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‘The Boys’ Animated Series Debuts First Crazy Teaser

Amazon Prime Video has released the first teaser for The Boys: Diabolical animated spinoff series, and it’s pretty crazy and wild. The teaser actually is less of a teaser and is more of a “promo” for fast-food chain “Vought A Burger,” with a voice-over from Christian Slater and includes appearances from Homelander and other characters from The Boys. Worth a …

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‘The Boys’ Getting ‘Diabolical’ Animated Spinoff

The Butcher himself, Karl Urban, announces a new animated spinoff with The Boys: Diabolical, a new eight-episode animated anthology series set in the universe of The Boys coming to Amazon Prime. Urban announced the news during Brazil’s CCXP in the video below. “There is no question that you guys are the greatest fans in the world. …

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