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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Trailer Attached To Star Wars: The Force Awakens


It’s learned the first trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 will be attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Stephen Amell, who is playing Casey Jones in TMNT 2, let the news be known in a live Facebook chat.

“If you are a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan, you are going to want to go the theater in December before a relatively big movie that is being released… For a fantastic trailer.”

It’s also been said the trailers for Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse will be showing with Star Wars: The Force Awakens on December 18th.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2” has a June 3, 2016 release directed by David Green and produced by Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, starring Megan Fox as April O’Neil, Will Arnett as Vernon, Stephen Amell as Casey Jones, Tyler Perry as Baxter Stockman, Brian Tee as Shredder, with the movie also featuring Bebop and Rocksteady.

Stephen Amell live facebook chat:


Going live with Robbie Amell —

Posted by Stephen Amell on Sunday, November 22, 2015


New DC TV Series In The Works? “That’s Super Cool” Says Stephen Amell


It looks like we may have a new DC TV series in development as it’s learned from a live Facebook chat with Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell that casting director David Rapaport is involved with a new project.

To be clear, it’s unknown if it’s for a DC TV series, but we’re speculating based on what was said in the video (watch below).

David Rapaport is the casting director for Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl.

Stephen Amell introduced Rapaport in the video with Robbie Amell spilling the news.

“Ladies and gentleman this is David Rapaport, casting director of Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The Tomorrow People, Supergirl…” Stephen Amell said before Robbie Amell chimed in.

“There’s a new one,” Robbie Amell said.

“There is,” Rapaport confirmed.

“Oh, you can’t announce it,” Robbie Amell teased. “Good thing I didn’t mention it [laughs].”

Stephen Amell didn’t know what the new show was, but Robbie Amell whispered something in his cousin’s ear.

“That’s super cool!” Stephen Amell said.

“You guys are going to love it,” Rapaport offered.

Any ideas what the new series could be, assuming it’s DC?

Maybe Superboy?

Update: It’s learned Supergirl is casting a young Superman.


Going live with Robbie Amell —

Posted by Stephen Amell on Sunday, November 22, 2015


Robbie Amell X-Files Spinoff Rumored


Robbie Amell will be featured in the upcoming six-episode return of the X-Files playing Agent Miller, who happens to be paired (a la Mulder and Scully) with Lauren Ambrose, aka Agent Einstein.

Now it’s being speculated a possible X-Files spinoff may be happening, or at least it was.

TV Line reports the X-Files spinoff was potentially in the works seeing Amell and Ambrose as new alien-hunting FBI agents, with it even suggested the return of the X-Files series doubled as a backdoor pilot for the new Amell/Ambrose series.

However, the report notes the spinoff may have “gone the way of the Smoking Man” meaning it could be dead (or could potentially still happen). It’s noted series creator Chris Carter didn’t deny the notion of a potential spinoff being developed as part of the new six episode run while at the recent New York Comic-Con. 

Possible clues as to the potential future of the X-Files spinoff may lie with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Robbie Amell starred as Firestorm in The Flash, but when the CW announced DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Amell’s name was noticeably absent from playing the other half of Dr. Stein. Most recently also saw Robbie Amell’s character killed off in The Flash, with a new Firestorm taking over, which would seem to indicate that Robbie Amell had left The Flash because of X-Files.

However, Amell recently teased he will be back as Firestorm, which may now indicate the X-Files spinoff is not happening.

It’s possible FOX may have decided against moving forward with an X-Files spinoff, but instead, may be doing more episodes with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson (assuming Amell and Ambrose were going to take over the franchise).

Of course, the other possibility is that Fox simply has decided to stick with one X-Files series starring Mulder and Scully.

“X-Files” premiers with a special two-night event beginning Sunday, Jan. 24 following the NFC Championship Game, and continuing with its time period premiere on Monday, Jan. 25 (8/7c).


Robbie Amell Teases Return To Firestorm


When DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow was first announced, it was learned Robbie Amell would not be a part of the spinoff series.

This Season on The Flash also saw Robbie Amell’s character, Ronnie Raymond, seemingly killed off, with the new Firestorm teased for next week’s episode.

Now it appears as if Robbie Amell’s flame is not about burn out as the actor has taken to Instagram to tease a return.

“Firestorm is in great hands,” Amell posted along with a side-by-side pic of himself with new Firestorm Franz Drameh. “But I’ll be back.”

Amell is appearing in the X-Files relaunch, so it’s possible the actor took some time off to film that show, which sees its debut in January.


A photo posted by Robbie Amell (@robbieamell) on


New Flash Season 2 Promo Reveals New Firestorm

We may have a look at the new Firestorm as the CW has released a new promo trailer for The Flash Season 2.

The above trailer features a different actor as Firestorm, and if the teaser above is anything to go by, the DC Comics character Jason Rusch will be used instead of Ronnie Raymond.

