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Valiant Confirms Movies & TV Shows In Development: X-O Manowar, Shadowman & More

We get an update on the Valiant Entertainment slew of projects in the works that includes upcoming movies and television shows. In the official announcement of filmmaker Dan Mintz acquiring Valiant Entertainment, the list of projects being worked on is listed, which happens to include X-O Manowar, Shadowman and more: Current Valiant movie and television projects in …

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Valiant Comics Announces Shadowman #1

Retailer Advisory: Valiant’s SHADOWMAN #1 Glow-in-the-Dark Variant Adds Brushed Metal for a True Comics First! Valiant’s Biggest New Series Debut of 2018 to Combine High-End Cover Processes Due to Popular Demand In advance of initial orders for SHADOWMAN #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the POWERFUL NEW ONGOING SERIES by superstar writer Andy Diggle (Green Arrow: Year One, Daredevil) and high-octane artist Stephen Segovia (Action …

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Valiant Creating Largest Indie Superhero Movie Universe


Valiant Entertainment has announced a new partnership with China’s DMG Entertainment which will create the largest independent superhero movie universe that will also include television, publishing and licensing.

Currently, Valiant has Bloodshot, Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong movies in development as well as to-be-announced television projects.

You can find the official info below.


Press Release

DMG and Valiant to Bring Largest Independent Superhero Universe to Movie Theaters Worldwide
The Nine-Figure Deal Establishes an Unprecedented Partnership for Feature Film Financing, Distribution and Licensing in China and Beyond


(New York, NY and Beijing, China, March 9, 2015) – Valiant Entertainment – the award-winning comic book publisher with a library of more than 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, Shadowman, Archer & Armstrong, and more – and DMG Entertainment, the Beijing-based leader in global entertainment, today announced a new partnership to span motion pictures, television, publishing, and licensing that will culminate in the big screen debut of Valiant’s universe of characters in theaters around the world.
In conjunction with this new partnership, DMG has made an eight-figure (USD) series C round of equity investment into Valiant, which the company will use to further its efforts in international publishing, film, television, licensing and beyond. DMG has dedicated an additional nine-figures (USD) of film financing capital toward the production of theatrical films and television programs based on Valiant’s library of iconic superhero characters.
In total, the new agreement is the first deal of its kind brokered between an internationally based entertainment company and a leading independent publisher of comic books and graphic novels. Utilizing DMG’s expertise in international film development, production, and distribution, Valiant will begin to establish its cinematic universe in the United States, China and beyond. Current Valiant feature films in development include the previously announced BLOODSHOT from Sony Pictures in partnership with Original Film; SHADOWMAN in partnership with the Sean Daniel Company from a script by J. Michael Straczynski; and ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, also with the Sean Daniel Company from a script by BenDavid Grabinski; among others. Valiant has also already begun development on several television projects.
The unprecedented partnership between Valiant and DMG offers both companies the ability to develop and co-produce tent-pole theatrical films for distribution and release simultaneously in the United States, China – the world’s fastest growing film market with more than $4.8 billion in box office receipts in 2014 – and the rest of the world.
“Global markets, like China, offer the greatest opportunities for monetization from merchandising, licensing, as well as revenues from film and television properties. Comic superheroes are the most lucrative and sought after IP for movie franchises, so taking a stake in the last independent massive comic universe is a strategic investment for DMG that will produce movies and TV that are both appealing and relevant to a global audience,” said DMG CEO Dan Mintz. “We are excited by the opportunity to bring these incredibly engaging characters and their stories to the big screen.”
Beyond film alone, DMG and Valiant will work in concert to form China-focused licensing partnerships for Valiant’s stable of characters in areas such as Chinese language publishing, animation, online gaming, toys, apparel, live events, theme parks, and more, with a focus on bringing Valiant’s iconic heroes to new audiences in China and Asia-Pacific.
DMG Entertainment has a proven track record of introducing celebrated superheroes to the Chinese/international marketplace. In 2013, the Beijing-based studio and production company co-produced and co-financed Marvel Studios’ IRON MAN 3 – the highest grossing foreign film of 2013 and sixth highest of all time in China­. DMG is currently co-producing high-octane thriller AUTOBAHN, starring Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley, Felicity Jones and Nicholas Hoult; and the extreme actioner POINT BREAK, directed by Ericson Core; both films will hit screens worldwide in 2015.
“Valiant’s iconic stable of intellectual property and world class management team coupled with DMG’s unmatched skill with entertainment brand building in China make a formidable partnership,” said Valiant Chairman Peter Cuneo. “We will look forward to introducing some of the most popular superheroes of all time to the world’s fastest growing market across all media forms.”
“Audiences in China and the rest of the world are hungry for heroic stories that they can more easily relate to…and with the international box office accounting for the biggest piece of the total gross, the time is right for a truly international superhero franchise. DMG will bring its unique global perspective to the task of transforming the Valiant Universe into the first international comic-movie universe,” said DMG President Wu Bing.
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, Valiant is one of the most successful comic book publishing companies in the history of the medium with more than 81 million comics sold and a library of more than 2,000 distinct characters. Established by a brain trust of legendary comics creators – including former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter; seminal Iron Man writer and artist, Bob Layton; and the visionary writer and illustrator of Wolverine: Weapon X, Barry Windsor-Smith – Valiant’s heroes and villains inhabit the largest independently owned superhero universe anywhere in comics. 
Re-established in 2005 as Valiant Entertainment with a best-in-class management team that includes Chairman Peter Cuneo, CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani, COO & CFO Gavin Cuneo, President of Licensing, Promotions & Ad Sales Russell A. Brown, Publisher Fred Pierce and Vice Chairman Jason Kothari, the company returned to great commercial and critical success in 2012, winning a Diamond Gem Award for Publisher of the Year and numerous industry awards and accolades. To date, Valiant’s titles consistently rate among the best reviewed in comics.
“Today marks one of Valiant’s biggest milestones yet with a huge step towards bringing the Valiant characters to the big screen and forging the foundation of the first truly international cinematic universe,” said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “By bringing Valiant’s biggest heroes to theaters around the world in concert with our new partners at DMG, we look forward to making Valiant not only an iconic name in comics, but global entertainment as well.”

