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Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series Not Confirmed: Wacker Knew About Movie Years Ago


At the recent Comic-Con, Marvel revealed what was said to be test footage for a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series.

Now it’s being said that it was only test footage an animator was working on and not for a cartoon.

Former Marvel Comics Editor turned Marvel’s VP of Current Animation Stephen Wacker let the following be known at CBR:

Oh, Albert… We definitively did not announce a GOTG animated series. We just showed some test footage that one of our animators (Leo Riley) was working on.

We have seen the GOTG guest star in all of our current animated series, though, and you can expect more to come as the year goes on.

Wacker then goes on to confirm that he knew about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie years ago, even though the new Bendis comic debuted two years ago. Marvel cancelled Abnett and Lanning’s run in 2010.

All that said, I was as excited about the movie as anyone and certainly knowing the behind-the-scenes conversations about it the past few years thanks to working on the comic made it an even deeper experience.

I really have to extend the kudos not only to the Marvel Studios folks… but to everyone in publishing starting with Bill Rosemann, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Paul Pelletier who all got the ball rolling.

Wacker actually called me a liar for calling Marvel out about cancelling DnA’s run due to the movie and also about Axel Alonso cancelling Marvel Cosmic to give it to Loeb. Wacker also posted numerous times that the reason for the cancellation was sales and harrassed numerous Richard Rider Nova fan.

Recently, Marvel Editor Bill Rosemann stated sales were rock solid, and Joe Quesda even stated previously sales weren’t the main factor.

Wacker is known for trolling various comic book forums and has been given the name “Wack Job.”

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New Rocket Raccoon Comic Series Announced; Compared To Looney Tunes & Daffy Duck


Right in time for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Marvel Comics has announced that Rocket Raccoon will get his own comic book by Skottie Young, who will be on both writing and art chores.

“I like any of the humorous characters, any of the ones I can have fun with,” Young told MTV. “And around this time Guardians of the Galaxy was getting restarted, so I said if there was any of way of doing some sort of Rocket Raccoon story that would be fun too!”

“Even though it was just a sliver of Rocket [in the trailer], I couldn’t wait to work on this guy even more,” Young continued. “I think it’s going to have a connection to that nostalgic feeling for Looney Tunes, that old animated flavor where everything wasn’t squeaky clean, you know? Daffy Duck would get his bill blasted off with double barrel shotguns… That’s what I grew up watching, and being able to play around with that in this hyper-superhero intergalactic universe will be a lot of fun.”

Groot is also to be featured in the book, and it’s learned former editor Stephen Wacker, who was behind the Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy relaunches, was initially behind Rocket Raccoon as well and nixed Groot being in the title.

The new Rocket Raccoon hits in July.

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Stephen Wacker Officially Gone From Marvel Comics

Spider-Man editor Stephen Wacker is officially gone from Marvel Comics having moved on to take a position with their animated TV division.

Wacker edited the Spider-Man comics as well as (NINO) Nova and Bendis’ Guardians of the Galaxy.

X-Men Editor Nick Lowe will take on Spider-Man.

It’s unknown who will be editing Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, though I am waiting a reply back from Tom Brevoort for more info.

To give you an indication who Nick Lowe is, you can check out the video QnA below in regards to Quasar appearing in X-Men Vs. Avengers (and now we know the answer: no).

As they say…out of the frying pan…?

Former DC Comics editor Mike Marts returns to Marvel as well as an executive editor.

Marvel Cosmic fans who participate on various message boards will probably be happy with the Wacker news.


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Good News: Wacker Soon To Be Off Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy


Marvel Cosmic fans’ dreams have come true as it has become known that Editor Stephen Wacker is departing Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the rest of Marvel Comics to take a job with Marvel Animation.

Bleeding Cool has the news with mention Wacker will be taking a job with Marvel Animation out in California.

Wacker is also the editor of the Spider-Man line as well as Daredevil and Hawkeye.

We’re not sure what this means for the direction of Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova as the cancellation of the previous run came from higher up.

Guess Wacker won’t be harrassing the fans anymore online at the various forums.

There’s one down…

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Rambo Creator Blasts Marvel For Messing Up His Spider-Man Story


Fans who picked up Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 and then were left scratching their heads with Amazing Spider-Man #700.2 can wonder no more as the writer on the book, Rambo creator David Morrell, has publicly blasted Marvel for what looks to be either negligence or purposely altering his original work.

