don’t know that they try to dig into the why of it that we do.

Snyder also offers what exactly is the fun of Watchmen compared to a movie like The Avengers.

I think the studio thought it was a superhero movie. They thought it was this franchise-able superhero movie that was going to be sequel-able, like “Iron Man” or something. And I’m like, guys, this is something entirely different. I can’t even begin to describe how wrong that is. It’s a hard-R, deconstruction of the superhero genre, and that’s the fun of it. The fun is not, “Wow, we’re bad-ass. We’re these superheroes and we’re going to go kick the aliens’ ass or whatever enemy presents itself.” That’s not the fun of the movie. The fun of the movie is that these superheroes rape each other and they have super-destructive relationships and they don’t know how to cope with society or themselves. They have a lot of issues. That’s the fun: to see superheroes in that context.

For more from Zack Snyder visit the link above.

The Watchmen Collector’s Edition: Ultimate Cut + Graphic Novel becomes available Tuesday, November 13, 2012.


DC Comics Releasing Hardcover Watchmen Graphic Novel With New DVD Set


(Editor’s Note: Article has been corrected to reflect that the HC is already out, “Absolute Edition.”)

November 13th will see DC Comics release the first ever hard cover edition of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen graphic novel with the “Watchmen Ultimate Cut & Graphic Novel Collection.”

Dubbed as “The most complete Watchmen ever released,” the all-new collected edition features:

On 3 Blu-Ray Discs:

• Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (Tales of the Black Freighter with Director’s Cut)

• 2+ hours of Special Features

• Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics


• The original theatrical cut on DVD

• The first DC Comics hardcover edition of the influential graphic novel

• Collectible lenticular packing


New Collectibles For The Dark Knight Rises, Justice League, Watchmen

DC unveiled new collectibles at this past weekends C2E2 comic con.

The collectibles include a new statue of Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen,  the “We Can Be Heroes” Justice League figures, and The Dark Knight Rises Bane and Batman Variant Busts.

The latter gives us another look at whatever sort of “gun” (or zapper?) Batman is using.




The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012 and is directed by Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale as Batman, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Cain as Alfred, Juno Temple and Josh Pence as a young Ra’s al Ghul.

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Who Watches The Mothman: Interview With Niall Matter

Folklorists and monster seekers have been hunting a creature called the Mothman that has been seen haunting the countryside of West Virginia.

In the recent comic book film, Watchmen, Canadian born Niall Matter ( Eureka and Stargate Atlantis ) filled the wings of a super hero, also named Mothman. This Mothman, who appeared in the Watchmen comic, was created by comic book greats Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. He served as part of a Justice Society of America type super hero group, called the Minutemen. However, the Mothman is confined to a mental asylum, where he is forced to deal with his alcoholism and paranoia.

Matter, whose career is beginning to break out, spoke with CosmicBookNews about the Watchmen movie, television and the Mothman legend in West Virginia.

CosmicBookNews: To start with, and just for the sheer heck of it, had you ever heard of the legendary Mothman in West Virginia? Some people say it is a Native American god, others say it might be an alien.

Niall Matter: When I got the roll in the Watchmen movie, I did a Google search for “Mothman” and I read up about [the West Virginian legend].

CosmicBookNews: Any thoughts on it?

Niall Matter: Yeah, I said, “That is crazy!”

CosmicBookNews: Speaking of crazy, it seems like the fans have really taken to Watchmen. Have you been surprised by how big it has been?

Niall Matter: I was not surprised, I knew how big the comic was.

CosmicBookNews: Were you familiar with the comic book?

Niall Matter: I wasn’t. Obviously I have heard people talk about the comic book for a long time, but I had never actually really read it before I was on this project.

However, when I had heard the Watchmen movie was being made, I looked into it and I ended up landing a little roll in it.

CosmicBookNews: Were you given any extra background information by creator Dave Gibbons who had been on set?

Niall Matter: Not really.

[Director] Zack [Snyder] taught me a little bit about the Mothman and he told me who the character really was. [Zack] gave me kind of an outline as to who the Mothman was and the issues he faced, like his drinking and such.

CosmicBookNews: Were you able to, if you pardon the expression, wing it when you needed too?

