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Scott Snyder Launching Comic Books With comiXology and Dark Horse

Scott Snyder, comiXology and Dark Horse announced a new line of creator-owned comics featuring eight titles co-created with Rafael Albuquerque, Greg Capullo, Francesco Francavilla, Jamal Igle, Jock, Tula Lotay, Francis Manapul, and Dan Panosian. The comics will first be released digitally through Amazon’s comiXology and then in print through Dark Horse. Check out the official …

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First Look At Scott Snyder & John Romita Jr.’s All-Star Batman (Video)

Scott Snyder returns to The Dark Knight next month with All-Star Batman with art by John Romita Jr. 

DC All Access released the following interview offering a sneak peek as well as discussing All-Star Batman with both creators.

All-Star Batman #1 hits August 10th.

Scott Snyder returns to the Dark Knight next month in the eagerly awaited All-Star Batman, and he’s bringing John Romita, Jr. with him! In this DC All Access comics clip, we sit down with the bestselling writer and artist to discuss this new and different take on Batman, how their work motivates each other, and what it feels like getting Batman out of the big city. 


DC Develops Workshops For Aspiring Artists & Writers

DC Entertainment Launches New Talent Development Workshops For Aspiring Writers and Artists


In an effort to find new and aspiring comic book talent, DC Entertainment has launched Talent Development Workshops for both writers and artists, led by bestselling and acclaimed comic talent including Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder, Klaus Janson and Andy Kubert. The series of workshops are designed to give access and a voice to new and prospective talent, providing an opportunity to showcase their work following intensive DC workshop sessions.

Online applications for DC’s Artists Workshop will be accepted April 1-30, 2016 while applications for the Writers Workshop will be accepted May 1-31, 2016. DC’s new Talent Development website offers extensive tips, advice and recommended reading to help potential applicants navigate the submission process. Both workshops will take place in fall 2016.

“Our goal is to identify and foster fresh, new voices,” stated DC Entertainment Co-Publisher and bestselling artist, Jim Lee. “The new DC Talent Development Workshops will play a vital role in discovering and developing the next generation of comic talent.”

“I’ve brought in a lot of new writers to DC, both from within and outside of comics, for Rebirth, working with them closely as we rebuild our universe,” stated DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns. “The creative growth of DC comes from new voices joining the mix, both writers and artists, and it’s been an absolute highlight to work with them.”

Bestselling Batman writer Scott Snyder added, “I’m so proud and honored to be heading up DC’s Writers Workshop. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and getting to help welcome and coach new voices at a company that’s given me so many creative opportunities is a tremendous thrill.”

About the Artists Workshop

The 2016 Artists Workshop was developed by DC with world-renowned artists Jim Lee, Klaus Janson and Andy Kubert and follows a successful pilot program that took place in fall 2015. Visit to view artwork completed by pilot program students.

Competitive candidates will have an established portfolio of sequential art and illustrations. For the artists selected via the online submission process, the Workshop will provide the knowledge and exposure required to cross the threshold into the competitive world of comic book publishing. Chosen artists will be asked to complete art assignments that will be critiqued by several top DC Artists. If the artists achieve the level of work required for the course they will then be invited to a two-week, intensive workshop at DCE’s Burbank offices.

About the Writers Workshop

The 2016 Writers Workshop was developed by DC with bestselling writer Scott Snyder and follows a successful three-month pilot program. For selected candidates, the first part of the 2016–2017 DC Comics Writers Workshop will run October 2016–January 2017 as an online real-time, weekly interactive seminar, for thirteen consecutive weeks. Each seminar will teach a new skill essential for surviving and excelling in this highly competitive field. Following the initial Workshop, a smaller hand-selected group of those participants will be invited to DCE offices in Burbank for an intensive writing experience, featuring guest speakers currently working in comic books, including a mix of editors, writers, artists and the Talent Development staff.

Upon completion of the Master Class program, DCE’s Talent Development group will ensure successful participants are considered for positions on current DC titles.


Watch: New Batman Is Faster & Stronger & Zack Snyder Talks Batman vs Superman

Watch a video above from DC All Access with Batman writer Scott Snyder talking about the bigger and stronger new Batman.

DC All Access also catches up with director Zack Snyder who chats about Batman Vs. Superman and why they went with the Dark Knight.

For more of the DC Comics new Batman, head on over here.

With a new movie in theaters and an extra-sized issue on stands, it’s a huge week for Batman, and DC All Access is here to make sure you’re not in the dark when it comes to the Dark Knight. First, Tiffany talks to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder about bringing Batman to the screen for the showdown of the century. Then Batman writer Scott Snyder teases tomorrow’s climactic issue #50, which features Bruce Wayne’s long-awaited return to the cowl. Plus, we run down this week’s DC news, and give fans a chance to win a jaw-dropping set of Batman v Superman statues from DC Collectibles!