Morrell took to his Facebook to voice his frustrations working with Marvel. While he doesn’t blame the editorial team, he vows never to work for Marvel again. Morrell actually blames the “corporate” structure, not the editors on the book with Tom Brennan and Stephen Wacker.

Here are David Morrell’s responses on Facebook:

Bad news about the second part of my SPIDER-MAN: FROST comic-book series. Someone at Marvel changed my captions, added weak jokes, repeated captions, deleted captions from panels that needed them, and inserted one caption that contradicts the theme. When I saw this early version, I sent three pages of corrections to Marvel. I was assured that my changes had been made, but for whatever reason, the terrible version got printed, destroying the poignant tone of part one. What a pity. This could have been a gem.

People who ordered the series from my local comic-book store will receive the three pages of correction that I sent to Marvel, along with my 4-page essay about writing comic books. Perhaps these will compensate for any disappointment you feel when reading part two.

JR Pinto, when a writer works for a comic-book publisher, it’s work for hire, which means that Marvel or whatever other company is involved can do whatever it wants.

Bobby Kulp, this has been such a disappointing experience that I’m finished with writing in this form. It’s an exciting medium. The scripts are detailed, almost like movie scripts. My goal was extremely high, to make readers actually believe in the characters. The first part was poignant and moving, I thought. Now part two starts with weak jokes that destroy the continuity. One page even has the same caption in two consecutive panels.

Zachary, for novels, the published result is something that both the writer and the publisher agree upon. There are many safeguards to make sure that the book looks professional when it appears in stores

Keith, alas I can’t post my original script because Marvel owns it.

Robert K, there’ll be no reprint. Comic book publishers print whatever stores order and then move on to the next project.

 Jesse, I’m pleased to say that my signing at Big Adventure Comics in Santa Fe was packed.

Rick Dickson, it’s not the editor’s fault. It’s a corporate thing. No one knows who did what. I’d leave it alone.

Mark, someone at Marvel emailed me today to suggest that the corrected version might be in a bound collection of Spider-Man stories, but I have no idea when that might appear or if the corrected version would in fact be in it. I can’t publish the corrected pages. I don’t own my script. Writing for comic books is like writing for a movie studio. It’s called work for hire, and the company owns the result.

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Looks Like Mark Waid & Chris Samnee’s Daredevil Is Getting Relaunched

More than likely Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Daredevil is getting relaunched as Editor Stephen Wacker let it be known in today’s letters page that the series will be ending as well as Samnee tweeted a peak at the final cover.

In an earlier interview, Waid also told Newsarma the creative team wasn’t going anywhere, leading to further credence of a relauch.

In addition, it was recently announced that Captain Ms. Marvel will be getting another relaunch, which is a book under Wacker as well.

“For those wondering about the fate of Daredevil, here’s the cover of #36– the final issue,” tweeted Chris Samnee.

“Javier will be back to draw issue #34 in a couple months to give Chris time to focus on our big two-part finale to this era of Daredevil. Sad, I know, but all things must end, right?” Wacker said in Daredevil #34.


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Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #6 (Bendis)

It’s really a shame that this book is called Guardians of the Galaxy when it’s such a pale imitation of all the preceding much better efforts using the same name. I wish Bendis, Brevoort, Wacker, Alonso, et al would just get it over with and re-name this book Space Avengers or, more accurately, Avengers in Low Earth Orbit, or my personal favorite: Holy Fark! Not ANOTHER Avengers Book!

Let’s face it; Bendis’ version of GotG is just another Avengers book. And even though the GotG is made up of people who actually have valuable knowledge about how the cosmos works, the politics of the local group of galaxies, and the advanced technology of the great powers of the local group – they’re relegated to wasting time protecting Earth from fairly minor threats while Earth’s protectors are in way over their heads out in the cosmos. Make any sense to you? Me neither.

So the woman who fought Ronan to a stand-still can’t take Angela? So the entire team that has fought The Magus, Thanos, The Phalanx, etc. (and won) can’t take Angela? But a single shot from Quill’s element gun lays her out? Right. Good one Bendis. And it only took you the entire issue to pull off that particular deus ex machina.