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COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Book Covers For 11/6/2013


By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This weekly feature will take a look at THE most visually compelling comic book covers on the market today. Whether they be rare variant editions or just your standard fare, these are the top 5 covers that stand out amidst the bevy of books released each week. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”  but these covers are worth more than that! No matter the storylines behind them, these covers compel you to at least check them out, which can be worth exponentially more than just words to the companies that publish them! Enjoy!



1. Mighty Avengers #3 (Variant Edition) (Marvel): We have all seen album (What’s an album?) cover art depict scenes and characters from pop culture, well, now it’s Marvel’s turn! Salvador Larroca does a fantastic job rendering the cover of the latest Eminem release with a little something extra! The Invincible Iron Man is chillin’ with Marshal Matthews at the ol’ homestead and fans are loving this ridiculously cool idea! I wonder if they’re going for some Shawarma next!



2. Cyberforce #7 (Variant Edition) (Image): Marc Silvestri is creating some exquisite covers these past few weeks and I am loving it! His highly detailed sketch covers is some of the best work I have seen him put out in the past few years. The immense attention to detail, the subtlety of shadow and the crispness of his lines proves that this co-founder of Image Comics is still at the top of his game. Who says you need color to enhance your art?!



3. Batman: Black and White #3 (DC): This hauntingly simple, yet compositionally perfect cover from Olly Moss will be hard to pass up at the local comic shop. The lack of color draws the eye away from everything else on the racks, but the cavernous silhouette of the Batman will make you pick it up just to add to your collection of museum worthy covers. It is bold and striking, everything you should expect in a Batman cover! Perfect!



4. Shadowman #12 (Variant Edition) (Valiant):  Shadowman is getting a complete makeover this month and this amazing cover by renowned artist Kekai Kotaki, is just the thing to kick it off! This beautifully painted work of art depicts Jack Boniface cutting a swath through the Deadside. Usually rendered in dark forms and colors, Kotaki’s choice of vibrant blues and striking whites gives it a fresh, clean and yet, eerie feeling that has never been seen before. Utterly fantastic!



5. Spawn #237 (Image): Todd McFarlane may not do a lot of art these days, nor is he fandom’s favorite creator but when he brings something new to the table — he blows us away! This “Dia de los Muertes” style cover is stunning within itself, but as you look deeper into the image it s full of beautiful, intriquette details. The subtle lines and the inverted double image through  the bridge of the nose are stunning and the use of the vibrant purple background makes the image truly pop off of the page!

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Exclusive: Jim Zub unveils the plot behind his grave work coming in Shadowman Halloween issue


Remember on Seinfeld where Kramer wrote a book about coffee tables and the book actually became a coffee table? Well, that is kind of what you get in the special Halloween issue of Valiant’s Shadowman #11.

Acclaimed writer Jim Zub (Skullkickers) teams with CBN fan fave cosmic artist Miguel Sepulveda (The Thanos Imperative, Stormwatch, Red Lanterns) to present one terrifying tale of ghosts, ghouls and goodies as Jack Boniface tries to survive his first All Hallow’s Eve in the Valiant Universe!

To capture the spirit (lol) of this ghostly offering, Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer made his way by night to a certain old castle in New Orleans where he exclusively caught up with Zub and got the bone-ified truth about this special Shadowman issue.

Cosmic Book News: Jim, this is your first work for Valiant, I believe. How has the experience been?

Jim Zub: It’s actually my second Valiant project, but my first full issue. I wrote the “Who Will Lead the H.A.R.D. Corps?” back-up feature that ran in all the July Valiant issues and that was a lot of fun. Anyways, it’s been great. The Valiant crew’s done a great job relaunching their old titles and updating them without just retreading the same material. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute.

CBN: Tell us how Shadowman #11, a special Halloween-oriented issue, came about?

Jim Zub: Jody LeHeup, one of the Editors at Valiant, was the one who approached me about the H.A.R.D. Corps back-up story and it went really smoothly, so he told me he’d look for other writing opportunities for me at Valiant. When the idea for a done-in-one Halloween issue came up for Shadowman they dropped me a line. Pretty straight forward.

CBN: What can you tell us about the story?