Watch: Bruce Wayne Is Back as Batman!

This week’s issue of Batman #49 sees Bruce Wayne return as The Dark Knight. Check out a video above going over the events put out by DC All Access.

After nearly a year out of the cowl, Bruce Wayne is back in black! Today’s pivotal Batman #49 brings to light precisely how the wayward hero—who still has no memory of his time as the Dark Knight—rises once again as Batman just in time to confront the frightening Mr. Bloom. In this DC All Access comics clip, Jason talks with writer Scott Snyder about Bruce’s journey and what it’ll take for the now at peace former billionaire to once again embrace his destiny.


Scott Snyder Rumored To Leave Batman For Detective Comics & More


Following the earlier rumors of the upcoming DC relaunch, likely called “Rebirth,” a new batch of rumors has hit the net.

Bleeding Cool is stating Scott Snyder will be departing Batman – but not the character – as Snyder will move on to Detective Comics, which he was previously writing prior to the New 52. It remains to be seen what happens with Greg Capullo, who is going on a hiatus to do art for Mark Millar.

It’s also said Batman will go bi-monthly.

BC also has it that a new Titan series – minus the “Teen” – will be launched possibly out of Dan Abnett’s Titans Hunt book.


Greg Capullo Has Created A New Batman Batsuit Design


Superstar DC Comics artist Greg Capullo has revealed on Twitter that he has created a new design for Batman‘s Batsuit.

Capullo also posted DC has yet to approve of the design, so as of right now there are no images.

“Waiting on DC to approve my new Bat suit design. It’s a winner and my best idea. I hope they agree. It’s downhill from here, if not,” Capullo tweeted.

Batman writer Scott Snyder has also seen the design and stated,” It’s pretty terrific.”

It’s guessed Capullo was just kidding about the “downhill” remark as the artist is taking a break from Batman following issue #51 to work on a project for Mark Millar. 


Marvel’s Dan Slott Continues Blasting Batman Vs. Superman On Twitter


A couple of hours ago saw Marvel Comics writer Dan Slott voice his thoughts on the new Batman Vs. Superman footage that debuted earlier on Gotham.

Dan isn’t too happy by what he is seeing regarding Superman, and he also wasn’t a big fan of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Following Cosmic Book News having made note of what Slott had to say (where he deleted his “I dunno. Do you really think Superman would snap one of his enemy’s necks?” comment), Slott has continued blasting both Batman Vs. Superman and Man of Steel on Twitter as well as having to defend himself against accusations of being a Marvel shill, which sees DC Comics Batman writer Scott Snyder brought into the conversation.

Check out the latest tweets (we’re guessing this may go on all night long):


Advanced Review: Batman #40

There are tales in comics that truly reveal how the medium can transcend all others. These instances are swollen with theatrical imagery, drama and action sequences that exceed those of movie or television. Ones that put a microscope on the duality of heroism, eloquently portray the finality of man and grace us with inevitable quest for hope more than prose or poetry can. Tales that dazzle the senses with color and form, juxtaposition and layout more than any art museum could hope for. 

Scott Snyder’s Batman #40 is one of those tales.

The final chapter of “Endgame” is a stunning piece that will move readers. It is a cornucopia of themes, burrowing deeper into the mythos of Batman than Snyder has ever gone before. At moments you are careening down an unmanned roller coaster, a journey that will have you gasping for air then, suddenly, you are left completely breathless, hovering above it all not being able to believe where you are or how you came to be in this position. It is a story of life, the inevitability of death and the realization of who we are along the way. 

I have often called Scott Snyder the “modern day master of horror,” and I will again now. His portrayal of the Joker as a malevolent, undulating demigod of terror has become synonymous with horror on multiple levels and will surpass many incarnations from the past seventy-five years as THE Joker! But the fear in this book does not solely come from the Joker, it is deeper than that, even though Greg Capullo’s renderings of the “clown prince” and his Cheshire grin will always scare the hell out of me! It comes from Bruce and his final realization that he is not the man he always thought he was. It is that revelation that sometimes, even though we have fought so hard to believe otherwise, we were inevitably wrong about ourselves.

Scott Snyder has created a masterpiece of storytelling that will be beloved and despised like all great works are. He has taken a rich world and made it richer in just forty issues, a feat rarely seen in the medium today. He has taken risks and pushed a hero to the brink and beyond and I thank him for the nerve to give us something never seen before with such an iconic character. 