As usual, Iron Man is completely out of place, and Bendis writes most of the rest of the cast out of character – particularly Drax. At least he’s stopped trying to create stupid catch-phrases for Rocket. A great improvement in this book could be accomplished simply by dropping Iron Man from the cast and sending him back to Earth where he belongs.

“Editor” Wacker must shoulder a large part of the blame for the decline in Marvel Cosmic’s quality. He along with Bendis and Loeb seem hell-bent on erasing everything that made DnA’s revamping of cosmic into something worthy of a big budget movie, and replacing it with hackneyed storylines aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator of comic book readers. Thankfully we’re spared Wacker’s smarmy glad-handing of easily pleased non-cosmic fans as there’s no letters page to suffer through this issue. Coipel’s art is certainly respectable, but it’s not quite up to the bar set by Pichelli. It’s a shame the writing is not up to par with the art as Pichelli makes an excellent addition to the artists who render cosmic well. Ponsor’s colors remain at their usual eye-catching best. As usual, the art and coloring are the best things about this book.

I suppose the movie hype and the appeal to Avengers-zombies are the elements that keep this book selling as well as it does. That’s too bad as these characters deserve such better treatment than they’re now receiving. In the hands of a capable cosmic writer, GotG could be great again. As it is, Bendis’ GotG is just another Avengers-like glorification of mediocrity which is not truly written as cosmic and not truly meant for cosmic fans.

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First Look At Andy Lanning’s Revolutionary War & Death’s Head

This January will see Andy Lanning and Alan Cowsill pen a new eight-issue event/series with Revolutionary War.

The series is being released in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of original Marvel UK line. 

Editor Stephen Wacker released the following teaser, which we are guessing is a peek at the cover. Death’s Head looks BA!

Let’s hope Wacker treats Lanning better than he does the Richard Rider Nova fans.

The “Keep Calm” teaser was released back in July.



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Spider-Man Can’t Save Wacker & Alonso’s Nova; #7 Continues To Tank


It looks as if the new Nova, dubbed NINO (Nova in name only) continues its downward spiral as Diamond has released its early estimates for the month of August where we see Nova #7 comes in at #63 overall.

Specific estimated numbers have yet to be released, but by comparing the surrounding titles to the previous months, we are guessing Nova #7 lands somewhere around the 33,000 mark as it’s right above Teen Titans (July saw Teen Titans have 33,000).

Update: Actual estimates are lower than we thought.

We also see that the use of Spider-Man as a sales gimmick in Nova #7 had absolutely no bearing whatsoever – or maybe it did? Sales may have been actually lower without the evil wall-crawler who currently graces the top ten for comic book sales on a month-to-month basis.

So this definitely can’t be looked at as a good sign for Marvel as the addition of a top ten character with Superior Spider-Man has added no benefit to NINO Nova. As sales continue to slide, Marvel will be forced to confront the fact Axel Alonso and Stephen Wacker’s reboot: a) isn’t working; and b) isn’t what the fans want; hopefully Disney and Marvel Studios are taking note.

For a comparison to the DnA 2007 version – that has consistently been outselling the new stuff from Stephen Wacker and Marvel EIC Axel Alonso without the added expensive promotional campaign – Nova #7 (pictured right) sold 34,840 back in October of 2007. The particular issue didn’t feature Spider-Man, but was a tie-in to Annihilation: Conquest, an event left on its own and not a part of anything Avengers unlike NINO.

There was no Guardians of the Galaxy comic book in August as artist health issues were cited as a reason; however, there was a trade for the first Bendis run where we see Marvel “borrowed” DnA’s Cosmic Avengers idea (you know, the one Tom Brevoort turned down stating it wasn’t a good enough idea) with: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 Cosmic Avengers (Marvel NOW!).

One plus for Marvel on the cosmic side of things is that Infinity seems to be a most promising event, at least all the issues penned by Jonathan Hickman. The other tie-ins have been pretty much what Marvel Cosmic readers have come to expect with NINO and Bendis‘ Guardians. Just think how good it would have been if DnA’s Nova and GoTG were involved.