Jim Zub: Halloween in New Orleans is probably the craziest the city gets outside of Mardi Gras. Combine those parades and crazy costumes with supernatural trouble and you’ve got an environment that’s ripe with possibilities for a wild Shadowman story.

I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice to say that with all the other weird things happening that night Shadowman doesn’t have to stay as hidden as he usually does.

CBN: Was Shadowman a character you were already familiar with? Any favorite Shadowman stories?

Jim Zub: I knew about Shadowman but honestly hadn’t read the original comics until I started doing research to write for Valiant. I dived right in and read both the original issues and the current series. I was really impressed with how the new team has kept key elements of the original but freshened up the concept. 

CBN: I heard you love New Orleans. How did it feel to use that city as your backdrop?

Jim Zub: New Orleans is probably the most unique city in America. It has such a unique blend of culture, architecture and history. While doing extra research on the city it was so easy to imagine the story playing out along the streets of the French Quarter. It really is a perfect setting for Shadowman.

CBN: Jim, would you say this issue is a good jumping-on point for new readers?

Jim Zub: Absolutely. That was part of the plan right from the get-go with this issue. Valiant asked me to put together an issue that quickly brings new readers up to speed before we dive in to a fun Halloween adventure. You don’t have to read any previous issues to enjoy this one.

CBN: You are just doing this special issue, I believe. Would you like to do more with this character?

Jim Zub: Absolutely. Writing this one up was a blast and I hope I get a chance to write more of Jack Boniface’s adventures down the road. All the Valiant characters are cool in their own way, but now that I’ve gotten my feet wet with Shadowman I’m definitely game to come back to the Big Easy and cause more trouble for Jack.


CBN: Is it true the issue’s cover converts into a Halloween mask? (laughs)

Jim Zub: It’s true! They just sent me the version that will be going to print and it looks awesome! I’m going to need to snag some copies for my family, because it’s a really fun little extra. I don’t know who at Valiant thought that up, but it’s a great idea. Something fun and different that will help grab attention for the issue when it comes out.

CBN: How was it working with Miguel Sepulveda? He has been doing a lot of cool space-oriented stories for Marvel and DC. Why was he right for this book?

Jim Zub: I’ve only seen a handful of pages by Miguel at this point but they’re looking awesome so far. His storytelling is really sharp and he’s doing a great job at setting the scenes. He’s not just drawing generic buildings, he’s really going the extra mile to make it look like New Orleans.

CBN: Jim, any new projects coming up you want to mention?

Jim Zub: I’m writing the upcoming Samurai Jack comic series from IDW that continues where the cartoon left off. That’s also coming out in October. I’m still writing the Pathfinder comic series for Dynamite based on the award-winning RPG. My creator-owned series Skullkickers is also continuing at Image. All in all, lots of projects on the go and my fingers are crossed for more fun stuff in 2014.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Jim Zub for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. We would also like to thank Valiant’s Hunter Gorinson who helped make this interview possible.

The Halloween-centric “Shadowman” #11 hits shelves October 2nd!

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COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Book Covers For July 3rd

Cover Shoot

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This weekly feature will take a look at the most visually compelling covers on the market today. Whether they be variant editions or standard ones, these are the top 5 covers that stand out amongst the bevy of books that are released each week. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” these covers are worth more than that! No matter the storylines found behind them, these covers draw you to at least check them out, which can be worth exponentially more than just words to the companies that publish them! Enjoy!



1. Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger #10 (DC): A constant addition to COVER SHOOT, Jae Lee, creates eerily alarming covers that draw the eye to a central image by diluting the background and using stark, contrasting colors. Through his meticulous line work and expertise at using shading to accentuate the image, Lee has created some of the most awe-inspiring covers to date. His skill makes the images he creates transcend past the realm of “comic art” and into the plane of just Art!



2. Next Testament #2 — Variant Edition (BOOM! Studios): Haemi Jang creates a stunning modern art cover than will overshadow any book on the rack! Using a myriad of colors, Jang fascinates the eye, all the while drawing it into the center of the book where he sums up author, Clive Barker’s, horrific tale with two famous quotes. It is a great juxtaposition between the color and prose that does exactly what it needs do to stun the buyer into grabbing a copy for a closer look.



3. The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1 — Variant Edition (Marvel): My daughter and I just love Scottie Young’s “Baby” variant editions he has been doing for the past few years. They may seem simplistic, but his line art is some of the best “cartoon” style renderings on the market today. These covers have become so popular that other companies are now doing their own “kid’ version covers, but none breed the sheer hilarity and enjoyment that Young’s do! Try to find them at your local shop — if you can!



4. Shadowman #8 — Variant Edition (Valiant): David Mack, creator of Kabuki, gives fans an amazing “collage” style painted cover that exudes so much emotion — it’s scary. This is a stunning cover, filled with layer after layer of exquisite detail and hue. It conveys the overall tone of the book perfectly, dark and morose and laced with a heaping helping of fear! Everything David Mack creates is just astounding and instantly gallery worthy!



5. The Shadow #15 (Dynamite): Alex Ross is the pinnacle of “life like” comic art and this cover shows off his skill perfectly. From the use of angle to show velocity and depth, to the perfectly painted facial features, Ross gives fans the raw emotion and fun of great comic covers with the skill of “high end” art. Everything is done perfectly to convey action with absolutely no action at all, making it as stunning as it is skillful.

