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MOB THIS! Issue #4 – The Mighty Titan


Welcome to Issue #4 of MOB THIS! Focusing on the world of Creator-Owned Crowdsourced Comic Creation at Kickstarter and IndieGoGo!


“Imagine for a moment that you were the worlds strongest protector. Imagine that no knife, bullet or bomb can harm you. Then imagine in that moment you are told you have cancer.”

 Thus are the struggles of The Mighty Titan


In this planned 5 issue series, creator Joe Martino, a two time cancer survivor,  takes his (and others) experiences with the disease and wraps it in this superhero shell.  He has assembled a very talented team to put this book together, and it looks to be shaping up for one not to miss!  Although this has a very serious undertone, make no mistake there will be plenty of action, monsters and mechas.

As of this article there are 3 days to go and Joe’s project is finally fully backed. Quite honestly, with backing and twitter buzz from the likes of Jimmy Palmiotti, and an alternate cover from Jerry Ordway, I cannot believe that this hasn’t gotten more funding.  I’m hoping that we are not seeing the beginning of a trend where smaller creator owned works are getting lost in the ocean of bigger names riding the Kickstarter trend…..what a cyber-farce that would be….

Anywho…there are plenty of great funding options for this one, and quite honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them. All are very reasonably priced and a lot of bang for your buck compared to a lot of other campaigns I’ve seen. And to all of the other Kickstarters out here, you should take note of how Joe ran this campaign — constantly pounding the Twitter (@jgmcomics) pavement, finding plenty of media outlets to get the word out, and making sure his backers feel fully engaged with this campaign. It’s been great to watch and experience and I fully recommend.

“How we deal with this defines us. How we live with this strengthens us. What we lose is innocence and the loss of a clear mind.” – Joe Martino



Kickstarter and IndieGoGo of course have more than just comics, and I’ll admit that I back more than comics because there is near limitless creativity on these sites. So starting with this issue, I’m going to include something a bit off the beaten path in MOB THIS! Extra!

For this first installment we’ll highlight a pretty awesome IndieGoGo campaign: The Bug-A-Salt! I could talk about how this thing is just plain fun and perfect to fend of a pending Zombie Fly Apocalypse, but I’ll simply leave you with the promotional video…it sells itself….

So there you have it! Open your computers, open your wallets and MOB THIS!

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MOB THIS! Issue#2: Who Will Save The World?



Welcome to Issue #2 of MOB THIS! Focusing on the world of CrowdsourcedComic Creation at Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.


This week we focus on another Kickstarter comic campaign. This 52 page one shot one comes to us from writer Rita Gorgini and artist Stefano Cardoselli. We’ve all seen Zombie movies, we’ve all seen movies or read about World War 1…but, what if Zombies were weaponized and used in Word War 1, what would happen….Who Would Save the World?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1917:]]“The Western Front. September 12, 1914. It’s early morning in the French trenches. Two soldiers eat as rain drowns the land. A strange green cloud covers the land as the sun rises. The smell of death grows as a sinister shadow is cast upon the trenches: the Germans are attacking. The French quickly

 arm themselves and open fire on the approaching enemy soldiers, but their bullets might as well be spit balls. The German soldiers who do fall, rise instantly and continue their approach. What ensues is a morning of massacre, the French had no chance. When the Medical teams arrive, all that remain are pieces of what were once soldiers: devoured by an unknown weapon.
As the French tend to their dead, the Germans are just a few miles outside of Paris. The Germans have harnessed a chemical formula that instantly revives their fallen soldiers. Germany now holds the most dangerous weapon on the planet. They call their new army “The Green Skull.” It doesn’t take long for Germany to overwhelm and overthrow all of France and Italy, the rest of Europe is next. The Empire is winning this war and now they prepare to take Britain. In an attempt to combat the quickly approaching attack, Britain calls on the US for assistance.  Who Will Save The World from this undead army?”
This one quickly caught my eye with the breathtaking depiction of a mustached zombie with a huge hole blown through his head. Always loving a good war story, mixing in the popular zombie mythos only makes this one potentially better.
I also love the promo video for this story, originally only silent, it was recently updated with some very appropriate dark metal….adding to the great art style highlighted in the video.
The campaign in is the home stretch and for only $8 you can get the printed version of this potentially great story. The sweet spot for this campaign is the $30 pledge where you get the comic, Kickstarter exclusive sketchbook, additional comics and other goodies.
Head on over to to help out!
So there you have it! Open your computers and open your wallets and MOB THIS!
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MOB THIS! Issue#1 – Sullivan’s Sluggers!


Welcome to the first Issue of MOB THIS! Focusing on the world of Crowdsourced Comic Creation at Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

For starters, let me discuss my thoughts on what I look for in a crowdsourced campaign.

The Pitch Video…

I’m not expecting a huge production for a pitch video, but a good creative pitch goes a long way. CREATIVE being the key word. If your pitch video is creative, it’s a good indicator of how creative your comic is! Keep the premise of the book focused and to the point, highlight yourself and highlight the art.

“Did it catch my eye on the drive by?”…

For me, browsing Kickstarter and IndieGoGo has replaced thumbing through the Diamond Distribution Catalog looking for a great new indie book. I’ll typically check the sites a couple times a week quickly skimming through the new comic campaigns. That little thumbnail photo and the short descripton is where is starts. Make it count!