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Review: Captain (Ms.) Marvel #15 (Infinity)

We get another Infinity tie-in from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick with Captain Ms. Marvel #15 told from the point-of-view of Carol Danvers (Avengers Assemble #18 featured Spider-Woman’s story).

This time, DeConnick actually comes through with a quality story as not only does she nicely tie in the events from Infinity into the issue, but she also tantalizes a new reader who may have jumped on board for the big event. The new reader learns a previous major battle caused not only Carol to literally lose her memory, but it also lends a hand with the transformation into the cosmic-powered persona known as Binary (not a spoiler; see cover; thanks, Stephen).

Obviously this issue is aimed at the new reader with sales being as low as they are, but if you are a regular reader – and a reader of Infinity – you may be just getting one big recap. DeConnick and Editor Stephen Wacker give us the entire story that Spider-Woman told in Avengers Assemble as well as the battle that was featured in Infinity, and we basically get one new page or so of material at the end of the book. It may have been better – for the story and the reader – to not include as much background on Carol in regards to Infinity and give us more of the events that happened after the crash; i.e. Binary. Again, this is definitely aimed at the reader who may be picking it up to complete their Infinity collection. And we all know Marvel has a habit of stretching their books out as long as they can.

The art was surprisingly good for a book selling under 20K. All the panels are heavily detailed, which is a bonus for space-type books; the characters come off looking good, though not too heavily detailed themselves, which actually plays into the storyline if you think about it with Carol being “emotionless.” Nice colors as well with the space backgrounds looking vibrant at times coupled with almost a grittiness of the characters’ costumes and space vessels.

All in all not a bad issue, definitely not a must buy; I would have to say Kelly Sue DeConnick definitely has a good grasp on Carol Danvers, with this issue giving lots of promise for more to come from the character (hopefully as Ms. Marvel, that is).

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Review: Nova #7 (Wells)

I finally found something to like about NINO! Issue #7 cured my insomnia! Yup; soporific #7 is a cliché-filled snooze-fest. Sadly, it further sullies and denigrates the legacy of the true hero whose name and title were stolen to smear across the cover of this intelligence-insulting excuse for a “cosmic” comic book.

Staying true to his Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon roots, NINO is particularly annoying in this issue as he bumbles from one pointless “adventure” to another. Whether he’s misinterpreting a non-dangerous situation as dangerous or nearly botching another “hero’s” rescue of civilians from harm; he’s written as an ineffective “idiot” (Loeb’s words – not mine) in every sense of the word. I found myself agreeing with Spock’s advice to him to just go home and watch Justin Bieber. No teen screw-up cliché is missed. Just roll your eyes at each one between swigs of Pepto-Bismol.

In the introduction, we’re told that NINO’s mom gave him permission to use his powers. Question: Wouldn’t that constitute child endangerment? Both parents have given a 15-year-old “idiot” permission to use the powers of a Nova Centurion – essentially powers equivalent to a tactical nuclear weapon. Is that responsible parenting? I wouldn’t want the most mature 15-year-old handling tactical nukes – much less an “idiot” like NINO. Anybody got the number for Arizona Child Protective Services? I want to report the Alexander’s so their parental rights can be terminated for sending a minor into kill-or-be-killed combat. Maybe Arizona will confiscate the “magic helmet,” too, and we can be done with NINO forever. When I consider the difference between what we had with the Rich Rider Nova – a powerful, effective hero – and what we have with NINO – a bumbling, ineffective idiot – I just shake my head in disgust.

NINO is an embarrassment to the legacy of the Nova concepts.

Used car salesman…….er………I mean, “editor,” Stephen Wacker, returns to the letters page this month. As usual, he cherry picks and publishes almost exclusively letters of fawning praise sent by persons self-professed as having no prior knowledge of cosmic or of any previous incarnation of Nova. One fawning NINO fan asks about Rich and is told that answers are forthcoming. In response, I invoke the ancient comic book ululation, “Noooooooooooooooooooo!” I don’t want Wacker, Brevoort, Loeb, Bendis, et al, having anything to do with Rich Rider. They’ve proven they don’t understand cosmic, don’t care about the feelings of the fans, and don’t respect the Nova legacy in the slightest. They’re only interested in slinging out “pseudo-cosmic” versions of teen Spiderman and “pseudo-cosmic” Avengers in near Earth orbit in a cynical attempt to entice Spider-zombies and Avengers-zombies to buy NINO and Guardians of the Galaxy. I use the word pseudo-cosmic because the cosmic aspects of their storylines are incidental rather than central – and every storyline is Earthcentric. Substitute teen Peter Parker for NINO and any of the casts from any of the seemingly thousands of Avengers teams for the GotG cast, and the stories would read exactly the same.