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Review: Shadowman #7

In this harrowing issue that will change the world of Shadowman forever, Jack Boniface discovers that to defend the earth from ultimate evil, he must choose to separate himself from from everything he holds dear and trust an ancient power more demonic than anything he has ever seen!

Justin Jordan pulls the gloves off for a highly intense issue that is teeming with action, moral dilemma and a final panel that will completely change the future of Jack Boniface and the Shadowman loa forever. Coming off of the single best issue to date, Shadowman #0, this issue has a hard time living up to the characterization bestowed upon us from last month but more than makes up for it in the sheer volume of action throughout. There is no time to catch your breath as all out destruction is displayed before your eyes as even the Deadside has more than it’s share of terrifying action sequences that culminates in the final pages! I don’t want to give any spoilers but a tower of impaled souls will need a few sacrifices in order to continue to grow in power!

Jordan continues to push the envelope with this series and does a perfect job of whetting the readers appetite for next months chilling issue. Besides a storyline that pushes Jack to the brink, artist Neil Edwards makes his full issue debut at Valiant comics with this issue and fans will be pleasantly pleased by the Marvel alums rendition of the Shadowman! 

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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 5/1/2013



The Top of the Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with astounding visuals, has top notch characterization, is filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!” (In no particular order!)



1. Shadowman #0 (Valiant): Fan favorite, Justin Jordan, truly out does himself in this melancholy origin tale of Valiant’s biggest bad of all time — Master Darque! From birth to his “re-birth,” Justin Jordan weaves sympathy, angst and hatred into the very fabric of the Master Darque character, creating a book that far outshines everything Jordan has done thus far in his career! Although Shadowman isn’t in the book at all, you are so enthralled with his greatest villain you won’t even mind!



2. Ten Grand #1 (Joe’s Comics/Image):  Written by, CBN creator Matt McGloin’s favorite comic scribe, J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by fan favorite Ben Templesmith, not only is Ten Grand is a moving tale about loss and what you would do to regain everything, it is also the relaunch of the Joe’s Comics imprint created by JMS! Though this style of tale about choices and the ultimate ramification has been done before, it is the art of Templesmith that astounds the reader with every page. Come for JMS’ morality play, stay for a true masterpiece by Templesmith. That’s if you can find it! The buzz surrounding this book has led to instant sell outs at numerous shops, so be vigilant or the world of second printing awaits you!



3. Superior Spider-Man #9 (Marvel):  So, I believe that Dan Slott is actually addicted to controversy! Well, he will definitely get his fix after this issue! By now you have probably all heard about the ending of this book, but that is not the reason it made it on the Top of the Pile. The internal struggle between the consciousness of Peter Parker and Doc Ock is what drives this book — and it is astounding! Peter having to place his memories in the line of fire against his own fears was extremely jarring. Seeing Uncle Ben being shot again and the Green Goblin slaughtering Gwen Stacy with a laser was highly emotional, but it is the frailty of Peter that makes this issue great even if it will drive fans crazy!



4. The Victories: Transhuman #1 (of 5) (Dark Horse):  Dubbed as being “Super F$%#!d Up!,” Michael Avon Oeming’s super hero team tale is exactly that! This second installment of The Victories stories has the team dealing with a new villain that is more powerful than anything they have seen before! Even if they do save the world, are they strong enough to overcome their internal demons in order for all of them to survive? Graphic, vulgar and overtly amazing, this is a book that you should not miss!



5. Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible #2 (Dark Horse):  Mike Mignola and Scott Allie converge on this unnerving tale of Abe Sapien’s journey to not only find where his altered form fits in to this new and frightening world, but also to see how far this world has changed humanity in it’s wake! Rich and deeply jarring, this tale of fear of the unknown will make you question just how “human” humanity can be in a mob mentality. Fascinating! Plus, be sure to check out the CBN exclusive interview with Scott Allie regarding all things Dark Horse with our very own managing editor, Byron Brewer!

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Advanced Review: Shadowman #0

Justin Jordan and his motley crew of artists, has created an enthralling, sickly sweet and chilling tale that gives fans a definitive origin to the most powerful creature in the Valiant Universe — Master Darque!

Known as the biggest, baddest villain to ever cast a shadow across the Valiant Universe, Master Darque is one of the most dramatic characters created in the past twenty years. Now, with the twisted imagination of Justin Jordan, modern readers can be enthralled once again by a tale that showcases the brutal birth of this destructive character.

From birth to “death”, Jordan and his fantastic artistic team will fascinate you with Master Darque’s origin, a wickedly jarring tale of witchcraft and the hell that parents can render upon their children. It showcases the deconstruction of innocence, the betrayal of loved ones and the forging of true evil through desperate measures. It is the pinnacle of characterization, an enthralling tale that lulls you in with the false hope of a happy ending, that maybe just maybe, all could turn out differently. But, alas, this is an origin tale of true evil and true evil cannot begin without a fall from grace!

Utterly breathtaking, Justin Jordan has truly surpassed everything he has done so far for the Shadowman mythos. This is the new high water mark for the series and I, for one, cannot wait to see what comes next!