The beginning will ensnare you, the middle will enthrall you and the end will crush you. Who could ask for anything more?


Why Does Scott Snyder Hate Alfred?!

He’s Mad I Tell You!


“A Penny For Your Thoughts”

By Chris “DOC” Bushley

Caution: Spoilers Dead Ahead!


We have all seen Scott Snyder’s DC All Access “Endgame” interview regarding the Joker and plans for what happens next in the Batman mythos. But there is one thing the soft spoken scribe failed to tell you — he is TWISTED! Don’t let his facade fool you, Mr. Snyder is riddled with horrific, inhumane thoughts that churn and bubble to the surface. Don’t believe me? Check out his Image comic Wytches! He’s twisted, man, TWISTED!

Not only is Mr. Snyder a possible Arkham escapee, he seems to have a penchant for letting his disturbing ideas torment a single character incessantly. No, not Batman, Alfred Pennyworth! Yes, Alfred! The beloved butler that helped a young Bruce Wayne evolve into the crime fighting machine he is today. Now, we all know that in order to hurt a hero the most, you must hurt their inner circle, their loved ones, it just makes for better storytelling. But the things Mr. Snyder has bestowed upon poor Alfred are, say it with me… TWISTED!

Let’s go down memory lane so we can see how far Scott Snyder has pushed Alfred to the brink.


Snyder’s path of depravity began way back in the “Death Of The Family” story arc where poor Alfred was attacked by the Joker. Not only was he beaten with a ball-peen hammer, he was then tortured while the whole thing was being tape-recorded in order to send Batman a message. Was that enough for Mr. Snyder? NO! He then “Jokerized”  Alfred and made him fight the family he dearly loves!


Then came Batman Eternal where Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV decided to destroy Gotham and Batman in the process. Bruce Wayne loses everything; bank accounts, weapons depots, even Wayne Manor itself! But he loses something even more dear to him, yep, Alfred! In issue #21, Alfred is attacked inside the Manor by Hush and is violently injected with Fear Toxin directly in the temple. This drives Alfred completely insane, and eventually, he is admitted into Arkham Asylum. If this isn’t bad enough, while still fighting the effects of the toxin, Arkham collapses, sending the inmates into deep chasms beneath the structure. Insane, beaten and buried, Alfred, eventually crawls out of the rubble and teams with Killer Croc in order to escape from certain death.


After all of that, you would think Mr. Snyder would give ol‘ Alfred a break. Possibly a nice vacation, some quality time with, Julia, his daughter, but no! This week, Mr Snyder showed us what truly lies inside his maniacal mind. In Batman #39, the Joker makes his way inside the Batcave and descends upon the still recovering Alfred. Although he gets a shot off at the Joker, he is still weak and is brutally attacked. The Joker cleaves Alfred’s right hand clean off!


Is there anything more that Scott Snyder could possibly due to Alfred Pennyworth besides ultimately killing him off? We all know that Mr. Snyder’s inner thoughts are just teeming with more sadistic things to unleash upon poor Alfred before destroying him completely, but will he keep Alfred alive through the finale of the “Endgame” storyline? That is the question on everyone’s lips, but I personally think the ol’chap will make it. Everyone, including me, thought Alfred was going to die in “Death Of The Family,” and Snyder kept him alive to do even more brutal things to him. 

This time I think Alfred should get a little payback. I think during DC’s upcoming “Convergence” storyline that ALL of the Alfreds on ALL of the alternate planets should form the ultimate revenge team — the Blitzkrieg Butlers! That’s right, an all butler squad that can finally get revenge for everything Mr. Snyder has put poor Alfred through!

What do you say Alfred, would you join a barrage of badass butlers to take revenge on the Joker, Hush and anyone else who has ever done you wrong?



Watch: Scott Snyder Talks Batman Endgame

Check out the latest episode of DC All Access where Scott Snyder talks about “Batman Endgame.”

“Endgame really changes everything. You’ll see it reflected in every Bat book.” If you’re a Batman fan, you need to read Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Endgame,” the current storyline that continues in today’s Batman #39. And if you’re reading “Endgame,” you’re going to want to watch this DC All Access clip featuring Snyder, in which he discusses what’s up ahead, the inspiration behind the story, and which villains he may be tackling next.


Scott Snyder Explains How Batman Dies; Wants Wonder Woman & Captain America


DC Comics Batman writer Scott Snyder recently participated in a fan QnA on reddit where he answered a question in regards to the death of Bruce Wayne and also commented on which characters he would like to write.