As usual, the art and coloring are the only things that keep NINO from being a complete waste of glossy paper for which too many brave trees needlessly sacrificed their lives. Medina and Curiel deliver some eye-catching work. It’s not enough to save this hot mess of a concept though – so save your money and buy good and true cosmic – like the Warlord of Mars series or Invincible.

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DnA’s Nova Continues To Out Sell Wacker’s NINO: Under 35K


July comic book sales estimates have been released where we see the new Sam Alexander Nova series continues to plummet.

Sales for the book are now under 35K from a series high of over 80K, and once again, the series is selling less than the 2007 Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Richard Rider Nova run.

ComiChron lists sales for NINO #6 coming in at 34,234, with Nova #6 back in 2007 listed at 36,967.

Tom Brevoort recently stated that sales were a factor in the cancelation of the 2007 Nova, which directly contradicts statements made by Joe Quesada.

Regardless if Brevoort is right or wrong, certainly Marvel EIC Axel Alonso and Editor Stephen Wacker must be sweating the numbers on the new NINO as Marvel invested heavily into the series and character.

Fans can’t help but wonder if only a small percentage of that investment would have been applied to Richard Rider and DnA, how big the series and character really could have been.

July marks the fourth consecutive month that DnA outsold NINO.

NINO Nova has suffered a series of set backs due to low sales with Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness announced off the book as of the second issue’s publication. In addition, it was recently announced the series would get its third writer within ten issues, as current scribe Zeb Wells is off the book as of #10 with a newcomer and an unknown coming on board.

It’s no wonder the series isn’t selling well as NINO is basically the antithesis of Richard Rider. Rider really came to his own for a lot of longtime and new fans during Giffen’s Annihilation continuing throughout DnA’s Nova to The Thanos Imperative. Rider also appeared as a member of Captain America’s Secret Avengers, bringing a lot of attention to the character as well. NINO is a character described as an idiot by Jeph Loeb who needs to ask his mom to join the Avengers, while getting a gun put to his head to be a Nova.

Speaking of The Thanos Imperative, the reprint topped the charts surprising Marvel, which gives us a good indication of where they are coming from as they seem out of touch with the fan base.

Marvel also rebooted Guardians of the Galaxy, another Abnett and Lanning title, which has been holding its own near the top of the charts with Bendis. However, the series has arguably received more promotion than NINO as the first issue had literally two dozen variant covers. In addition, Marvel announced that superstar writer Neil Gaiman would be co-writing the series, with retailers ordering a plethora of the issue, only to have it come out that Gaiman would be considered a “consultant.” Since then it’s been stated Angela will be moving on from the book as well.

One bonus for Abnett and Lanning fans is that the Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy film seems to be borrowing heavily from Abnett and Lanning’s run, with director James Gunn recently describing the Marvel Cosmic duo, known as DnA, as the fathers of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Tom Brevoort Says Sales On DnA’s Nova Caused Its Cancellation: Joe Quesada Says Differently


Seems to me both Tom Brevoort and Stephen Wacker are in panic mode regarding sales on Marvel Cosmic.

Wacker verbally abuses fans at all the online forums (except ours), and his latest responses to Richard Rider fans are usually in regards to its “low” sales numbers

Now Tom Brevoort on his Form Spring is preaching more of the same.

It’s not accurate, is the thing. This is the work of a handful of irate Rich Rider fans who are working feverishly to attempt to cause the current NOVA series to end so that they can somehow get back to a Rich series in some not-quite-worked-out way. But NOVA numbers aren’t anywhere near cancellation level, and if the previous series was able to sustain numbers at its level, it wouldn’t have gone away in the first place. But don’t try telling this to them, they know far more about our sales numbers than we do, apparently.

However, we know that’s a bunch of BS as Joe Quesada said back in 2010: this case the sales on both of these books were not the main factors in what’s going on and what lies ahead in their futures.