Niall Matter: Oh yeah. Absolutely. Zack told me, “Do what feels right to you.”

CosmicBookNews: It seems like you had a lot of fun with it. Did you play the Mothman, say the way a super hero was played back in the 1940s. You know a sort of “old time” way. Like the heroes say, “Gather around, kids. Listen to your parents and drink your milk.”

Niall Matter: Yeah!

Absolutely it was really fun to delve in too something different from what we are used to watching [in current super hero movies]. I was able to turn this into an old school, corny, semi-cheesy style of acting. [Laughs]

You have to look at this at the time Mothman and his fellow Minutemen actually were in. I mean I loved delving into the over the top body language that was used back then.

CosmicBookNews: Even the costume seemed “old school” – as you said. You didn’t have the body armor, say Nite Owl had, or even the armor Christian Bale had for The Dark Knight.

Niall Matter: The costume was just a cotton suit over the top of my body with the wings strapped over. I did not have anything else, say body armor, like Batman or Nite Owl had. I had to wear the cotton suit to stay true to the “times” and “era” that Mothman was in.

That was the style the super heroes were wearing back then.

CosmicBookNews: Because you are from Alberta, Canada, I have to ask this for the fun of it, who would win in a fight – Bret “The Hitman” Hart or Niall “The Mothman” Matter?

Niall Matter: [LAUGHS] Oh yeah! The Harts are formerly from Alberta. However, I would say, probably Bret “The Hitman” Hart would win, because those Hart boys are pretty big.

Actually, I grew up on a farm in Alberta and the Hart Brothers used to have a painting company and the Hart Brothers painted our huge barn. I’m a lot closer to the Hart brothers than you realize.

CosmicBookNews: [LAUGHS] So there was a chance to see the Hitman fight the Mothman?

Niall Matter: [LAUGHS] It could’ve have happened.

CosmicBookNews: We at CosmicBookNews are breaking it first – a fight between Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Niall “The Mothman” Matter – it could’ve happened !.

Niall Matter: Yeah! It could’ve.

CosmicBookNews: With that said, I know Bret Hart is a legend in Canada. But you are no slouch yourself with fans. All you have to do is take a look at the IMDB.Com message board under your entry.

Had you heard from any of them about you being in Watchmen?

Niall Matter: Yeah, many of the fans – who were fans of mine from the television shows I had been on [ Eureka and Stargate Atlantis ] had written me and said it was fun to see me on the big screen.

CosmicBookNews: Was there a difference from doing a television show to doing movie for you?

Niall Matter: The biggest difference was the amount of time I found myself on set and the type of set. When you are doing television, you are on the set more of the time – well at least compared to Watchmen.

However, when I got to the Watchmen set, you were blown away by the size of it because you basically were walking the streets of 1940. As I said, I was just blown away by the massive set and the scale of it.

CosmicBookNews: I was reading that your parents have a water transport company, were they able to bring of the water to the Watchmen set?

Niall Matter: [LAUGHS] No they are based in Alberta and that is the province next over from where the set was in British Columbia. They would have had to truck and over through the Rocky Mountains.

CosmicBookNews: Well, our web site can give them a plug anyway.

Matter Water Service – located in Leduc, Alberta – the best water in Canada!

Niall Matter: Thanks!

CosmicBookNews: Well jumping back to Watchmen and genre television, do you want to continue in the science fiction field or would you like to branch out?

Niall Matter: I think my career is getting ready for a transition from roles in science fiction to roles in comedies. Which is strange, because I feel the most comfortable doing drama even though I have not done as much in it.

I definitely want to get into to more drama and features in the future.

CosmicBookNews: Any type of roll in particular?

Niall Matter: Yeah. I would really love to tackle a darker roll. Think Edward Norton in American History X.

I want to do something that is both physically challenging where I have to hit the gym and transform in to that person physically as well as mentally.

CosmicBookNews: Well, either way, you’ll have fans watching.

Thanks so much for your time.

Niall Matter: Thank you.

For more information about Niall Matter, visit his web site

And a special note of thanks to Trina Allen for arranging the interview with Mr. Matter.