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Neill Blomkamp Alien Concept Art

Check out the following concept art for an Alien movie that Neill Blomkamp was developing.

Blomkamp posted the images on Instagram with mention this was just a side project of his and nothing to do with any movie studio.

It’s possible Blomkamp, the director behind District 9, Elysium and the upcoming Chappie film, may have intended to use the art as a pitch to Fox for a new Alien flick.

Updated: with two more pieces of art. In addition, Blomkamp makes note that maybe he will go back to it.


Was working on this. Don’t think I am anymore. Love it though. #alien #xenomorph

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Woulda rocked. Was a mental stroll into the world Ridley Scott created.

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#ripley #hicks

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#weyland corp

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Oh shit

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And finally, my home desk #xenomorph

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Awesome Art by Geoffroy Thoorens #hicks

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And Doug Williams – maybe I’ll go back to it ….love the world

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Sigourney Weaver Not Too Thrilled For Ghostbusters 3 “Ghost Babes” (Video)


Plans are underway for a third Ghostbusters film, which will feature an all-female team as well as be a reboot directed by Paul Feig.

Feig previously stated he was open to having the original cast return, but in new roles for the film.

Well, the cast of the original Ghostbusters appeared on the Today Show to promote the new Ghostbusters Blu-Ray that is now available, with Al Roker bringing up Ghostbusters 3.

Roker directly asks Bill Murray, “When is there going to be a Ghostbusters 3?”

Murray responds by stating it’s hard to recreate the magic, but hears there will be a female cast.

“It’s really hard to recreate something that was so beautiful. So wonderful,” Murray said. “The studio would like to make a movie and continue the franchise. I hear there is going to be one that is all women.”

“Ghost babes,” Sigourney Weaver interjected.

“Ghost babes. Something like that,” Bill Murray stated.

Ghostbuster babes,” Weaver added.

Roker then suggested Sigourney Weaver could still be in it with her reaction less than enthusiastic as she rolls her eyes.

Murray then suggested Ernie Hudson could also have a roll, with the cast laughing and Hudson saying, “Go for it. I’m an actor.”

Hudson previously made comments where he was dismissive to the notion of a rebooted ghostbusters as well.

Check out the video for the full interview.


Alien 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Details Announced & Website Launched

Details for the Alien 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray, which goes on sale October 7th, have been released.

You can order the set on Amazon at a discount.

In addition, a new interactive website has been launched with

Find the official details below.


Ridley Scott’s Sci-Fi Masterpiece Celebrates its 35th Anniversary With All-New

Blu-ray Edition Arriving October 7 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment


Includes Reprint of Original ALIEN Comic Book and

Collectible Art Cards in Memory of the Late H.R. Giger


ALIEN 35th Anniversary Edition

A word of warning…. This Halloween revisit one of the scariest films of all-time as ALIEN: 35TH
Anniversary Edition
arrives on Blu-ray October 7 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  This Limited-Edition Set includes both the theatrical version and director’s cut on Blu-ray, along with audio commentaries, deleted scenes and more — PLUS — a reprint of the original Alien illustrated comic and all-new, collectible art cards as a tribute to the late H.R. Giger, creator of the iconic movie monster that started it all. 

When the crew of the space-tug Nostromo responds to a distress signal from a barren planet, they discover a mysterious life form that breeds within human hosts. The acid-blooded extraterrestrial proves to be the ultimate adversary as crew members battle to stay alive and prevent the deadly creature from reaching Earth. Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Sigourney Weaver in her breakout performance as Ripley, this legendary first film in the ALIEN saga will leave you breathless!

Throughout 2014, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products is honoring the milestone 35th anniversary with a yearlong celebration marking the beginnings of the Alien legacy by releasing commemorative and fan-favorite products.Best in Class licensees including Dark Horse Comics, SEGA, NECA, Titan Publishing, Sideshow Collectibles, Diamond Select toys, Super7 x Funko and other partners will roll out exclusive branded publishing, toys and collectible merchandise worldwide to celebrate the ALIEN franchise.  The highly-anticipated first person survival horror game Alien: Isolation will be available on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360 ® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC also on October 7. In addition to Alien: Isolation, hardcore fans can finally add Lieutenant Ellen Ripley to their ALIEN collections as we welcome her NECA figures into the family of officially-licensed merchandise. Many other exciting first-time and limited edition products will also release to celebrate this exciting milestone this year.