Udpate: The new Firestorm looks to be the Jay Jackson version played by Franz Drameh.

Robbie Amell has been speculated to be leaving the role of Firestorm due to not being a part of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 6th.


Robbie Amell Wants To Play Batman Beyond (Video)


It’s been a while, but last we heard in regards to a Batman Beyond movie was about two years ago when producer Michael Uslan mentioned it.

Now while attending the Salt Lake Comic-Con, Robbie Amell says he thinks it would be a good idea and would want to play Terry McGinnis.

Check out the blurb:

“I am a huge fan of that idea. I think the problem is because they have Batman going on right now, they won’t make the Batman Beyond movie until I’m too old to be Terry McGinnis. By then I’ll probably be the old crusty Batman. But I’m a huge fan of that idea. I think it would be a great property. I think the smartest idea for them would be to make it like a $30 million movie. Don’t do the big $200 million blockbuster, do a dark, gritty version of Batman Beyond. The visual effects have come so far that you don’t need $200 million to show the technology that they have. Make it a nice, grounded character piece. But I don’t run a studio, so that means nothing.”

Robbie Amell plays Firestorm on The Flash and will also be featured in X-Files. There is speculation Amell may be leaving The Flash as Robbie Amell is not a part of the Firestorm character in the Arrow/Flash spinoff DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Maybe there’s room for Amell to play McGinnis?


First Look At Robbie Amell In X-Files

X-Files Teaser

Robbie Amell has been added to the cast of the upcoming X-Files relaunch, and now we get a first look at the actor on set with Gillian Anderson.

Robbie Amell is playing FBI Agent Miller, described as smart and smooth.

Amell also stars on The Flash for the CW.

X-Files returns January 24, 2016 on FOX.



Thirteen years after the original series run, the next mind-bending chapter of THE X-FILES will be a thrilling, six-episode event series helmed by creator/executive producerChris Carter, with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson re-inhabiting their roles as iconic FBI Agents FOX MULDER and DANA SCULLY. This marks the momentous return of the Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning pop culture phenomenon, which remains one of the longest-running sci-fi series in network television history.Production on THE X-FILES event series is set to begin in summer 2015. 

THE X-FILES originally premiered in September 1993. Over the course of its nine-season run, the influential series went from breakout sci-fi favorite to massive global hit, and became one of the most successful television dramas of all time. The show, which earned 16 Emmy Awards, five Golden Globes and a Peabody Award, follows FBIspecial agents Scully (Anderson) and Mulder (Duchovny), as they investigate unexplained cases – “X-Files” – for which the only answers involve paranormal phenomena. 


Robbie Amell Reveals Flash Cut Scene Featured Matter Manipulation


Robbie Amell plays Ronnie Raymond, one half of the DC super hero Firestorm.

Fans of the comics that are familiar with the character known Firestorm to be a power house, and now Amell reveals a cut scene from an episode of The Flash featured Firestorm using his matter manipulation powers.

Amell tells Screen Rant they cut the scene because they felt it didn’t fit with the story, but offers we may see the new power in Season 2:

“The sad thing is there was a moment in the finale that had to be cut out – just because it was such a massive episode and it didn’t actually have anything to do with plot – where they introduced matter manipulation. There’s a scene where Danielle [Panabaker]’s character is checking my temperature and giving me the once-over. I call Victor in the room and we merge, and I turn her thermometer into a daffodil. It was just like a really nice, sweet way of showing… because she’s asking if we’re going to be OK, and I’m like, “Actually, we’re getting pretty good at this whole Firestorm thing.” And we merge without even missing a beat and turn that into a flower. It was a nice moment, but ultimately it just didn’t hold any bearing on the plot.

“So, matter manipulation I’m sure will be reintroduced, or maybe it will be available on the DVD director’s cut of the episode. But there’s so much they can do with this character. My biggest fear with the character was that he was too powerful. I think that sometimes that can be an issue. I feel like that’s the only problem I ever have with the Superman comic book, is other than kryptonite, how do you stop this guy? But they’ve done an unbelievable job.”

Other powers Firestorm uses in the comics that we have yet to see include affecting organic matter, regenerating lost limbs and tissues, shapeshifting, flying at super fast speed and become intangible.


Robbie Amell Is On The Set Of X-Men: Apocalypse

While Robbie Amell isn’t on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, he is on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse.

It doesn’t appear as if Robbie Amell actually has a role in the film as he posts on his Instagram that he “asked 1000 xmen questions,” which sounds like something a “fan” would do.

In addition, Amell is currently in Montreal to film Nine Lives, which stars Jennifer Garner, Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken. X-Men: Apocalypse is filming in Montreal as well.