You can check out some examples of what I’ve funded in the past by checking out my previous article or by following me at Kickstarter.

So let’s get this first installment of MOB THIS! going and highlight: Sullivan’s Sluggers.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1814:]]“Long past their former glory, the minor league Sluggers get an invitation to play a baseball game in a cursed small town. After the 7th inning stretch, the sun goes down, and the dysfunctional teammates find themselves fighting for their lives against a town of flesh-eating monsters!  Now, it’s up to coach Casey Sullivan to help his team escape from being the next dish in the town’s terrifying feeding frenzy!”

Baseball + Horror…. um, yes, please…

This comic brings together the Eisner nominated pair of writer Mark Andrew Smith (New Brighton Archeological Society) and illustrator James Stokoe (Orc Stain) for the first time for this very original story. Being a huge New Brighton fan, I’m REALLY looking forward to this one!

This campaign is one of the most popular comic campaigns that Kickstarter has had to date. It funded 5x their target in less than a week. It’s been called Baseball meets Zombieland. So much so that there are already plans in the works for a film adaptation of this!

The kickstarter edition of this comic in print will feature a limited edition hard cover that is exclusive to this first printing starting at the $30 funding level.

So there you have it! Open your computers and open your wallets and MOB THIS!

And while your at it Cosmic Book Men, support our CBN writer and creator Brandon Burrows in his latest IndieGoGo endeavor Red Run!

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Kickstarter: Let the Power of the Crowd Expand Your Collection!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:803:]]I’ve recently become an avid fan and follower of the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter before let me provide you a brief introduction.  

Kickstarter is a site for artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, writers, illustrators, performers, and others to bring their projects to the public for crowd sourced funding. Users can choose to back projects they want to support via pledging money toward the funding goal. The great thing is that unless the funding goal is met by the end of the funding period, no money will change hands. Most projects have different funding levels, and typically each funding level may have different incentives. For example, for $5 you may get the PDF version of a comic, but for $50 you may get the PDF, a printed copy of the comics signed by the creators, and original artwork. This is a great way for creators to give back to their backers. Once funded, your going to have to be patient as most projects don’t start production until after funding, which could take months before you see the fruits of your investment. Definitely an adjustment in this culture of ‘give it to me now’ overnight shipping.

The range of ideas and projects is almost endless. Although I’ve backed some gadget, book and board game projects in the past, I was happy to see that one of the main categories was comics. The vast array of different creator owned comic projects will definitely prove to have something for everyone.

To get you started, I thought I’d share some of the projects that have piqued my interest, I have funded myself, or currently keeping an eye on for future backing.  

13 Legends Volume 1:  “13 Legends” is a graphic novel series where the Arthurian Myths are reimagined in an alternate 1770s where the industrial revolution has come early, and the world is on the cusp of the reemergence of magic.  Volume One follows the exploits of two redcoats, Arthur and Lancelot, as they fight the armies of the Venetian Republic for control of the New World. The two soldiers embark on a life-or-death mission to prevent the outright defeat of the English, and move ever closer toward their destinies, and to uncovering powers greater than the massive empires that carve up the globe.

The Only Living Boy:  “The Only Living Boy” is a young adult graphic novel that tells the story of Erik Farrell, a 12-year old boy, who finds himself with alone and abandoned in a patchwork world. As the last human boy left on earth, he’ll try to piece his memory back together, while trying to piece together a new life for himself.

Robot 13:  “Robot 13″ is a story about a robot that is pulled up from the ocean by fishermen off the coast of Spain in 1939. This robot is our Hero, and goes on a journey to discover who he is and where he came from, and along the way he is confronted by a series of Monsters from Greek Mythology that he finds himself drawn to fight against.

Five Ghosts:  “Five Ghosts” follows the story of Fabian Gray, an infamous 1930’s treasure hunter who makes a living seeking out rare items for private clients. After an encounter with a strange artifact known as “the dreamstone,” Fabian finds himself possessed by five literary ghosts (Merlin, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Musashi, and Dracula) and is granted access to their unique abilities. These powers have come at a price, however: the dreamstone consumed the soul of Fabian’s closest ally, his twin sister, and has left her in a lifeless coma. Fabian now tirelessly travels the globe searching for a “cure” for her condition while trying to control his own ghostly affliction.

Lucky:  “Lucky” is a 100-page graphic novel that explores horror tropes by telling a zombie story from the less human side. It tells the story of Mack, a garbage man whose life is changed forever when his typical route is disrupted by a zombie outbreak. Unable to fight off the zombies, Mack is bitten and becomes one himself. The story continues as we follow Mack on his journey as a newly turned zombie.

Kickstarter has more than just comic books to quench your pop-culture thirst. One of the non-comic projects I’m planning on backing is G.I.Joe Initiate.  Being a longtime G.I.Joe fan and collector, this fan-film looks to have some great potential.  

Please know, I have no connection to any of these projects whatsoever. I’m just a fan and collector like the rest of you — and always looking out for the next great read — showing my support for the creator owned community.  For me, browsing Kickstarter is just like thumbing through the latest Previews looking for that diamond in the rough. 

As these potential treasures start to trickle in over the next several months I’ll keep you updated with on-going reviews.

So start browsing Cosmic Book News Readers! Change up your weekly pull list and find the next big thing in comics in the endless crowd sourced halls of Kickstarter. Be sure to share your discoveries in the comments below. I’d love to hear about what your backing.

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