And regarding Brevoort’s comments about sales numbers, as I’ve said time and time again – when it comes to cancellation time, the numbers reported don’t lie.

Marvel’s cancellation threshold used to be around 20K, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least for titles such as Captain Ms. Marvel.


First ever Infinite Comic by Mark Waid
Avengers Vs. X-Men Main Event Appearances
Member of Avengers
Jeph Loeb
Ed MGuinness
Disney cartoon
Multiple variant covers

– Selling less than Abnett and Lanning 2007 run

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Dear Ike Perlmutter: Bring Back Richard Rider As Nova

I think Marvel Cosmic fans have had enough of the Axel Alonso, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb and the Stephen Wacker nonsense that we have been force fed since 2011.

The new Sam Alexander Nova as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy is a complete insult to any fan that read the previous run.

And what’s also an insult is the way that Marvel reacts to the fans that actually want to spend their hard earned money on a Marvel comic.

Case in point, is Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker who regularly harasses fans at the ComicBookResources message boards.

I can’t understand how someone is his position acts so unprofessional and rude toward comic book enthusiasts.

I also can’t understand how any of the fans would continue to buy anything he edits (Spider-Man, Nova, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos).

I know I don’t and haven’t for over a year.

Well, Wacker has been at it again, in a thread over at CBR, attacking people and their conversations about Richard Rider.

Not sure what the guy is thinking as with all the money Marvel did spent on promotion hasn’t paid off as the current Nova series is actually selling less than the previous Abnett and Lanning run, which didn’t get the costly writer, artist and PR campaign. 

From a business perspective, the new Nova by Stephen Wacker can’t be looked at anything other than a big-time failure.

DnA had a loyal following; just think with all the money Marvel spent on Wacker’s book, how well it may have done, and how successful it would have been.

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Review: Nova #4 (Loeb & McGuinness)

Hear those wails of agony when you open issue #4? It’s the sound of Wolfman, Abnett, Lanning, Giffen, and everyone else who has ever written a good Nova story screaming their rage at what has been done to the Nova concepts. You don’t hear Loeb’s voice because he’s never written a Nova story. He’s only written bad NINO stories – and issue #4 continues that sad trend.

Remember when Star Trek fans hated Wesley Crusher because he detracted from the adult orientation of the show? Some writers just couldn’t resist the cutesy, silly, child oriented, hackneyed writing device where Wesley was smarter than all the adults, wiser than all the adults even though he had no actual experience/training, and “saved the ship” while all the experienced adults just fell all over themselves lost in their own incompetence. Yes, that only happened in a couple of episodes – mainly because fans loudly expressed their outrage about being talked down to and refused to accept the degradation or juvenilization of the concepts that made Star Trek great. Thanks to fan rejection, Wesley was eventually written out of the show. Too bad comic book fans won’t demand the same quality Star Trek fans demanded when faced with a similar situation.

Enter Loeb’s NINO to “Wesley Crusher-ize” the Nova concepts (thus the figurative screaming of all the writers who wrote Nova well in the past). Unfortunately, NINO survived the blast from the Chitauri warship that concluded issue #3. He was just “playing possum” to fool the lamest villains in the cosmic rogue’s gallery. After being inspired to attack the lead warship by his experiences playing video games and watching Star Wars (I’m not being sarcastic here – this is actually part of the little twerp’s “reasoning”), NINO is captured by fallen Black Nova, Titus, who is now in league with the Chitauri. Together, Titus and the Chitauri have managed to construct an Ultimate Nullifier and for some reason they want to use it on Earth. I guess they didn’t read the part of the instruction manual where the user is destroyed, too? Anyway – Titus explains how all the Black Novas were killed, NINO outsmarts Titus and grabs the nullifier, then stupidly takes the nullifier back to Earth and hides it in a garbage can outside his home. Of course, Titus follows and threatens to kill everybody NINO holds dear. We’re promised that the story will be concluded next issue. If only that meant that next issue would be the last ever – we could all stop screaming in agony. Sadly, there will be more NINO to further sully the Nova concepts and legacy.