You never know, though, perhaps Robbie Amell is killing two birds with one stone.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” has a May 27, 2016 release directed by Bryan Singer starring Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters, Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Rose Byrne, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp and Oscar Issac.


The Flash “Rogue Air” Preview Images


The CW released a batch of preview images for episode #22 of The Flash, “Rogue Air.”

The episode airs Tuesday, May 12th at 8pm ET on the CW.

Episode synopsis:

STEPHEN AMELL, ROBBIE AMELL, WENTWORTH MILLER, LIAM MCINTYRE AND DOUG JONES GUEST STAR — As Wells (Tom Cavanagh) once again gets the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Barry (Grant Gustin) realizes he needs to make a big move and reaches out to an old foe, Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller), for help. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) warn Barry that Cold can’t be trusted. True to form, Cold has his own agenda that involves the meta-humans trapped in the containment cells. As things seem to be going from bad to worse, The Flash gets reinforcements – Arrow (guest star Stephen Amell) and Firestorm (guest star Robbie Amell). Doug Aarniokoski directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing.


Legends Of Tomorrow Speculated Title For Arrow / Flash Spinoff


The CW and WB are currently developing a superhero team spinoff series from The Flash and Arrow.

Now a potential title has hit the net with “Legends Of Tomorrow.”

It’s pure speculation as of now, but the title fits with what is currently known about the spinoff.

“Legends Of Tomorrow” would work as a title because it is thought time travel is involved with the new series as not only can The Flash travel through time, but another character said to be a part of the team, Rip Hunter, is from the future as well. This would also explain how Caity Lotz can appear in the spinoff series (either as Canary from the past or perhaps an ancestor from the future).

In an ironic sort of twist, it’s been said Robbie Amell will not be a part of the new spinoff; Robbie Amell starred in a similar-named CW series before joining The Flash that was cancelled with The Tomorrow People.

The info comes from a blurb over at Variety where they reported on an international programming event with mention of “Legends Of Tomorrow.”

With MipTV wrapped, the focus now shifts to the L.A. Screenings in May. Big product suppliers were using MipTV to talk up L.A. Screenings bows that include, in terms of shows attracting attention for WBITVD, “Supergirl” for CBS, “Blindspot” for NBC, “Legends of Tomorrow” for CW, and also “The Curse of the Fuentes Women,” for NBC.

The Flash / Arrow spinoff, possibly titled “Legends Of Tomorrow,” is due out next Fall starring Brandon Routh as Atom, Caity Lotz in an unknown role, Victor Garber as one half of Firestorm, Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold, Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave, Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter and Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl. You can check out a spoiler-filled cast photo here.

Update: David Ramsey, who plays Diggle on Arrow, is reported to have referred to the spinoff as “Legends” while attending the Calgary Expo over the weekend.


New Arrow Costume Revealed & Flash Spoilers

Check out a set image from The Flash.

Slight spoiler: Apparently, Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell help Grant Gustin battle the Reverse Flash.

Amell’s new Arrow costume seems to be more – League Of Shadows inspired?

We also see all four characters are unmasked in front of each other, including Tom Cavanagh as Reverse Flash.

This looks to be from The Flash season finale.

Here is a larger pic:


Is Robbie Amell Leaving The Flash & Firestorm?


What’s up regarding Robbie Amell, who plays one-half of Firestorm on The Flash?

With the announcement of the new Arrow/Flash superhero team spinoff came word that it will feature Victor Garber as Dr. Stein.

Caity Lotz also confirmed Firestorm for the series at a recent convention.

With news of Dr. Stein appearing, certainly the other half of Firestorm – Ronnie Raymond – will appear (right?).

However, now it’s learned Robbie Amell will not be appearing on the new spinoff.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti says there is a a particular reason for Robbie Amell’s absence, but didn’t offer anything further.

“I can’t say why,” Berlanti told

It seems odd that Robbie Amell wouldn’t be appearing as Firestorm as even when Dr. Stein is in control, Amell’s likeness is used.

Is Robbie Amell leaving The Flash, with a new actor possibly coming in to replace him which will appear in the spinoff as well?


Caity Lotz Talks Canary In Arrow/Flash Spinoff; Confirms Firestorm


In a surprise move, Caity Lotz will be featured in the planned superhero team spinoff of The Flash and Arrow.

Lotz’s fan-favorite character, Sara Lance (aka Canary), was killed off during Season 3 of Arrow, which became a major plot point.

With the announcement that Lotz will now be featured on the new superhero team that is set in the same universe in which she was seemingly killed off, speculation is running wild.

The original report made mention that Lotz may either somehow return as Canary or even play a new superhero all-together.

As fans of Arrow (and Batman) know, the Lazarus Pit can heal the sick and ressurect the dead; so there would be an out for Canary.

While it’s also possible Canary may have faked her yet death again, Lotz recently attended Wizard World Chicago and was asked about the spinoff.

