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Stephen Amell Rumored To Be Wrestling At WWE’s SummerSlam 2015


While WWE’s Sting (6’3″ 250lbs) may be just a bit outside of Stephen Amell’s range, that doesn’t mean the Arrow will be sitting in the stands come SummerSlam.

Stephen Amell is rumored to be appearing at WWE’s big SummerSlam event on August 23rd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

His opponent?

Stardust Cody Rhodes!

Recently on RAW, Amell and Rhodes (listed at 6’1 216 lbs) exchanged words, which continued on their social networks and WWE.

Rhodes got in Amell’s face on RAW, with Amell telling Stardust to tread carefeully or he’ll back back. Stardust then followed up on calling out Amell.

Stephen Amell has been pretty vocal about how he is a big of a fan of wrestling, and that he wouldn’t mind guest hosting – or even suiting up for the squared circle.

The gossip site Hollywood Life is now saying Amell will duke it out with Rhodes during SummerSlam – and get this – that Amell may even don his Arrow persona while doing so.

Obviously, it could be just a big rumor, but it’s not unheard of for celebrities to participate in various WWE matches and shows. Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken on Triple H, and Shaq, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Snoop Dogg, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Springer, Flavor Flav, Mike Tyson and others have all be a part of events.

Update: Both Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes respond to rumor. See tweets below.

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Stephen Amell Vs. Sting Round 2! (Video)


This past February saw Arrow‘s Stephen Amell warn WWE Superstar Sting about being the Vigilante.

Stinger recently signed up with the WWE – with the “Vigalante” as his gimmick.

“Tread carefully, Stinger,” Amell warned in a video.

Now Amell is back as the two super powers were on a head-to-head collision at this past weekend’s Philadelphia Comic-Con.

No sparks flew, but Amell managed to meet Sting and vice versa.

“Told him he had a good match at Wrestlemania and then tried to STARE INTO HIS SOUL!” Amell posted on Facebook.

Check it out below.

Hopefully we’ll see Stephen Amell guest host on RAW.

Amell is from Toronto, a big wrestling city, so we assume he’s a big fan.


The Vigilantes met in Philadelphia this past weekend as #TheIcon Sting met Stephen Amell of Arrow!

Posted by WWE on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Watch: Arrow’s Stephen Amell Warns WWE’s Sting


Here comes Sting!

Well, here comes Arrow!

Sting recently debuted on WWE where he has been going with Vigilante gimmick.

Stephen Amell noticed and posted the following video on his popular Facebook page adding a little warning for Sting.

“Tread carefully, Stinger,” Amell posted, as Arrow is known as the Vigilante as well.

Check it out below.

Hey, Vince? How about having Stephen Amell as a guest host?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW; WWE airs Mondays and Thursdays.


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