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Exclusive: Peter Milligan brings new ongoing, Terminal Hero, to Dynamite


Dynamite Entertainment in a major SDCC announcement today said that multi-award-winning scribe Peter Milligan (Bad Company, Enigma, X-Force) will be writing a new ongoing comic book series called Terminal Hero.  

Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer was the first reporter to buttonhole Milligan and exclusively discuss working away from the Big Two and also the 411 on his new curiously-titled series.

Cosmic Book News: Peter, I guess the first thing to say is, welcome to Dynamite! (laughs) How did signing with Dynamite come about?

Peter Milligan: Why, thank you. My entering into a project with Dynamite came about because I’ve known Nick Barrucci for a number of years, from back in the days of X-Statix. We’ve spoken on a more or less casual basis about possibly doing a project together sometime and things finally fell into place.

CBN: You are no stranger to writing top titles for the Big Two. Will you be exclusive with Dynamite or continuing to have work with DC, Marvel and others?

Peter Milligan: I’ve recently been exclusive to DC and after a period of monogamy I’m enjoying playing the field. DC and I are still friends — I’m working on a new project with Vertigo/DC as we speak. It’s called The Discipline — but right now I’m also having fun working up new properties with different publishers. Like Dynamite.

CBN: What is it about Dynamite Comics that seems to fit you well as a writer?

Peter Milligan: What appealed is the freedom to write what I wanted to write and not feel constrained in any way, which means I can really dig deep into the story I’m writing and allow it to take its natural form. I can be a pretty twisted bastard, and I’m looking forward to expressing that in my work for Dynamite.

CBN: I know it’s early, but what sort of projects would you like to do for Dynamite?

Peter Milligan: I am working on a project right now. It’s called Terminal Hero.

CBN: Really? Can you tell us anything about the book as far as the art is concerned?

Peter Milligan: Well, I’ll be working with Jae Lee on the design of the characters and look of the characters, which I’m really excited about. I’m also looking forward to working with an artist with whom I haven’t worked before.

CBN: What else can you tell us about Terminal Hero?

Peter Milligan: It’s about this guy — our Terminal Hero — and his journey as he tries to deal with a series of shocking events that turn his life upside down. It starts with a brain tumor and the prognosis that he only has a few months to live. In his dark, violent, drug and sex-fuelled quest to live he discovers new things about himself. Things he probably didn’t want to know.

This might sound a little somber — a hero being told he’s only got a short while to live — but it’s anything but. It’s good dark dirty fun, combining horrific elements and what you might call modern supernatural. I think the story will have a lot of the weird, dark and edgy qualities that I’m known for. But it does attempt to look at some BIG QUESTIONS about modern life and I suppose the human condition. How good are you? More to the point … how bad are you? And is it possible to be any kind of hero in today’s ironic, amoral age?

CBN: In terms of philosophy, what for a writer is it like to work with a company like Dynamite as opposed to writing for DC or Marvel?

Peter Milligan: That’s a hard one to answer, because working for DC or Marvel can vary greatly depending on what kind of project you’re working on. Writing a storyline in Thor or Red Lanterns is very different from the Vertigo creator-owned work I’m doing at the moment in The Discipline. I haven’t worked with Dynamite long enough to really know their “philosophy” too intimately, except to say that I really responded positively to the freedom they want to give the writer to go where he wants to go. This seems to suggest a refreshing attitude towards the creative process.

CBN: Peter, is there any other projects or works outside Dynamite you would care to discuss?

Peter Milligan: As I said, I’m working on The Discipline for Vertigo. That’s being drawn by Leo Fernandez who’s producing some of the best work of his life. All I want to say here is that I’m incredibly excited about this project. It’s what you might call a modern off-beat take on the erotic thriller. Got a few other possible things in the pipeline but would rather not talk about that until it gets firmed up.

Comic Book News would like to thank Peter Milligan for taking the time to answer our questions. We would also like to thank Dynamite’s own Nick Barrucci who helped make this interview possible.

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SDCC 2013: Dynamite Announces Peter Millgan Terminal Hero Series

Press Release

SDCC Announcement – Dynamite Signs Peter Milligan,
Announces Upcoming Launch of Milligan’s “Terminal Hero” Series



July 15, 2013, Mt. Laurel, NJ:  Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to announce that Peter Milligan (Shade the Changing Man, X-Statix,Hellblazer) has signed a deal to create a new series entitled Terminal Hero.  Milligan’s partnership with Dynamite is unprecedented as this marks his first work outside of Marvel Comics and DC Comics since the days of his earlier projects, Paradax and Johnny Nemo.

“I’ve watched with interest how Dynamite has expanded both physically and creatively over the years,” says Milligan.  “During that time, Nick Barrucci and I have discussed working on a project on and off, but due to a number of reasons, things never quite worked out.  Now I have a project which demands a certain kind of publisher — one who’ll give me a lot a creative latitude and is willing to go to some dark, edgy, and honest places.  Terminal Hero is about one poor bastard’s rollercoaster ride through a world that he’s trying to make sense of.  It’s about how far you’d go to stay alive.  Okay, it occasionally plays with the classic comic book ‘hero’ genre, but I aim to push it to places that normal comic books don’t go.  Luckily, Dynamite isn’t afraid to go there!”

Peter Milligan is an award-winning London-based writer of comic books and graphic novels, published in many languages throughout the world.  His work includes groundbreaking titles such as the psychedelic Shade The Changing Man and Skin, about a skinhead suffering from the effects of Thalidomide, up to Greek Street, an homage to Greek myth seen through the prism of violent modern-day London.  His work also includes the more mainstream, from Batman to the successful and critically acclaimed re-imagining of the X-Men myth: X-Statix, described by Kevin Smith (Clerks) as “the most well-observed scholarly analysis of media-manipulation filtered through a pop-culture lens ever committed to the page.”  Milligan has had two films produced: Pilgrim starring Ray Liotta, and An Angel For May, starring Tom Wilkinson.

“Peter Milligan is a storytelling wild card — you can never, ever anticipate where his story will flow,” says Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite.  “He’s also one of the most well-respected writers in comics, and deservedly so.  I actually approached Peter about working together in London a bit before Dynamite launched and he was intrigued, but we hadn’t put everything together yet, and before we could take it to the next level, he signed his exclusive with Marvel.  He later signed exclusively with DC.  Over the years we’ve kept in touch, and worked to find a series which he would enjoy that would take the world by storm.  We’re so excited to welcome him to aboard as the latest in a very impressive body of high-profile creators.”

“I had thought that after working with creators like Alex Ross, Matt Wagner, and Garth Ennis — to name a few — that perhaps I had peaked, that I could be excited no more to work with a creator whose work was formative to my understanding and appreciation of comics.  And then comes Peter Milligan,” adds Joe Rybandt, Senior Editor of Dynamite.  “From his work on Shade and Hellblazer and X-Force/Statix and everything in-between and beyond, Peter is a visionary and true talent.  To collaborate with him and be part of his first project with us here at Dynamite just shows there’s always another surprise around the career corner.”

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