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Review: Shadowman #6

Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher have worked tirelessly to create a fresh and exciting “new” Shadowman character that fans have been clamoring over. Now, with Shadowman #6, we get to actually see a true new character emerge from their collective conscience, one that has set his diabolical sights on our hero and won’t let up until death has been claimed for the victor!

The “dynamic duo” of the Valiant Universe, Jordan and Zircher, have been putting our hero through the emotional, if not physical, ringer as of late and this issue brings more of the same style of highly developed characterization to the table. Distraught and emotionally scarred by his actions, or inaction, to save a friend; Jack Boniface gets to do some soul searching throughout the issue. Although he is the title character and has some great developmental sequences, most of this particular tale revolves around the schemes of some rather nefarious characters and brings one of them to the forefront as a dire threat to Jack. We all know that a hero is only as good as his villains make him become, well, by the end of this tale Shadowman will be one the lips of comic fans everywhere! 

The only detraction I have with the issue is with the choice of so many artists. Each of their skill sets are phenomenal, rendering different aspects of the story to give each section its own individuality and scope but, at times it was a little distracting. You get accustomed to a certain flow while following the story the artist unfolds before you and with three different artists, it instead became jarring to transition between the story changes. 

Still, Shadowman is a rare gem of concentrated high level writing and artistry that never fails to excite and entrance each and every month! I am proud to say that I was a fan of the original series and now, with Jordan and Zircher breathing new life into the character — I’m an even bigger fan!

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JMS Offers Thoughts On How To Do Green Lantern Movie

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6042:]]JMS – comic book, film and TV writer extraordinaire – is responsible for a number of successful science-fiction and super hero adaptations.

JMS is currently writing the script for the Valiant Comics film adaptation of the Shadowman comic book and offered his thoughts on not only the difference between the two genres, but on the disappointing Green Lantern movie.

Regarding the Shadowman movie, JMS noted there has to be a difference between the comics and movies.

We had talked about the difference between the ‘Shadowman‘ movie and the ‘Shadowman‘ comic, and the good thing is that the folks involved understand that there’s a difference between a movie and a comic book. There were times when they said, ‘We’re doing this in the book, does it work for you in the movie?’ Some things did work and we’re going to carry them over, and some things did not and I said, ‘We have to leave that out.

So what about the Green Lantern movie? As many fans have noted, the movie seemed to have a hard time deciding where it should take place. Earth or Space? Seems JMS felt Earth would have been best.

In the Green Lantern movie, you want to make this character special, one of a kind, the bravest guy on the planet, and then put him on a planet with 10,000 just like him. The fan part said, ‘We should have the whole Green Lantern Corps there.’ Someone should have said, no, the movie side say, ‘Keep him on his own. Don’t bring them in yet. Let’s make him special on his own first, then, two movie down the road, we’ll bring in the whole Corps.

(Via Blastr)

Recent Green Lantern movie news includes Mark Strong stating he thinks “Green Lantern 2” would be a surprise.

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Review: Shadowman #5

After saving the world and returning from the Deadside, Jack Boniface deserves a little time to relax and be himself again. Unfortunately, the Universe doesn’t rest and neither will Jack!

Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher continue their quest to make one of the most exceptional books on the market! Shadowman is not only the culmination of two fantastic talents on one incredible story, it is the mingling of genres, horror and super hero, into a stunning read every month.

Jordan and Zircher take a step back from the all out action this month in order to delve deeper into the mythos of the Shadowman and the role that Jack must play as the new heir. For long time fans of the original series, it will be a delightful stroll down memory lane as glimpses of the past are merge with interesting new ideas converging into something truly original. For newer fans, this is the perfect issue to get acquainted with he rich history involved with Shadowman, a key issue into the future of the series. Old enemies take the spotlight while new, more violent characters make their own mark in the book. Valiant fans can also rejoice at the return of a character not seen in twenty years, albeit a wholly new version of it — Dr.Mirage!

As fascinating as Jordan and Zircher’s tale of discovery and loss is, the excitement level is turned up to eleven as some of the best artistic talent in comics bring their styles to the book! Lee Garbett, Stefano Guadiano and, my personal favorite, Roberto De La Torre descend upon this issue with their artistic fervor! Using their skills to differentiate the tale between the past, present and the story of Master Darque’s quest in Deadside, these superstars, along with Patrick Zircher, make this issue a masterpiece for the eyes! It is a delight for the senses, a rare treat that ascends the book to new levels! A fantastic tale laced with perfection!

Shadowman continues to excite, bewilder and intrigue readers with every issue, don’t you think you should become a fan too?!

Be bold, be daring, be — Valiant!

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The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 3/6/2013


The Top Of The Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with characterization, filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!”


1.  Hellboy: In Hell #4 (Dark Horse): Mike Mignola’s triumphant return to art chores on his creator owned character, Hellboy, has sent fans into a frenzy for this book! Mix in a deep, dark look at the history of where Hellboy truly came from and you have one of the best looking and powerfully story driven books on the racks today. 