“That’s a good question,” Lotz responded when asked if her character would even be seen again. “So, yeah. Sara Lance definintely died in episode 1 of Season 3.

“Has anybody heard about the spinoff?” Lotz asked the audience. “So there is a new show in development, and I am so excited to finally be able to talk about this. The Atom, Firestorm, my character, and so I guess that is a big thing that is going on. Everyone keeps asking me on the internet; they’re like, ‘Well, you’re dead. How are you going to be on the new show? Is it just going to be flashbacks or are you playing a whole new character? Are you Sara Lance?’

“I would love to tell you” Lotz offered. “But I think they might kill me. How many times have I died already? Sara Lance has died, I think three times. So you never know.”

Lotz does note “my character” which may have been a slip, or she’s just possibly referring to herself.

Lotz also confirms Firestorm, which would mean Robbie Amell is a part of the spinoff (previous details just made mention of Victor Garber playing Dr. Stein).

Brandon Routh is confirmed as Atom, and Wentworth Miller will be playing Captain Cold, in addition to three new DC heroes being a part of the team.

The untitled superhero team series looks to debut next Fall or possibly next mid-season.

Check out more with Caity Lotz from Wizard World Chicago in the following video.


Watch: Facebook QnA With Stephen Amell


Check out Part 1 of a Facebook QnA with Stephen Amell in recognition of his page getting 3 million fans.

Some of the highlights includes Stephen commenting on wanting to work with his cousin, Robbie Amell, the new Firestorm; Amell ranting about Twitter, and he also has an interesting approach to proposing.

Stephen Amell returns as Arrow Wednesday, January 21st at 8pm ET on the CW.



Stephen Amell Teases Firestorm On Arrow Set

Stephen Amell has taken to his Facebook page to post an image from the set of Arrow of himself with his cousin Robbie Amell.

Robbie is playing Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm, on The Flash series.

Amell teased, “Firestorm on the Arrow set. But why?”

If we are to assume Robbie Amell will be appearing in an episode of Arrow, it’s possible that following the mid-season finale of The Flash, after Firestorm saved The Flash, he may have flown to Starling city. 

Stephen Amell is wearing his longer hair, which suggests he is filming flashback scenes. I don’t think Firestorm’s powers include time travel, so Stephen looks to be filming scenes set in the past, and if Robbie is indeed filming Arrow scenes, his visit will be set in the present.

“The Flash” returns Tuesday, January 20th; “Arrow” returns Wednesday, January 21st.



Watch: The Flash “Man In The Yellow Suit” Preview #2

A second preview trailer for the mid-season finale of The Flash,”The Man In The Yellow Suit,” is now online revealing additional footage of the Reverse Flash and Robbie Amell as Firestorm.

The episode airs Tuesday, December 9th at 8pm ET on the CW.

You can check out the first trailer as well.

Episode synopsis:

AMANDA PAYS RETURNS TO THE FLASH — Barry (Grant Gustin) finds himself face-to-face with his nemesis, the man in the yellow suit, a.k.a.Reverse Flash, who killed his mother. Barry is frustrated when the ReverseFlash escapes, but Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) come up with a plan to trap him. All they need is bait, so they turn to Dr. Tina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays) from Mercury Labs to help. Meanwhile, it’s Christmas at The West household and Iris (Candice Patton) is in full holiday cheer. Eddie (Rick Cosnett) gives her a surprising gift but also leaves her with a question that could change her life. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) joins the search for the man in yellow and ends up in the crossfire. Caitlin(Danielle Panabaker) finds Ronnie (Robbie Amell). Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing (#109).


Robbie Amell Reveals Source Of Firestorm’s Powers For The Flash

Robbie Amell, cousin to Arrow‘s Stephen Amell, is set to play Firestorm in The Flash.

The actor took to his Facebook page to reveal the source of Firestorm’s powers as well as a pic of himself getting face scans for the character.

It’s been said that Amell’s character will appear in the third episode of The Flash as a maintenace worker at Star Labs as well as the fiance to to Dr. Caitlin Snow. 

The Flash premiers Tuesday, October 7th at 8pm ET on the CW.

This is where I get my powers. #Firestorm


Tracking marks and a mandatory headband. Face scans for #TheFlash.#Firestorm




After a particle accelerator causes a freak storm, CSI Investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Months later he awakens with the power of super speed, granting him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel. Though initially excited by his newfound powers, Barry is shocked to discover he is not the only “meta-human” who was created in the wake of the accelerator explosion — and not everyone is using their new powers for good. Barry partners with S.T.A.R. Labs and dedicates his life to protect the innocent. For now, only a few close friends and associates know that Barry is literally the fastest man alive, but it won’t be long before the world learns what Barry Allen has become…The Flash.