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Marvel’s Star Wars Drops Over 800K; Stuart Immonen Onboard With #8


January saw Star Wars return to Marvel with around 1 million copies sold, which was due to 60 variant covers and geek box subscriptions.

However, now Marvel’s Star Wars has come back down to earth as sales for issue two dropped by over 800,000 copies.

Star Wars #2 sold around 162,000 giving it the #4 book overall for February.

It’s also learned that current series artist John Cassaday will be leaving as the artist announced the news on Facebook.


Marvel has announced that Stuart Immonen will be replacing Cassaday with July’s Star Wars #8 and released the following cover art.

It’s unknown who is on art chores for Star Wars #7.


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Advanced Review: All-New X-Men #2

The world has been torn asunder after the Phoenix Force merged with Scott Summers. Cities are destroyed, mutant hate is at its peak and the man whose dream brought all the X-Men together — lies dead at the hands of his first student. Things couldn’t be worse for the mutant race, especially since there are new mutants manifesting powers every day and a revolution has begun! All looks bleak, but for one specific X-Man, it is even worse. Dr. Henry McCoy is dying from another genetic mutation, but before he dies he will try to correct the present by visiting the past!

Brian Michael Bendis has crafted a thoroughly engaging tale, rife with nostalgia, that any X fan will not only appreciate — but hold most dear. It is a tale of desperation and longing for a time when things didn’t seem so complex. A tale of time travel and fantasy that feels so natural and well executed that the mere thought of time/space conundrums — is not given a second thought at all! It is so far fetched that it completely makes sense, not becoming an overall burden to the reader or the story.

It is quirky and fun and devastatingly real, bringing a microscope down on all the things that have gone awry over the years and the loss of faith in Xavier’s dream. This tale is as fresh and exciting as the fundamentals the original five X-Men had the first time they suited up. A juxtaposition of a far too dark present and a vibrant, albeit slightly naive, past. The characterization of the “little X-Men” is pitch perfect! Bendis has found their true essence and has treated it reverently, giving no qualms in his ability to scribe the “Merry Mutants” in this fans eyes! 

All X fans will be clamoring for this new series, it is the shot of adrenaline the X books have been so desperately in need of! Bendis fan or not, this book will sway you towards being an X fan all over again!

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Review: All-New X-Men #1

A stepping stone between the past and the future of the X-Men has been cast by Brain Michael Bendis in this weeks batch of books to hit your local shop. But it is not the tried and true, “I am here to warn you about the future”story, it is beyond that. This one has heart, originality and a tone that will have you remembering just why you became a fan of the X-Men all those years ago!

Even though we all know this will become a “time travel” tale that will have the old and current X-Men meet, it is also the first issue to see a completely divided host of X-Men and their fundamentals. Yes, Schism divided them, but not like this! Never before has there been a complete break between Cyclops’ band and the rest of the “family.” There were always those who had trouble deciding just which path to follow, but no more, Bendis has set a hard line in the sand and there is no turning back!

Focusing on the arrival of new mutants to the Marvel U., Bendis has taken the X-Men back to the days of excitement and suspense that, unfortunately, has been missing in the last few years. He has taken a character that has been labeled as a murderer and evolved him into a revolutionary for the future of the mutant race. He has created something that will compel you to read X-Men books for the sake of reading X-Men stories — not X-Avengers ones! It is suspenseful and full of heart, glancing at the early days of the X-Men while giving the current timeline an exhilarating scope and refocus!

As compelling as the tale may be, it is Stuart Immonen’s art that makes this book transcend to a different level. The thin, crisp lines bring a heightened sense of detail to everything! Foreground, background — every miniscule detail has been painstakingly rendered with a degree of professionalism that is truly rare. Immonen is the perfect choice to mimic the rousing new tale from Bendis! Don’t believe me? Just check out this amazing sketch page of Beast!


Some may say that Bendis isn’t right for the X-Men, that he is “the Avengers” guy. Hopefully this outstanding first issue will draw fans to a new conclusion, one where we can be fans of X books again without having to worry about learning an entire Avengers roster to do so! 