2. Green Arrow #18 (DC): Jeff Lemire’s second issue of the floundering series, Green Arrow, has turned the book and it’s fan base on it’s head! Taking away everything Oliver Queen ever had as a crutch in his life, has made the character one that fans can now empathize with and root for. Lemire has pulled away all the pomp and flashiness that muddled this series and has created a book that is streamlined, gut-wrenching and completely enthralling! Become a fan all over again — today!



3. Animal Man #18 (DC): Jeff Lemire hits the Top of the Pile for the second time this week with a harrowing tale that will change Buddy Baker’s world forever! After surviving a horrible possible future, Buddy gets a second chance to set the world right. Too bad not everyone will be able to see this new, brighter future! Jae Lee’s fantastic cover DOES NOT lie, folks! This one’s a doozy!



4. Shadowman #5 (Valiant): Justin Jordan has put his new Shadowman character through the ringer in the first four issues! Well, now it’s time to learn more about the past and just what a Shadowman is. New characters [ like the return of Dr. Mirage after twenty years!] and ancient, deadly foes are introduced as well, creating the perfect amount of drama and intrigue. A fantastic read and the perfect jumping on point for any reader wishing that their comics were laced with perfection!



5. Superior Spider-Man #5 (Marvel): Dan Slott has finally done what I have been hoping for since this book debuted — he pushed the character over the edge! Yes, this “new” Peter Parker might think he is superior but he just did the one thing the old Peter would never do and things will never be the same again! Let the roulette wheel of fun begin and let’s see how drastic Slott will change the status of Spider-Man in the Marvel U.! This one goes out with a BANG!

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Cool Shadowman T-Shirt & More Available From Valiant At ECCC 2013

Press Release




[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5775:]]This March, the Harbinger Wars are heading north for the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest!

Valiant is proud to announce its debut appearance at Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) onMarch 1-3, 2013 in Seattle, WA – and we’re bringing along a boatload of free swag, show exclusive products, and special guests to celebrate! 
Visit Valiant at Booth #2008 all weekend long to get a sneak peek at the future of the Valiant Universe inside the pages of the Harbinger Wars Sketchbook – a FREE first look inside the biggest Valiant event of the summer! 
Plus, for the first time ever, Valiant will also be debuting new Shadowman logo t-shirts for sale, alongside a complete selection of Valiant comics, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and blank convention-only flip books!
[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5776:]]And, to find out everything you need to know about the Valiant Universe in 2013, join us on Sunday, March 3rd at 12 noon in Room 3AB for the Valiant 2013: Harbinger Wars and Beyond panel!

With the opening shot of Harbinger Wars only weeks away, get ready to discover the secrets that will put Harbinger and Bloodshot on an inescapable collision course – directly from a panel of Valiant insiders, including incoming Bloodshot penciller Barry Kitson, X-O Manowar artist/inker Stefano Gaudiano, Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce, and Valiant Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani!

We’ll see you at ECCC!
For more information, visit Valiant on Twitter, on Facebook, or at
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Review: Shadowman #4

The Shadowman series culminates in issue four with astounding action sequences and more than a little intrigue to whet your appetite. Let’s just say this book has it all!

The battle in the Deadside continues as Shadowman realizes that he is not only there to save Alyssa. He is there to battle Mr.Twist to the death as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Not only would he lose Alyssa to the hands of nefarious soul draining ghouls if he loses, he would become the catalyst for Master Darque to roam the world once more!

The writing abilities of Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher have become synonymous with pure adrenaline! Shadowman is a constant barrage to the senses both visually and conceptually, each issue leaves you breathless! Issue four is the pinnacle of all out action layered with deep intrigue and heaps of emotional duress. A fledgling hero with untested powers is all that stands between the tyrannical return of unfettered madness to the world and certain death — of course there will be emotional duress! But this book isn’t all about the action, Jordan and Zircher have begun to flesh out Shadowman as a character, his lack of trust in himself, his acceptance of his new found powers and his bond with Alyssa are all explored here. It gives the reader a much needed look at Jack Boniface as a person dealing with all the strange predicaments he now finds himself in, especially taking on the mantle of Shadowman! 

Patrick Zircher’s art is overtly majestic, exuding pure excitement from every page! Every diminutive detail has been scrutinized, highly rendered to the finest detail and executed flawlessly, creating a book filled with 32 pages of masterpieces! For my four dollars, there has been no other book that I can say has been continually this visually stunning in recent months. Completely stunning!

Valiant has been putting out some amazing books since their debut last year and Shadowman has been one of the best! You owe it to yourself to dive into the Deadside, you only have your soul to lose!


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Advanced Review: Shadowman #3

Shadowman must dive into the belly of the beast and survive the hollow coldness of the Deadside. It’s not the battle he must wage there but the decisions he makes that will forever change the course of his life. Can he be content living as just Jack or does he need to become Shadowman in order to truly live?

Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher meld their wildly imaginative writing talents to bring to you a story of discovery and sacrifice that will solidify Shadowman as one of the best books of 2013! Between the fever pitch action, the soul searching drama and the off the wall circumstances our characters find themselves in, there is something to please every fan no matter what their favorite genre is. 