His answer for “How do you think Bruce Wayne dies?”:

Every writer’s Bruce Wayne has his own death, I guess right? They all die differently. Our version (and this is just ours) figures out a way to clone himself when he’s older. He initiates a program whereby a new bruce wayne clone wakes up every 27 years. the young bruce wakes with the memories only up to the point the bat(s) comes through the window. The old bruce welcomes him to the cave, clears out his own stuff in a furnace, and the new bruce faces his own gotham and designs his own cave. own enemies, own city, etc. we showed this (me and sean murphy) in our Detective #27 story, too. Sean and I have plans to return to this story sometime in the near future.

Snyder was also asked if he could pick a Marvel Comics character, who would it be?

 Captain America. Have a big story I’ve always wanted to do!

Snyder also said he would like to write Wonder Woman if given the chance with Greg Capullo and added his take on Wonder Woman would be:

my take (and I have one) would give her a big role in the dcu while building on what azz and cliff did so wonderfully. i’d like to see her with a base, a cast, a mission. I have a big story in mind. If I’d had time, I’d have pushed to do it. Hoping to build in time soon, though I’m excited to see what David and Meredith do ,too!


DC Comics To Return Batman To $3.99


DC Comics recently informed retailers the price of Batman would go up a buck to $4.99 leading to mass internet hysteria.

Batman writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo followed up the news by letting fans know they have asked DC Comics to reduce the price.

Now Snyder has let it be known that DC Comics has listened to the fans and will be returning Batman to $3.99.

Snyder and Capullo’s Batman often tops the charts and is a consistent six-figure seller.


Greg Capullo Responds To Batman Price Increase

Last night saw Scott Snyder respond to DC Comics raising the price of Batman to $4.99 an issue with the writer asking DC to reduce it.

Now the artist on the book, Greg Capullo, has taken to his Twitter account as well.

First Capullo retweeted a fan mentioning he is cancelling with the price increase.

Which was followed by a series of tweets from the artist as well as a reply from Snyder, and then a look at some art.


DC Raises Batman Price To 5 Bucks; Scott Snyder Not Happy


Have you noticed as of late all the $4.99 DC and Marvel comics books?

Well, the price is not just for extended issues as I’m guessing it’s The Big Two’s way of getting the readers prepared for a price hike.

And that is exactly what happened with the #1 selling comic with DC’s Batman.

DC Comics told retailers about the price hike (it’s still listed as being $3.99 on their website), with mention Batman would also be boosted to 30 pages starting with Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Endgame” story next week (via Bleeding Cool).

Now Scott Snyder has commented and replied to fans on Twitter, and he doesn’t seem too happy about the Batman price hike as he asked DC to reduce it.

I recall when Marvel Comics raised a majority of their comics to 4 bucks, a bigwig said it was nothing to do with the cost factor, but everything to do with seeing how much they can get fans to pay.


Review: American Vampire: Second Cycle #1

It has been quite some time since fans have been blessed with an ongoing American Vampire book. A wait that has been filled with one-shot teases that were satisfying, but not something that wholly satiated the hunger of ravenous fans. Today, that longing can finally cease as Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuqueque unleash American Vampire: Second Cycle upon the masses!

This time around, we follow Skinner Sweet and Pearl into the treacherous nineteen-sixties where their roles have drastically changed since the last time we saw them. Pearl has become the “Harriet Tubman” of the vampire world, taking in children that have been hunted and persecuted, giving them not only a home but knowledge and friendship as well. Skinner has transformed into a one man hit-squad along the Texas/Mexican border, amassing weapons and cash from unlucky smugglers before, literally, going underground.

Snyder’s tale is multifaceted to say the least. There is the core tales of both Skinner and Pearl, ones filled with beautifully rendered flashback panels that will inform and delight even the newest of readers, but he also bookends the piece with an unnerving mystery that continues to build the overall mythos of the world he has created. The commingling of different eras and story focuses is where Snyder’s skill as a writer truly shines. More often than not, writers who converge on too many story fronts fail to make the changes coherent enough to hold the readers’ attention, let alone enthrall them! But Snyder holds sway over the reader, making the changes not only smooth but meaningful to all other aspects of the tale. He makes each “solo” tale so rich and detailed that it could resonate completely on it’s own merit, but placed together, they make for a single perfect tale of tension and ferocity that will enamor even the most fickle of readers!

American Vampire: Second Cycle transcends past the label of “horror comic” and lands squarely within the parameters of “great comic!” Although, those looking for something fierce and haunting will be more than pleased as well. Viscousness is intrinsic to this book and with creators like Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, the “Modern Day Masters of Horror,” at the helm, who could ask for anything more?!

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