It is an exciting time to be an X fan again, let’s hope it can stay that way!

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Review: AVX: Vs. #1 (of 6)

This is it, the “battle within the battle” book that extends all the individual fights from The Avengers Vs. The X-Men series! A rip roarious, smash mouth style book that pits two X-Men against two Avengers in two separate stories by two creative teams! That’s a lot of twos, folks! 

Let me begin by saying I am highly impressed that Marvel is pushing this series for exactly what it is. They are not trying to mask it as anything besides a good ‘ol slugfest because that is all you will get! There is no extension of plot or development of character in this series but at least they are up front about it. As a matter of fact, this is what the opening page says, verbatim: “This book is about AWESOME BRAWLING! You want plot? LOOK ELSEWHERE, CHUM. You want a KNOCK-DOWN, DRAG-OUT WHUPPIN‘? WE GOT YOU COVERED.” And believe me, they deliver!

Match 1 is Iron Man vs. Magneto! Now, we all knew Tony Stark wouldn’t bring a tin can to a magnet party, so this one isn’t in the bag for Magneto! Jason Aaron has some great ideas up his sleeve as to how this one goes down and you won’t believe the damage these two warriors inflict on each other. It is brutal, exciting and over way too quickly for my taste, this fight needed to last the entire book! The ending was questionable, as one of the warriors just gives up, lost in the grand scope of what is to come. It left me feeling slightly cheated, but the prior build-up was great!

Match 2 is Thing vs. Namor! This one has been hashed out before, but never completely underwater! Again, it is an in your face smashfest that gets the adrenaline pumping faster than a locomotive! Decades worth of anger is let out in a fury of fists, leaving the ocean floor a complete warzone! This one was a more satisfying read as there is a true winner, or is there?

Both Adam Kubert and Stuart Immonen do an outstanding job on art chores, creating some amazing feats of fury infused destruction! These have been some of the best fight scenes Marvel has produced in a long time — every fan will be salivating over them! Jason Aaron and Kathryn Immonen do great jobs themselves, trying to create a background in all the chaos. Aaron’s tale is more cerebral but it is Immonen’s witty banter that truly steals the show here! 

Slugfest, brawl, “The Thrilla‘ in Manila” – call it what you will – this book has been downright fun to read! Yeah, I don’t agree with the way things always pan out, but I still get to see some of my childhood daydreams come to fruition! Worth four bucks? Well…no, but I will still be around for round two!

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Nova Marvel Infinite Comics Was Pretty Darn Good!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1253:]]As much as we complain about Marvel not using Richard Rider in the Nova role, I gotta admit the new Infinite Comics is pretty darn good.

If you purchased Avengers Vs. X-Men #1, you will find a code in the back which will enable you to download the free digital copy. With that, comes the Nova Infinite Comic.

And if it’s not there at the end of AvX, delete the file and re-download. That’s what I had to do to get it working on my iPhone.

I still can’t access it on — or find it for that matter. If you know where on to find already downloaded digital content, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Regarding the story, it’s a continuation from Point One, and also shows us Nova’s perspective from what happened previously in AvX #1.

Nova is off to warn the Earth’s Mightiest that the Phoenix is on its way. He’s been traveling so long, he’s not sure what’s what, and crash lands on Earth, where the Avengers find him.

Throughout his journey, Mark Waid offers us insights to the new Nova. We see he is a fan of the Cardinals, has perhaps a troubled relationship with his Dad — and is new.

We also seem to get something that might show the Worldmind is communicating with the new Nova, but we don’t get any thought bubbles like DnA’s past stories. Mention of the helmet “screaming” is made, so not sure what that could mean.

The art was amazing, and I’ll admit if it was a comic, it just wouldn’t have come across as good. This is the best I’ve seen out of Stuart Immonen, IMO. The animation was top notch as well. While I don’t have an iPad, which is probably best for viewing, it still looked good on the iPhone.

So do yourself a favor, and if you haven’t already done so, download the Nova Infinite Comic, either for free with AvX #1 or for $.99.

Though, I would have much rather had Richard Rider in the role!

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