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Justice League Video Game Hinted At In Batman: Arkham Knight Easter Egg?


Last week saw images leak online from a possible Superman video game said to be in development, but just maybe it’s actually a Justice League video game.

The gang on Reddit put forth the theory of a Justice League video game based on Easter Eggs spotted in the Batman: Arkham Knight Batgirl DLC.

The Joker amusement park reveals none other than Starro, the first Justice League villain.

Batman: Arkham Knight is the finale to the franchise, with many fans waiting for the next big announcement. 

A WB Games/Rocksteady Justice League video game wouldn’t be too bad, eh?

Here’s the image:


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5 Reasons Why Starro Might Make A Better Justice League Movie Villain Than Darkseid

It seems all but confirmed that Darkseid will be the villain of the Justice League movie as a number of rumors have reported that as being so.

Our own DC Entertainment source has even said the same, but Cosmic Book News did receive a tip that it’s actually Starro who will be the villain of the Justice League movie.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see both, but regardless what is true or not, it actually might be a better idea for Warner Bros. to go with Starro than Darkseid.

Here are 5 reasons why.


5. WB can give us Civil War.

Think of Batman Vs. Superman on the big screen or Supes vs. Green Lantern etc. Throw Wonder Woman and The Flash into the mix in addition to a few cameos by the other members. We know Starro has mind-controlling abilities so we could see the Justice League battling it out against one another. Another plus for WB, is that it trumps Marvel’s use of Mark Millar’s popular Civil War Marvel Comics event that saw hero vs hero, much the same Whedon trumped WB’s use of Darkseid with Thanos (see below). Heroes vs. Heroes would also have the military involved and keep up with the theme set in the Man of Steel i.e. govt vs hero.


4. No Thanos Clone

While true Thanos is actually the rip-off of Darkseid, movie goers are not going to see it that way as it’s said that Thanos will be in The Avengers 2. And then what? A month later the Justice League is flying in space battling against minions and a Thanos clone much the same way the Avengers just did?


3. Eliminates the need for origins

You hear it everywhere: DC needs to do it like Marvel with all the build-up.

As Jim Romes best puts it “Eeeeehhh!” As we’ve stated previously, the Leaguers are more well known than the Avengers (were) and don’t necessarily need all the build-up.

Regarding the use of Starro, you could have any number of heroes appear – and they wouldn’t need an origin – because they could simply appear as being mind-controlled.

Remember, this is the Justice League we are talking about here.


2. It’s still Cosmic

It’s also rumored that the Justice League movie will feature Darkseid attempting to replace the Earth with his own planet of Apokolips, obviously hinting at a very space-based cosmic movie. Well, Starro is an alien as well – and the first threat the Justice League faced – so WB wouldn’t need to go that far off the mark from Darkseid.


1. Easier To Spin-Off From

With the use of Starro’s mind-control abilities, as we stated above, it’s easy to really introduce anyone and not need an origin. If it went down this way, the character in question’s origin could be then explained in his/her spin-off movie far easier. It actually might be more organic if a mind-controlled Aquaman comes out of the ocean with his army of sea creatures attempting to crush Superman, Batman and Green Lantern, than say if Aquaman comes to help against Darkseid and says, “Hey, guys. I’m Aquaman and I’m here to help.”

This way would also be a better lead into the fight down the line against Darkseid as the heroes would have already teamed up against Starro, and would make sense to do so again.

Our only advice to WB regarding Starro is to give the look a bit of an update.


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Rumor: Justice League Movie Villain Is Starro! Not Darkseid!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4424:]]Warner Bros. is planning a Justice League movie in 2015 and by all accounts it will star Henry Cavill as Superman with the debut of the new Batman and many of the other DC Comics super heroes as well.

A rumor recently hit the net that the villain for the Justice League movie will be none other than Darkseid, the near omnipotent cosmic bad guy and resident of Apokolips.

However, with the use of Darkseid, the question that must be asked is will Warner Bros. be using a villain who is so similar to Thanos, the Marvel Studios Mad Titan from the mid-credit scene featured in The Avengers movie that will also go on to headline the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and The Avengers 2.

As Thanos is based on Darkseid – and they do resemble each other – conflict could arise with audiences questioning the Justice League movie’s use of Darkseid as it would look like an apparent rip off (though, comic book fans know better).

So with that, we received a tip on just who the villain of the Justice League movie is.

The tipster has sent us two previous bits of information, one of which was that Bradley Cooper will cameo as Lex Luthor in the Man of Steel, with the other being that Max Landis is involved with the “Man of Steel 2.” Note: Shortly after the Bradley Cooper as Lex Luthor rumor surfaced, his reps quickly shot it down.

So we’ll leave it up to you decide.

The the tipster says that the villain of the Justice League movie is actually — Starro! And not Darkseid!

Comic book fans will know that the galaxy conquering alien Starro is actually the first villain to take on the Justice League in the comic books. 


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Awesome Justice League: Alien Invasion Australia Ride Promo Features Superman, Batman and Starro!


Recently opening at Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia, the Justice League: Alien Invasion dark ride immerses you in the world of your favorite DC Comics super heroes as you help take on Starro!

Check out the Sally Corporation promo video for Justice League: Alien Invasion where we see the Hall of Justice and live-action footage of Cat Grant, Starro and The Flash!

We are also taken through the ride itself, given directions by Batman, and are witness to a Cyborg animatronic and numerous Starros as we travel from Gotham City to Metropolis, helping Wonder Woman and Super Girl, to Central City to aid the Flash, and to Starro The Conqueror’s spaceship side by side Green Lantern!

Last but not least! Superman, the Man of Steel! 

Join Starro and conquer the galaxy!


Media based, interactive dark ride featuring the best of the DC Comics superhero lineup in a fully realistic, action packed adventure for the entire family. The fate of the planet is determined in an all out battle with the classic villain Starro The Conqueror and his Starro Spore face-hugging minions. Free the citizens of planet Earth from Starro’s mind control and help the Justice League save the day!

Produced in conjunction with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, this custom Sally Corporation dark ride recently opened to rave reviews at Warner Bros. Movie World – Australia. Comic fans and park guests agree that it is a winning combination of immersive story telling, high tech game play and stunning visuals.

Join the action at Warner Bros. Movie World with the launch of an epic 3D interactive ride experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Get ready for the most thrilling battle of your life on Justice League 3D – The Ride. 

For more information: visit MovieWorld.[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4101:]]

Earth is under alien attack and we need your help! Grab your laser blaster and join Superman, Batman and an army of Super Heroes in a 3D battle against the evil villain Starro the Conqueror and millions of his alien spores. Your mission is to fight side-by-side with the Justice League and save the citizens of Earth. 

Climb aboard your transportation pod and travel through the devastated cities of Metropolis, Gotham, Central and more while you blast the aliens and help the Justice League to locate and destroy Starro. While the battle rages, your transportation pod will keep track of your alien stun score so you’ll know how many you’ve alienated. 

Will you have what it takes to be Earth’s ultimate champion? Will you achieve the highest score? This epic battle between good and evil has begun and we need YOU! Justice League 3D – The Ride, only at Warner Bros. Movie World now!

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