Shadowman is a timeless tale of self discovery where the roads to our future are paved with bricks from our past. But what if the past is unknown to us and our future is strewn with things that are too strange to be real, things that cannot be conceived by the minds of mortal men. Who can take us where we need to be, who can show us who we can become? And, what if the answers to those questions are mired in shadow, where even a flicker of truth is scarier than not knowing at all? These are the questions posed by Jordan and Zircher each month. These are the ideas and plot threads that make Shadowman such a compelling read that never falters to deliver it’s promise of excellence. It is the protagonist’s sheer uncertainty about his actions in the face of horrendous odds that anchors us in our seats, breathlessly awaiting the turn of the next page!

Shadowman may be freezing in the Deadside but things are just heating up in Jordan and Zircher’s tale. This is the issue that will bring everything to a head, creating a scattered front against Mr. Twist and his master. Decisions will be made, friends may fall and the past emerges from the ether. This is a quintessential read for this week! Only one book is worthy of having the moniker “Superior” — Shadowman!

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Review: Shadowman #2

The second book under the “Shadowman” moniker is actually a first real look at the rest of the cast of the book. While Jack Boniface takes a backseat this issue, we get to understand the “hows” and “whys” of almost all the other characters — including the nefarious Mr. Twist! 

Beginning with one of the best first pages I have read in a long time, Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher have created a slow-burn issue that answers some gnawing questions while dredging up even more. It is a focus on the history of the characters that will direct and “misdirect’ the actions of Jack Boniface for the future. A well thought out character piece that not only furthers the initial story revealed in issue one, but also helps to solidify the “world” of Shadowman for the readers. The cast of characters are so intrinsic to each other that it only makes sense to delve into their motivations at such an early start to the series and this writing duo does it flawlessly!

While the story may burst with action and intrigue, Patrick Zircher’s true contribution to this book is his gorgeous art! From squirming demon slugs to a “little person” with a firearm, Zircher makes this book absolutely come alive on the page. It is thoroughly en”gross”ing and utterly entrancing to gaze upon the images on every page, he is a true talent no matter which hat he may be wearing at the time! Just check out this interior panel to understand exactly what I mean: 


Shadowman #2 is a shining star in an already brilliant Valiant Universe! It is no matter if you were a fan of the previous incarnations, with but a single issue of Jordan and Zircher’s collaboration — you will become one now!

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Advanced Review: Shadowman #1

The most anticipated book since the initial rebirth of the Valiant Universe hits stands this week! But is all the hype surrounding the return of Shadowman truly worth it? 

While other companies may rely on movie marketing to propel their fanbase, Valiant has dedicated itself to acquiring the best creative talents in the business and teaming them with the hottest characters of the nineties. These precise pairings have created some of the best “new” comics on the shelves, and in turn, established a whirlwind of excitement throughout the comics industry!

Now, Valiant has brought back one of the most popular characters they have ever created — Shadowman! 

This debut issue is not only as enigmatic and outstanding as the originals, it is also a very heart felt homage by both Patrick Zircher and Justin Jordan. Taking the base roots of the original character and mixing them with their own creative seed, this superb duo has crafted a tale that pays tribute to what Jim Shooter, Steve Englehart and David Lapham did and in the same breath — surpasses it!

Jack Boniface is still the main character for this “new and improved” version, but he is slightly different from what fans will remember. Gone is the long flowing mane of tangled hair and the saxophone is nowhere to be seen, but this younger version doesn’t require the iconic look, he has something far better at his disposal — the creative team!

Jordan and Zircher have created an engrossing look at the world of magic and mayhem in the Valiant Universe. This is an aspect that has been missing from the “Summer of Valiant” and it is a welcome change. Fans of the original series will no doubt recognize some of the old haunts and especially the diabolical Master Darque, but it is the changes that truly make this book an instant fan favorite. From the explosive opening sequence where demons swirl around every corner to the eventual rise of the new Shadowman, you are enthralled by every aspect of this book! The intrigue of Jack’s parents past and the creation of the sadistic Mr. Twist alone are enough to have you on the edge of your seat. But, it is the character of Jack himself that will hold sway over you throughout the book! Jack is a “lost soul” who has filled his life acquiring skills in order to make himself useful in a world that he was left alone in. He is vulnerable and yet, strong willed enough to survive on his own, never knowing the truth about his parents nor the talisman he wears around his neck. And when something horrific befalls him, is it his attackers that are the the true threat or is it the voice calling to him from the shadows that will bring his downfall?

This book will draw you in and ensnare you in the horrifically brutal world that Jordan and Zircher have created. It is fresh and rich in characterization, a book that is easy to get into and extremely hard to put down! Nothing outshines the pure talent that drives this book!

On a personal note, I must thank both Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher for handling this book with such reverence and scope. Shadowman was always my favorite Valiant character and I am proud to say that he is once again! Thank you both for an amazing book and especially for putting the original mask in the museum scene — classy!

So, to answer the original question — is Shadowman worth all the hype? Most definitely! Add this one to your collection and hold on tight, the Valiant Universe is about to get the doors blown off! 

Be bold, be daring, be — Valiant!

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JMS Writing Valiant Comics Shadowman Movie

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2523:]]Valiant Entertainment and the producer of The Mummy, Sean Daniel, have struck a deal with J. Michael Straczynksi to bring Shadowman to the big screen.

