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Black Superman Replacing Christopher Reeve

Marvel can’t have white dudes saving the day anymore, Disney can’t have well-written scripts about white families, and now AT&T, WB, and DC will be using a Black Superman to replace Christopher Reeve. Welcome to the new world order. Hollywood doesn’t care about making money and is instead all about pushing a politically correct agenda …

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Superman Christopher Reeve Promotes DC Fandome Return

Warner Bros. is bringing back DC Fandome this October, the virtual convention highlighting all things DC comics, movies, and more. A “save the date” teaser has been released which features the iconic John Williams music score from the Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Watch below. “The epic global event is back!” teases the …

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Watch: Superman: Forbidden Power Animated Short

Watch a cool Superman animated short with “Forbidden Power” that was inspired by the Richard Donner movies.

YouTube Michael Lee-Graham offered the following:

My favourite scene in all the Superman films is regarded by most as his most preposterous feat. The moment Superman forbids Jor-Els instructions and uses his powers to interfere with human history was a scene that always stuck with me. In homage to Richard Donners Superman, I’ve created a short, visceral animation of that moment in order to pay respect to my favourite superhero.

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Richard Donner Says Goonies 2 Is Coming (Video)


In the following video, Richard Donner is hounded by the paparazzi and asked about superhero movies.

Donner is asked if he is going to do more comic book movies, with the director stating he is going to do another Goonies movie.

“Are you going to make another comic book movie, then?” Donner is asked by TMZ.

“If you call Goonies a comic book,” Donner replied. “We’re doing a sequel.”

“Really? A Goonies sequel,” said TMZ.

“A Goonies sequel,” Donner confirmed.

Donner also mentioned he hopes the original cast from The Goonies will return.

“Hopefully all of them,” Donner said.

The Goonies came out in 1985 directed by Donner, written by Stephen Spielberg and Chris Columbus starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen, Corey Feldman, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, Jonathan Ke Quan, Robert Davi, Joe Pantoliano, Anne Ramsey, and John Matuszak as Sloth.

Check out a recent cast photo below from 2012 below.


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Necessary Evil: Super-Villians of DC Comics Clip #1 Now Online

Warner Bros. sent over the first clip to the Necessary Evil: Super-Villians of DC Comics documentary which becomes available Friday, October 25th.

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics explores the thin line between right and wrong, the nature of evil and how super-villains can reflect society’s dark side as well as our own personal fears.  It also offers keen insight as to the reasons why comic book fans are so fascinated by the very characters they hope to see defeated. Featuring interviews with such luminaries as directors Richard Donner (Superman), Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) and Zack Snyder (Man of Steel), the film focuses on DC Comics’ most terrifying villains, including The Joker, Lex Luthor, Bane, Black Adam, Black Manta, Catwoman, Darkseid, Deathstroke, Doomsday, General Zod, Sinestro, the Suicide Squad, and more. 

You can order through Amazon at a discount.


Press Release



Fans Applauded SRO World Premiere at New York Comic Con

Christopher Lee Narrates Film Which Features Exclusive Interviews with Richard Donner, Guillermo del Toro,
Zack Snyder and More


Burbank, CA (October 16, 2013) –The ultimate rogue’s gallery takes center stage when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) releases the new full-length documentary Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics onOctober 25, 2013 as a Blu-ray Combo Pack.

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comicskicked off Opening Night festivities of New York Comic Con with a standing-room-only World Premiere of the documentary on Thursday, October 10, the crowd enthusiastically applauding the film’s first public screening.

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comicsexplores the thin line between right and wrong, the nature of evil and how super-villains can reflect society’s dark side as well as our own personal fears.  It also offers insight as to the reasons comic book fans are so fascinated by the very characters they hope to see defeated.

The film focuses on DC Comics’ most terrifying villains, including The Joker, Lex Luthor, Bane, Black Adam, Black Manta, Catwoman, Darkseid, Deathstroke, Doomsday, General Zod, Sinestro, the Suicide Squad, and more. 

Christopher Lee, who has played the villain more times than almost any other actor, will provide his unique voice as narrator. The villains’ infamous tales will be told by directors Richard Donner (Superman), Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) and Zack Snyder (Man of Steel) as well as Geoff Johns (best-selling author and DCE’s Chief Creative Officer) and other storytellers, creators and those who have crafted the personalities and profiles of the most nefarious baddies in DC Comics history.

Also included are interviews from over forty subjects, including: DC comic book writers, artists, executives, filmmakers, comic experts, critics, historians and celebrities.

Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comicscontains footage from DC Entertainment’s animated series, TV shows, video games and live action films, as well as spotlighting hundreds of covers, pages and panels created by DC Comic’s legendary artists.

About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) brings together Warner Bros. Entertainment’s home video, digital distribution, interactive entertainment, technical operations and anti-piracy businesses in order to maximize current and next-generation distribution scenarios. An industry leader since its inception, WBHE oversees the global distribution of content through packaged goods (Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD) and digital media in the form of electronic sell-through and video-on-demand via cable, satellite, online and mobile channels, and is a significant developer and publisher for console and online video game titles worldwide. WBHE distributes its product through third party retail partners and licensees, as well as directly to consumers through

About DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables) and MAD, is the creative division charged with strategically integrating its content across Warner Bros. Entertainment and Time Warner. DC Entertainment works in concert with many key Warner Bros. divisions to unleash its stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment and interactive games. Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC Entertainment is the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world. In January 2012, DC Entertainment, in collaboration with Warner Bros. and Time Warner divisions, launched We Can Be Heroes—a giving campaign featuring the iconic Justice League super heroes—to raise awareness and funds to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.

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Geoff Johns Kills Off Superman: The Movie Classic Character In Forever Evil #2


Spoilers follow for today’s issue of Forever Evil #2.


With the evil version of the Justice League, the Crime Syndicate, having taken over the Earth and causing an eclipse, the power is out and all hope seems lost.

However, there is one man that hasn’t given up – and it’s Lex Luthor!

As Earth’s last best hope makes his way through sublevel 13 of LexCorp he comes upon a lone security guard – Otis!

Otis has no idea what’s going on and is a scared mumbling idiot.

The two continue where Lex comes upon one of his experiments – Subject B-Zero!

I was actually hoping it might turn out to be Subject Zero from the Flashpoint Superman mini (Goku!), but obviously the “B” crushed my hopes for that happening.

Turns out Lex Luthor has been attempting to create a clone from a single Kryptonian cell for the past five years. As the power is out, the experiment will end up a failure as it still has 5 more years to mature. So Lex activates it anyway and unleashes B-Zero! And Lex commands it to kill Otis! Only when Otis threatens Luthor does the creature respond, and Otis is no more!

Something Superman: The Movie fans have been waiting to see for a long time! Thanks, Geoff!

Fun issue at least.




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Christopher Nolan Clip From The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray goes on sale September 24th, and now a clip has become available with director Christopher Nolan.

In the clip, Nolan talks how his Batman movies feature a heightened realistic take and are operatic in nature.

“But it’s about what I suppose you might term a cinematic reality,” Nolan explains to USA Today. “It’s about giving the world of the films and the characters as much weight and validity as they would if your source material were not a comic book — if he was a character in another genre of film you were having to introduce to the audience for the first time and get them to believe it. That’s what my use of the reality is about. It’s not about a literal reality.”

Check out more from Christopher Nolan below.

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes “The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of the Dark Knight Trilogy,” with Guillermo del Toro, Damon Lindelof and Zack Snyder; a Nolan and Superman director Richard Donner taling about bringing iconic superheroes to the big screen; the IMAX sequences in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises; a trio of Hot Wheels  the Tumbler, Batpod and The Bat vehicles; collectible art cards and a 48-page hardcover book. 

The Ultimate Edition can be ordered through Amazon at a discount.


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The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Officially Announced By WB

Warner Bros. officially released information and an announcement for the The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

The set hits stores September 24th.

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Press Release





All Three Films, New Special Features, and Memorabilia


Burbank, Calif. July 2, 2013 – Christopher Nolan’s reimagining of the Batman franchise beginning with 2005’s Batman Begins enjoyed phenomenal critical and box-office success.

Now on September 24, Nolan’s three Batman films – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises – will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment as The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. The six-disc set will feature all three films with their existing extra content, two new featurettes and exclusive new collectible memorabilia. This must-own collection for fans of DC Comics’ Caped Crusader is available in premium packaging and will sell for $99.97 SRP.

About the Ultimate Collector’s Edition (UCE):

*Disc 1 – Batman Begins Feature and Special Features

*Disc 2 – The Dark Knight Feature

*Disc 3 – The Dark Knight Special Features

*Disc 4 – The Dark Knight Rises Feature

*Disc 5 – The Dark Knight Rises Special Features

*Disc 6 – Bonus Disc of New Special Features (details follow)

NEW Special Features:

The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of The Dark Knight Trilogy – The inside perspective on the fascinating story behind the creation of one of the most celebrated franchises and how it changed the scope of movie making….forever.  Full of never-before-seen footage, rare moments, and exclusive interviews with  Guillermo Del Toro, Damon Lindelof, Michael Mann, Richard Roeper, Zack Snyder and others.