Fans can also help celebrate the 35th anniversary of ALIEN by joining the fight at  Simply login to Facebook to create your profile, choose your team and complete the missions, sharing your triumphs with friends.  The more badges you earn the bigger chance you have taking home some great ALIEN prizes including H.R. Giger’s Alien Diaries, a copy of the all-new ALIEN: ISOLATION video game from Sega and more!

ALIEN: 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Special Features

·  Includes the 1979 Theatrical Version and 2003 Director’s Cut! 

·  Audio Commentary by Director Ridley Scott, Cast and Crew 

·  Audio Commentary by Ridley Scott (Theatrical Version Only) 

·  Introduction by Ridley Scott (Director’s Cut Only) 

·  Final Theatrical Isolated Score by Jerry Goldsmith 

·  Composer’s Original Isolated Score by Jerry Goldsmith 

·  Deleted and Extended Scenes 

·  Digital HD 

·  Alien Illustrated Comic 

·  Collectible Art Cards


Alien: Isolation Sigourney Weaver Cast Video

A video for Alien: Isolation has been released, which features Sigourney Weaver and the cast of the movie talking about the new game.


Our latest Insider Video, “The Cast of Alien”, sees academy award nominated and golden globe winner actress, Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Tom Skerritt (Dallas) and Yaphet Kotto (Parker) reveal further details of their return in Alien: Isolation™.

With tantalizing snippets of in-game footage, behind-the-scenes moments in the recording booth and Alien nostalgia, “The Cast of Alien” is an exciting prelude to what awaits you in Crew Expendable.

Players will be able to explore the Nostromo from habitation deck down through to engineering as they race to escape the terror that confronts them from within the depths of the ship.

Crew Expendable and the full length game of Alien: Isolation will be playable from October 7th, 2014.


Sigourney Weaver Returns To Alien: Isolation Video Game (Trailer)

Sigourney Weaver and the original cast of Alien return to the franchise in the Alien: Isolation video game.

Check out a trailer and info below.

The game becomes available October 7th.


Press Release


Sigourney Weaver and key cast members from Ridley Scott’s classic 1979 film AlienTM add their voice and likeness to two downloadable bonus levels –

July 9th, 2014 – SEGA of America, Inc., SEGA Europe, Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products today announced exclusive pre-order bonus content for Alien: Isolation, featuring the vocal talent and likenesses of key cast members of the 1979 Ridley Scott masterpiece, Alien. Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe-winner Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley) , Tom Skerritt (Dallas) , Veronica Cartwright (Lambert) , Harry Dean Stanton (Brett) , Yaphet Kotto (Parker) and Ian Holm (Ash, likeness and sound-alike) are set to feature in two downloadable bonus missions, which allow you to relive two classic scenes from the movie.

“Working with the original cast has been an incredible experience,” said Alistair Hope, Creative Lead on Alien: Isolation. “It was important to us to have the key original cast members reprise their roles in order to perfectly capture the atmosphere of the movie. For some of the original cast, this is their first appearance in an Alien video game. Seeing them reprise those roles after 35 years was an unforgettable experience.”

The bonus content in the Nostromo Edition features Academy Award-nominated actress, Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Tom Skerritt (Dallas) and Yaphet Kotto (Parker) as the original crew, reunited on the ship.

In these terrifying moments, Brett and Kane are dead. Along with Ash and Lambert, it’s down to you – as Dallas, Parker or the formidable Ellen Ripley – to find a way to isolate the Alien and overcome the terror that confronts them.  

Continuing on the legacy of Ellen Ripley, players will finally be able to discover the story of her daughter, Amanda Ripley in the full length game of Alien: Isolation.

Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror capturing the fear and tension evoked by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. Players find themselves in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger as an unpredictable, ruthless Xenomorph is stalking and killing deep in the shadows.

Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.

Pre-order now to ensure you don’t miss out on getting Alien: Isolation on Day 1 and the incredible chance to play as the cast of the original film, Alien ™ in our bonus content.


Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014) Trailer Now Online; Stars Christian Bale

Fox has released the trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings, which stars Christian Bale as Moses, Joel Edgerton as Rhamses and Sigourney Weaver as Tuya.

Exodus has a December 12, 2014 release also starring Aaron Paul, Indira Varma, Ben Kingsley, John Turturro and María Valverde.


From acclaimed director Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Prometheus) comes the epic adventure “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” the story of one man’s daring courage to take on the might of an empire. Using state-of-the-art visual effects and 3D immersion, Scott brings new life to the story of the defiant leader Moses (Christian Bale) as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton), setting 600,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues.


Aliens 5? Sigourney Weaver Hopes So


While Ridley Scott has been moving backwards with the Prometheus movies (part 2 is in the works), Sigourney Weaver talks about the future of the franchise.

Sigourney Weaver was recently honored at the Hero Complex Film Festival where she discussed the possibility of another Alien movie.

Among other things, she mentions she didn’t want to film two Alien movies back-to-back, and she also says she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of bringing the Aliens to Earth, which is where she suspected it was heading to, and of which Joss Whedon wrote the script for.

Here’s the blurb (via Collider):

I feel after going to a couple of these Comic Cons and meeting so many fans who are so passionate about the series, passionate about Ripley — that there’s more story to tell; but I don’t know how to do that. I don’t think Alien belongs on Earth popping out of a haystack, which is where I was afraid it was going to go. I feel it should take place in the far reaches of the universe where no one in their right mind would go. There are very few filmmakers that I can think of that I would want to entrust this to. But I can think of a couple… I feel there’s a longing in certain groups of fans when I meet them for the story to be finished because we really left it up in the air and I feel a bit badly about that because I was part of that decision making process. I didn’t want to make four and five in a bundle. I think it’s hard to make these films all in a big lump. You need time to sort of let things resonate so I can imagine a situation where we could at least finish telling her story. I think that would be very satisfying at least to me — although I haven’t done anything about it; but I can understand why that could happen and I certainly know young filmmakers who are interested in doing that. So we’ll just have to see what happens.


Henry Cavill’s Gotta Wear Shades; New Image From The Cold Light Of Day

Out in theaters domestically last week was the spy thriller, The Cold Light of Day, starring new Superman, Henry Cavill, as well as Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver.

While the movie didn’t do all that well at the box office, I hear that at least Henry Cavill’s performance was top notch, so blame the script.

We have almost a year until the Man of Steel debuts, with fans feverishly anticipating new images and video, but while we wait, the Henry Cavill Fan Facebook Page has a new image of Henry Cavill wearing shades.

Check that out below.

Recent rumors about Henry Cavill and the new Man of Steel movie includes news about Henry Cavill starring in the Justice League movie and Wonder Woman making an appearance. There’s even thought that Superman might lose his powers. And recently, fellow co-stars Michael Shannon, Zod, and Amy Adams, Lois Lane, had only could things to say about Henry Cavill’s super performance as well.

Stay tuned to Cosmic Book News as more on the Man Of Steel develops.

Man Of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013 directed by Zack Snyder starring, Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonat han “Pa” Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as Zod, and Russel Crowe as Jor-El.

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New Superman Henry Cavill B-Clip From The Cold Light Of Day

The movie doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of hype – it’s been released internationally for some time – The Cold Light Of Day starring new Superman Henry Cavill hits local theaters on September 7th.

Rounding out the cast is Bruce Willis as well as Sigourney Weaver and Verónica Echegui in a spy thriller that sees Cavill involved in a kidnapping with his family on vacation in Spain.

Check out some official image stills below as well as a B-Clip from the movie.

You can see Henry Cavill take to the skies in the Man of Steel on June 14th, 2013.

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