Just when I thought this storyline couldn’t possibly get any more silly and child-oriented – Loeb ups the level of stupid juvenility and proves me wrong. Leaving aside the implausibility, recklessness, and immorality of sending an untrained and inexperienced 15-year-old child into kill-or-be-killed combat, how is it that NINO is able to fool and overpower an experienced Black Nova like Titus? Why would NINO bring an Ultimate Nullifier back to Earth where it could be used to destroy the planet rather than take it into deep space and destroy it? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And speaking of stupid – why would Loeb kill off the only compelling characters he has created in this sorry excuse for a cosmic comic book? The Black Nova Corps was really the only partially interesting and innovative thing about Loeb’s hijacking of the Nova legacy and concepts. He kills all of them in this issue. What a stupid decision. But, of course, the “architects” mistakenly believe that “Nova” works best as a Spiderman-ish powered-down angsty teenage “Lone Ranger” flying around Long Island and hanging out with Daredevil.

Yup – I said Daredevil. “Cosmic” is now to visit Hell’s Kitchen – reduced to as street level as you can get. Editor Stephen Wacker thinks that a NINO and Daredevil team-up would be a grand idea as he falls all over himself in the letters page pretending like that (wink) “fan-suggested” story idea wasn’t already in the works. Wacker then condescendingly dismisses another fan’s complaint about alienation of the established Rider Nova fan base as essentially fanboy whining. This from an editor who regularly appears on forums to insult and otherwise antagonize the Rider Nova fan base. Here’s another idea Wacker: Team NINO with Casper the Friendly Ghost. Maybe do a cross-over with Archie and Jughead, too. That would help capture the demographic you’re aiming for with NINO wouldn’t it?

Of course, McGuinness’ art and Gracia’s coloring remain at their expected first-rate level. The art and coloring are really the only interesting thing about this book. The storyline is just hackneyed child-oriented fantasy that you’ve seen in other comic books many times in the past. So save your money and avoid this sad degradation of the once great Marvel Cosmic line. Vote with your dollars and bring this cutesy, child-oriented, insultingly bad book to its deserved end. That’s the only way to show the “architects” how wrong they are. Let’s show the “architects” that we want a mature, powerful, badass Rich Rider Nova continuing the Nova legacy – not a silly, cutesy, angsty, immature, annoying little twerp sullying the Nova legacy.

Let’s show them that we want Nova – not NINO.

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Now The Silver Surfer Is Set To Appear In Daredevil

Let me guess?

Stephen Wacker edits Daredevil? revealed the Chris Samnee cover for Daredevil #30 where we see the Silver Surfer and Matt Murdock meeting in NYC.

Seems it will be a team-up as Mark Waid offers the following about the issue:

Seriously though, Matt has no idea what to make of the Surfer’s unexpected appearance in midtown Manhattan. Just trying to use radar sense to perceive a being composed of the Power Cosmic makes Daredevil’s head hurt. But he’s going to have to put that aside if he’s to keep the Surfer as an ally–and not an enemy!

Recently, Marvel EIC Axel Alonso hinted they would be rebooting reintroducing both the Surfer and Adam Warlock.

If sales for the new Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy are anything to go by, let’s hope it’s not done in a similar fashion.

Wacker also recently stated he is looking forward to DD meeting Nino Nova…but at least Mark Waid is writing this one.


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Dear Dan Slott: Do Silver Surfer Justice; Sincerely, Nova & GoTG Fans


Oh, boy.

Coming out of the WonderCon is news that Dan Slott “accidently” let slip his involvement with the Silver Surfer.

As we know, Marvel already teased Silver Surfer as part of their “First” initiative, which I think is a batch of new online digital books.

Well, the story goes that Slott was plugging his lap top in and when it turned on, there were Silver Surfer files on the desktop.

Here’s the full story via the LA Times:

After a technical worker hooked up Slott’s laptop to the large display screens in the room at the Anaheim Convention Center, the writer’s desktop was visible, and it included a couple of items labeled with the name of a different Marvel hero: the Silver Surfer. “What in here should you not see?” he said as he began looking it over and rearranging items. “This is dangerous,” he said a few minutes later.

Asked about the Surfer, Slott told the crowd that Marvel has “cosmic stuff” in the works and said, “It would be fun, and I’m, you know, toying around with it — I won’t lie, I am toying around with the idea. But let’s be serious — I’m doing like two Spider-Man books a month. It ain’t happening.”