· Christopher Nolan & Richard Donner: A Conversation – For the first time, Directors Christopher Nolan (The Dark KnightTrilogy) and Richard Donner (Superman) sit down to discuss the trials and triumphs involved in bringing the two most iconic superheroes of all time to the big screen, and how Superman influenced Nolan when developing Batman Begins.

· IMAX® Sequences: The Dark Knight; The Dark Knight Rises – See your favorite scenes as they were intended in the original IMAX© aspect ratio

Exclusive NEW Memorabilia:

· Premium Mattel Hot Wheels Vehicles: Batmobile, Batpod and Tumbler

· Newly commissioned collectible art cards by Mondo featuring Scarecrow, Joker, Bane, Harvey Dent, and Ra’s al Ghul

· 48-page hardcover book featuring production stills and behind the scenes images from all three movies

About The Films

Batman Begins (2005)

Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight’s emergence as a force for good in Gotham. In the wake of his parents’ murder, disillusioned industrial heir Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) travels the world seeking the means to fight injustice and turn fear against those who prey on the fearful. He returns to Gotham and unveils his alter-ego: Batman, a masked crusader who uses his strength, intellect and an array of high tech deceptions to fight the sinister forces that threaten the city.

The Dark Knight (2008)

The follow-up to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight reunites director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, who reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in his continuing war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The triumvirate proves effective, but soon find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker (Heath Ledger), who thrusts Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman closer to crossing the fine line between hero and vigilante. Maggie Gyllenhaal joins the cast as Rachel Dawes. Returning from Batman Begins are Oldman, Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.

Dark Knight Rises (2012)

It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act.

But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drive Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. But even if he dons the cape and cowl again, Batman may be no match for Bane. Christian Bale stars, along with Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman.


Street Date: September 24, 2013

Order Due Date: August 20, 2013

Catalog/UPC #: 1000372133 / 883929308002

Pricing: $99.97 SRP

Note: All enhanced content listed above is subject to change.

Blu-ray Disc™ and Blu-ray™ and the logos are the trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association.

® & © 2009 IMAX Corporation. All rights reserved.

Warner Home Video Blu-ray Discs™ offer resolution six times higher than standard definition DVDs, as well as extraordinarily vibrant contrast and color and beautifully crisp sound. The format also provides a higher level of interactivity, with instant access to extra features via a seamless menu bar where viewers can enjoy features without leaving or interrupting the film.

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Damon Lindelof Offers Thoughts On Justice League Movie & Takes Shots At Man of Steel PG-13 Rating


Damon Lindelof, the man who wrote Star Trek and Prometheus, offers thoughts on the Justice League movie and the new Superman, Man of Steel.

THR asked Lindelof how he would solve the “Justice League problem” with the writer questioning that notion and responding as follows:

The Justice League problem? I think a lot of that depends on Man of Steel. The Justice League problem is not a problem of, who is the bad guy that Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, Superman, whoever you decide to pit them against. The problem is: What’s the tone of that movie? They’ve been struggling with launching their own tone. The tone of Green Lantern is very different from the tone of The Dark Knight. They clearly inhabit two entirely different worlds. You want to feel like someone is establishing a world where the Justice League can exist, maybe Man of Steel is that movie. If Man of Steel works, and it’s great, I think it starts to make sense where Paradise Island is in that world. Because that’s an entirely different world than the one Christopher Nolan introduced.

Lindelof continues with mention of the Man of Steel PG-13 Rating and seems to say they just made the movie darker (like Star Trek) for the sake of it?

It should be PG. In the spirit of not throwing stones from the glass house in which one resides, the same should be said of Star Trek. The limitation between PG and PG-13, particularly as it pertains to violence — there’s no sex in Star Trek; there are a couple of “s-words,” but only because we already knew we were going to get PG-13. They are easily excisable. I always loved that moment in Temple of Doom when Indy says, “Shit.” Because that’s exactly what he would say. You don’t use it to be gratuitous, but it’s what a character would say in that moment. Donner’s Superman is a very adult movie. It doesn’t feel like it’s being whitewashed or watered down in any way. It feels real, cool, fun, escapist and upbeat. The larger thing for Man of Steel, is like, “Yes, we all are consuming darker stories.” Again, glass house. But it’s like, “Is there any way we can get the word dark in it?”