Deadline has the news in that Valiant, Daniel and JMS are teaming up for a Shadowman live-action film, with JMS writing the script.

Shadowman is a popular comic book character from the ‘90s and is being rebooted by Valiant Comics this November by writer Justin Jordan.

Shadowman is a character who lives in a unique world that mixes the modern world with that which is most ancient within us,” Straczynski tells Deadline. “The New Orleans vibe and history, and the struggle to find a balance with the personality within him, is a perfect dramatic vehicle. We’ve already finished the outline and there’s a lot of action, much of it unique to what Shadowman can do…but at the core of it, there’s a strong character, world and mythology that can be explored across multiple subsequent films. This is gonna be fun.”

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Shadowman Valiant Comics Interview With Justin Jordan

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2523:]]Cosmic Book News knew that eventually
Justin Jordan would be a household name.

We first happened upon the writer with his hit Image Comics series, The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, with our own Chris Bushley describing the book as “enthralling, action-packed, intriguing, gory and sickly sweet.”

We then met Jordan at last year’s New York Comic Con and briefly spoke about the series as well as snagging some autographed Luthor Strode issues.

So it came to no surprise when it was announced that Jordan had been picked up by Valiant Comics for the new Shadowman and by DC Comics for October’s Team 7.

This November sees Jordan paired with superstar artist Patrick Zircher. Known for his work on Marvel Comics’ Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and New Warriors, Zircher now brings his own talents to Shadowman.

We caught up with Jordan via e-mail to talk about the new Shadowman, about the following preview pages that were released and more.

Cosmic Book News: Were you a fan of the original?
Justin Jordan: I was. Shadowman originally came along when I was a teenager, and the whole Valiant Universe was sort of a revelation. They were telling stories differently than what I’d been reading before, and Shadowman was particularly interesting to me because it was a more street level, Batman or Daredevil type character.
Cosmic Book News: Valiant has launched four titles already, can you tell us how you became involved with Shadowman, and is there a reason why Valiant decided to go ahead with Shadowman as their next book?
Justin Jordan: Well, Warren Simons, the Executive Editor, liked Luther Strode, so I sent him pitches on a variety of stuff. Fortunately for me, Patrick also liked Luther, and when he talked to Warren he mentioned me, and it all sort of took off from there. I can’t say why Valiant went with Shadowman as their next book, but I suspect that it’s because Shadowman was one of the characters fans were really chomping at the bit to see. 
[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2524:]]Cosmic Book News: From the press release we see that Shadowman is Jack Boniface, what can you say in regards to this Jack versus the original?
Justin Jordan: In terms of his personality, he’s actually not too different. His life is different, and his powers are fairly different, but I think fans are going to recognize our Jack. 
Cosmic Book News: Speaking of Shadowman’s powers, will magic and voodoo play a large role? And this Shadowman will have different or new powers?
Justin Jordan: Yup. Yup to all of them. Magic and voodoo play a pretty big role although in the case of voodoo, not necessarily in the way you might be expecting. But the book does introduce magic into the Valiant Universe, and I think we’ve done it in a way that fits the general Valiant tone. I definitely think it’s cool but I may be very slightly biased.
Cosmic Book News: While this Shadowman is Jack, in the preview pages he does seem to resemble Michael LeRoi. Was that intentional?
Justin Jordan: Well, you’ll need to read the first issue to get more of what’s going on in those first few pages. Having said that, we do draw some stuff from the LeRoi version of the character, which is one of the advantages of doing a reboot like this; we have a lot of cool stuff to draw from.
Cosmic Book News: Can we get your take on Jack being Shadowman? Will there be an inner, or even an outer conflict as a result of him taking up the mantle of Shadowman. Furthermore, does he have a choice in the matter? 
[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2525:]]Justin Jordan: There’s definitely conflict. When we first meet Jack, he’s been looking for his past, and in the first issue, he finds it. Unfortunately, it’s not what he wanted or expected. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be Shadowman, it’s that he has no idea something like that even existed, and when the mantle is thrust on him, he doesn’t know how to react.
Which is what the first arc is about, more or less; Jack deciding how to handle this situation that he’s been thrown into without warning. 
Cosmic Book News: Can you take us through the preview pages? Right out of the gate we see the first issue is jam-packed with action and excitement. Can you give us a hint of what is taking place? 
Justin Jordan: Hmmmm, how to talk about that without spoiling too much. Those first five pages? They’re very, very important. What happens there sets in motion a lot of what happens in Shadowman as we go forward. So expect what happens there to echo through the series.
Cosmic Book News: And that may be Master Darque in the preview pages as well, what can you tell us about his relationship to Jack in the series?
Justin Jordan: That is indeed Master Darque. He’s the big bad of the series, although in ways that might be a bit different than you’d expect. But Master Darque and the Shadowman are tied together very, very tightly in a story that goes back centuries. 
Cosmic Book News: Will Shadowman interact with any of the other Valiant characters?
Justin Jordan: Yup. I mean, there’s not much point of being in a shared universe if you don’t, you know, share. We’ll definitely be interacting with the rest of the Valiant Universe.
Cosmic Book News: Sounds good! Thanks for your time, Justin.
Shadowman” #1 hits in November and be sure to follow Valiant Comics on Facebook and Twitter.

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