While Slott says it ain’t happening, it might not happen as a book, but as the aforementioned digital only comic.

And the kicker?

Spider-Man Nova Stephen Wacker edits Dan Slott.

Good luck.

Perhaps it’s an April Fools joke.

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Dear Stephen Wacker: Keep Off The Forums & Check Your Guardians of the Galaxy Grammar

For those not in the know, Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker likes to troll the internet message boards lambasting anyone who has a dissenting opinion of any book he works on.

That includes Spider-Man, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

It makes you wonder if he has any time to actually work on the books.

Turns out he doesn’t according to the following.


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NINO Nova Gets New Creative Team! Bye Bye Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness!

Hey, Marvel — anytime you want to call DnA back for Nova I’m sure they would love to come back on board for Nova.

Same for Guardians of the Galaxy.

And same for all of us fans!

Recently, a new writer and artist was announced for the Bendis/McNiven Guardians of the Galaxy with Sara Pichelli coming on art chores as of issue #4 and Neil Gaiman co-writing as of issue #5.

It hasn’t been stated if McNiven will be back, and it hasn’t been stated how long Gaiman will be on board.

Now, news surfaces that Jeph Loeb has exited Nova as well as Ed McGuinnessafter only two issues being published.

In their place will be new writer Zebb Wells and new artist Paco Medina who begin starting in July with Nova #6 for five issues.

The reason cited for Loeb leaving was that he wanted to concentrate on Marvel TV and such (so why did Ed leave then???).

More than likely – and this is my opinion – Marvel received the orders for subsequent issues of Nova – that didn’t have a billion covers – and they weren’t up to par with Loeb and McGuinness‘ pay grade.

Ditto with Guardians of the Galaxy and McNiven (and eventually Bendis as well).

Bendis actually posted a similar reason on his Facebook when Moon Knight was canceled in that the book no longer kept up with what his pay requirements were, but that they were only on Moon Knight for 12 issues as it was.

Yeah, sure.

Cosmic Book News and fans have been telling Marvel literally for years that their new “pseudo-Cosmic” wouldn’t work.

Loeb has been known to be taking over Marvel Cosmic for the past couple years and was the reason cited for the complete cancelation of the previous line.

Now he’s off the book after a couple issues?

Great job, Axel Alonso, Stephen Wacker and company.

Oh, Wacker offered the following (via Newsarama) about Wells’ Nova (bold my own):

We have a group of writers now who have been together for a few years. We’re trying to break down those walls a little bit, so there’s not just ‘cosmic books’ that deal with ‘cosmic things.’ I’m more excited to see Nova meet Daredevil, or meet the Hulk — mix the waters a bit,” Wacker says, praising the ability of both Loeb and Wells at handling those types of stories.

Still no clue, Stephen?

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Now Retailers Are Giving Away Free Copies Of Guardians of the Galaxy #1; And Fans Still Don’t Want It


Below you can read a couple responses to the news about Marvel Editor Stephen Wacker asking retailers to support the Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.

Wacker sent a letter asking for their support, with a special retailer variant, one of the 17 that Marvel released.

Turns out that some retailers are supporting the book, going so far as to even give away free issues (because no one is buying it?).

Could also mean that Marvel is double shipping the book to increase sales, similar to what they did with the first appearance with Jeph Loeb’s NINO Nova from the 2011 Point One that nobody wanted to read, either.

From our Facebook:

Izzy Dilbs It’s like the industry is imploding on itself

Therman Jerkowicz … seems desperate …

Brian Amey Man. If there ever was a time for the next Image Comics or Sirius…it’s now.

David Williams Our LCS are giving away free copies of #1. Free. They also sell the variants but tomorrow it’s free. But lord help me, I’m not an art guy but I love Marcos Martin and the way he draws anything. But it’s just a cover……. and I don’t want to reward these guys for something that’s not up to snuff.

Armando Garcia Steve Wacker is begging the fanbase to support a title? I think if you’re a guy who ignores or dismisses your customers, openly argues and pisses on your readers, then it’s up to the democracy of the groupmind. I’m not buying it. You shouldn’t either.

Izzy Dilbs The fans mean everything, in all media.

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