(Correction: Article has been updated to reflect that Damon Lindelof was the subject of the interview, not J.J. Abrams)

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Zack Snyder Fires More Shots At Marvel Studios; Talks Man of Steel Vs. The Avengers, Iron Man & Thor

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7357:]]Zack Snyder, director on the Man of Steel, hasn’t been pulling any super punches when it comes to his direct competition over at Marvel Studios.

The latest has Zack Snyder talking how he feels about launching a new Superman movie among all the other super hero movies.

Seems Snyder feels pretty confident about the Man of Steel and turns it around on Marvel, who should be worried about when the DC films get it right.

“It’s Superman,” Zack Snyder said in the latest issue of SFX Magazine. “If you get that right, that’s the question you’ll be asking everyone else. That should be the question you are asking Iron Man and Thor. How is it you can feel you can be making a superhero movie in a world where Superman and Batman exist?”

“They truely are pure archetypes. They are literally Biblical,” Snyder continued. “If you get the DC characters right they can be important, they can be about us. It’s not just a romp. That’s the fun, for me, of working on this movie. We got that it was important. We weren’t apologising for Superman, which I feel has happened in the past. It’s Superman, for God’s sake. He’s a thing to be celebrated.”

Snyder also comments on being compared to the Richard Donner classics, and takes one more shot at The Avengers.

“It’s the first blockbuster. The Avengers, all those movies are all the same thing. Not that that’s bad – I think that’s awesome – but what we tried to do is say ‘Okay, we’re just pretending like that movie doesn’t exist,” he said.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7358:]]There’s also been talk as of late about the PG-13 Rating of Superman and not being able to take your kids to it, as well as being compared to The Dark Knight Trilogy as Christopher Nolan worked on Man of Steel as a producer.

As we saw Henry Cavill tell us in the Man of Steel trailer #3, his “S” symbol represents hope, and Snyder mentions it isn’t all dark.

“Of course there are comparisons to The Dark Knight. I love the movies that Chris made, but this is a very different movie – the sci-fi aspect, the way we shot it, the character…all those things combined. It’s a much more optimistic movie, in a weird way, just because it’s Superman. The thing Chris brought to it in its early stages is that ability to take the mythology seriously. Don’t apologise for it. Fucking figure it out, make it work.”

For more with Zack Snyder talking Man of Steel purchase the latest issue of SFX Magazine.

Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

Head on over to the Cosmic Book News Man of Steel movie hub for more news, images and trailers.

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CapeTown Film Festival Full Line-Up Announced: Edgar Wright, Richard Donner, Leonard Nimoy & More

EW sent over the complete line-up for their upcoming CapeTown Film Festival.

We see Edgar Wright, director on the Ant-Man movie, will be there.

Also joining the previously announced special-guest with Kurt Russell is John Carpenter, Noah Whyle (Falling Skies), Neil Gaiman, Travis Knight, Richard Donner (Superman), Terry Gilliam, and Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek).

See below for more.


Press Release




Complete Lineup Includes Screening Details and List of Special Guests

Seven Day Festival to Run April 30th – May 6th



(NEW YORK, NY) – April 5, 2013 – Entertainment Weekly today announced the complete lineup for the EW CapeTown Film Festival (CapeTown) in Los Angeles. The inaugural film festival, in conjunction with American Cinematheque and sponsored by TNT’s Falling Skies, will feature Sci-Fi, Superhero, and Fantasy screenings along with Q&A Panels and special guests including Kurt Russell, John Carpenter, Neil Gaiman, Terry Gilliam and Edgar Wright.  The EW CapeTown Festival will run from Tuesday, April 30th through Monday, May 6th at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. 

Tickets go on sale April 8th and can be purchased at the Egyptian Theatre box office (6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028), on (theatre zip code 90028) or by calling 1-800-FANDANGO (Egyptian Theatre code: 2206).  A limited number of tickets will also be available during a special April 6 presale at the Egyptian Theatre box office for EW subscribers. Tickets will be sold only between noon and 5 p.m. to EW subscribers who bring 1) their photo I.D. and 2) a recent issue of EW with a subscription label on the cover that matches their I.D. The presale is also for American Cinematheque members with photo I.D.

The complete lineup is listed below:

EW CapeTown Film Festival Schedule of Events – Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles

Twitter:     @SidGrauman


Tuesday, April 30

Special Announcement Coming Soon! 

Wednesday, May 1

7:30pm            Shaun of the Dead

                        Special guest: Edgar Wright

Thursday, May 2

7:30pm           The Thing

                       Special guest: John Carpenter

Friday, May 3

7pm                 Escape from New York

                        Special guest: Kurt Russell

                        Bonus! Advance Screening of TNT’s Falling Skies Season 3 Premiere (show premieres June 9th)

                        Special guest: Noah Wyle                   

Saturday, May 4

“May the 4th Be With You” Celebration

10am              Return of the Jedi – INVITATION ONLY

  2pm              Return of the Jedi

  6pm              Return of the Jedi

10pm              Return of the Jedi

Sunday, May 5

10am               Despicable Me

1pm                 Coraline

                        Special guests: Neil Gaiman and Travis Knight

4pm                 The Goonies

                        Special guest: Richard Donner

8pm                 Twelve Monkeys

Special guest: Terry Gilliam

The evening with Terry Gilliam is co-presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles.

Monday, May 6

7:30pm            Star Trek (2009)

                        Special guest: Leonard Nimoy

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Man of Steel Props Give Nod To Classic Superman Movies


In just what might be another nod to the classic Richard Donner Superman films, a number of Man of Steel props are up for auction with one item being a crystal that was used in the apartment of Lois Lane. is holding a live auction in a week’s time that includes items worn by Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as well as other set props.

They list the crystal as follows:

From the soon-to-be released “Man of Steel”, this is a sleek, beautiful crystal ornament from the set of Lois Lane (Amy Adams) apartment. The obvious “nod” to Superman’s “home” is not lost! Comes with a Letter of Provenience. (Aqua colored “monument” shaped crystal is approx. 12″ high).

It’s been thought for sometime that the Krypton of Zack Snyder’s movie wouldn’t resemble the version from the previous movies, but something more reminiscent of Kryptonian alien technology.

Of course, there is another possibility and that is Lois Lane discovers the crystal while investigating whatever she may or may not be investigating in the movie.

Some other cool items include a sweater worn by Henry Cavill and a shirt by Amy Adams; sorry, yes I believe they are washed.

And speaking of nods to the classic Superman movies of the past, it’s thought that Annette O’Tolle as well as Christopher Reeve may even make a cameo.

This isn’t the first we have heard of props from Lois Lane’s apartment, as previously, potential props may have revealed some spoilers for the movie.

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14 in IMAX 3D starring Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon.

Head on over to the Cosmic Book News Man of Steel movie hub for more news, images and trailer.

(Thanks to MOS Fan FB for the link)



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Man of Steel Comic Book Confirmed By Scott Snyder & Jim Lee; Preview With FCBD Superman

As thought for a while now, it’s confirmed that best-selling Batman writer, Scott Snyder, and DC Comics co-publisher and superstar artist, Jim Lee, will be on a new Man of Steel comic book.

We’ll get our first peek at the new comic this May in a preview with the Free Comic Book Day issue of Superman: Last Son Of Krypton which reprints Richard Donner and Geoff Johns’ Superman vs. Zod story, with art by Andy Kubert.

FCBD is Satuarday, May 4th, 2013 at participating comic book retailers.

The new Man of Steel movie also hits theaters June 14, 2014.


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Christopher Nolan Was Inspired By Richard Donner’s Superman & Talks Ending To The Dark Knight Rises

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4324:]]Let’s see what I’ve heard while traversing the internet about the end to The Dark Knight Rises.

There’s the Batman is dead theory with Alfred imagining Bruce Wayne at the end.

There’s the theory that Batman escaped out of the Batwing and it was on auto-pilot.

There’s the recent theory that it set up the Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the new Batman for the Justice League movie.

There’s even the theory that during the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill will be shown to swoop down and save Batman in the new Superman movie!

While we can ponder what exactly happened until the cows come home, director Christopher Nolan recently talked about the ending to The Dark Knight Rises with Film Comment and explained that it was his way of ending the story and showing that Batman wasn’t just one man, but a symbol.

For me, The Dark Knight Rises is specifically and definitely the end of the Batman story as I wanted to tell it, and the open-ended nature of the film is simply a very important thematic idea that we wanted to get into the movie, which is that Batman is a symbol. He can be anybody, and that was very important to us. Not every Batman fan will necessarily agree with that interpretation of the philosophy of the character, but for me it all comes back to the scene between Bruce Wayne and Alfred in the private jet in Batman Begins, where the only way that I could find to make a credible characterization of a guy transforming himself into Batman is if it was as a necessary symbol, and he saw himself as a catalyst for change and therefore it was a temporary process, maybe a five-year plan that would be enforced for symbolically encouraging the good of Gotham to take back their city. To me, for that mission to succeed, it has to end, so this is the ending for me, and as I say, the open-ended elements are all to do with the thematic idea that Batman was not important as a man, he’s more than that. He’s a symbol, and the symbol lives on. 

And speaking of Superman, of which Nolan is producer on the new Man of Steel, he says that Richard Donner was an influence on The Dark Knight Trilogy.

I had in mind a sort of treatment of Batman that Richard Donner might have done in the late Seventies the way he did Superman. To me what that represented was firstly a detailed telling of the origin story, which wasn’t even really definitively addressed in the comics over the years, funnily enough. And secondly, tonally I was looking for an interpretation of that character that presented an extraordinary figure in an ordinary world. So I wanted the inhabitants of Gotham to view Batman as being as outlandish and extraordinary as we do.

I do love actors and I feel great actors can find the depth of a characterization that adds to the richness of the film. I felt a lot of the scale of Batman Begins should come through the casting, and once again I looked back to Richard Donner’s Superman for that because he cast Marlon Brando and Glenn Ford and Ned Beatty.

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5 Possibilities For The New Man of Steel Villain (Mo-Cap Man)


A Smallville scene for the Man of Steel filmed in Plano, Illinois last year revealed not only a look at Faora — but some guy with a big plunger on his head?

While not actually a plunger, it’s used to give the cast a sense of just what they are looking at. He’s come to be known among the super fans at the Man of Steel Fan Facebook as the “Mo-Cap Man,” and when all is said and done, will look completely different through the use of CGI.

A similar example would be regarding The Avengers movie with the Chitauri aliens. Actors wearing similar outfits were spotted on the Cleveland set, and they went on to become the aliens that the Avengers battled in the movie. 

As we see, the Mo-Cap Man has a big stick on his head meaning he’s going to be pretty darn big. Judging from the image below, he towers over Superman. By 3 or 4 feet maybe? So that’s a 9-10 foot tall bad boy.

With that, here are five possibilities for the new Man of Steel villain, which I am going to rank based on my own personal opinion.

5. Non: As the Man of Steel somewhat – shall we say – resembles Superman II, it could be Non, who was one of the imprisoned Kryptonians along with Zod and Ursa, portrayed by actor Jack O’Halloran. I’m doubting this to be the case as Non is not a Superman original villain, but was created for the movie by Richard Donner, and later entered the comic book world when Donner wrote Superman with Geoff Johns.

4. Black Zero: Black Zero recently became known, and while in the comics it can either be a terrorist group or related to Superboy, it’s since come out through a Man of Steel toy, that Black Zero seems to be a prison spaceship. And Superboy just ain’t that big. 

3. Metallo: Back in April of 2011, Metallo was actually rumored for the movie. Now this would be pretty darn cool on the big screen. Maybe Zod transforms John Corben into Metallo. However, that doesn’t make sense as he is powered by Kryponite. Nah, it ain’t him, either. But maybe Richard Schiff’s Emil Hamilton, of Star Labs, does it somewhere in the movie. We can hope.

2. Doomsday: Guess who is also rumored for the movie? Yeah, Doomsday. Henry Cavill also said he was reading the “Death of Superman” story. Doomsday was a result of an experiment that saw an early pre-historic Kryptonian cloned over and over until he became “The Ultimate” being; however, it became the ultimate killing machine. Long story short, Doomsday could be on the prison ship (phantom zone?) with Zod. It’s possible.

1. Bizarro: This is my best guess and it’s mostly based on previous comments from Zack Snyder. He said you might see someone that resembles Superman in the movie. Gotta be Bizarro! My best guess is that Snyder is taking a page out of Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son (Cavill read that, too), where Lex Luthor created a Superman-like being to battle Superman; however, as it’s part Superman, it’s part good, and Bizarro sacrifices his life to save millions from a nuke. I’m thinking Bizarro in the Man of Steel is a Kryptonian-Human hybrid created by Zod or Faora, as they are trying to take over the Earth to become a New Krypton.

Bonus: Superman Prime? Naah, too tall, right?!

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Man Of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013 directed by Zack Snyder starring, Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Diane Lane as Martha “Ma” Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonathan “Pa” Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as Zod, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Russel Crowe as Jor-El.

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