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No Charlie Hunnam For Pacific Rim 2

Charlie Hunnam will not be back for Pacific Rim 2.

Hunnam, who starred in the first Pacific Rim movie as Gypsy Danger Jaeger pilot Raleigh Brackett, let it be known at this past weekend’s Comic-Con he won’t be returning for the sequel due to a scheduling conflict. Hunnam says he is happy they are making the movie and even offered he was featured heavily in an earlier script (via yahoo):

They have a very definite schedule that they have to film because of the, you know, politics and business surrounding filmmaking. Sometimes non-creative decisions will dictate how something, you know, unfolds — which seems bass-ackwards, in fact, that we’re making art, or at least aspiring to make art — but yeah, it just ended up being something that unfortunately we couldn’t remedy…”

Hunnam goes on to say he feels Pacific Rim 2 will be a significant progression from the first movie, which is something you always hope to do.

Up next for Charlie Hunnam is the King Arthur movie (the trailer just hit at Comic-Con).

Regarding the new star of Pacific Rim 2, that would be Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor John Boyega, who is playing the son of Idris Elba’s character. Scott Eastwood is also in talks for a role.

Pacifc Rim 2 has a February 23, 2018 directed by Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight.


John Boyega To Star In Pacific Rim 2

Star Wars’ John Boyega has signed on to star in Pacific Rim 2.

Boyega tweeted out the news.

“I’ll be taking on the Pacific Rim franchise with Steven S.Deknight directing. Very excited!” Boyega said in his tweet.

Deadline further reports Boyega will play the son of the character played by Idris Elba in the first film.

 “I am very proud and happy to welcome John into a fantastic sandbox,” Guillermo Del Toro said. “The Pacific Rim universe will be reinforced with him as a leading man as it continues to be a multicultural, multi-layered world. ‘The World saving the world’ was our goal and I couldn’t think of a better man for the job.”

Pacific Rim 2 starts filming at the end of the year.


Pacific Rim 2 Is A Go; Steven DeKnight To Direct


Pacific Rim 2 is a go.

While there has been question if the sequel would ever get made – Universal Studios recently yanked Pacific Rim 2 from its release date schedule – now Guillermo Del Toro offers an update.

Guillero Del Toro took to Twitter to offer that good news is coming about Pacific Rim 2.

“Good news will break soon on Pacific Rim 2!! Stay tuned!!” the tweet reads.

A second tweeted then stated Steven DeKnight (Daredevil, Spartacus) will be directing.

“Met w DeKnight and we are all so happy with our choice to take Pac Rim 2 to where we know it can go!!” Guillermo Del Toro said.

A third tweet read: “Now Pac Rim is a known property and we can expand big!”

Pacific Rim 2 marks the directorial debut for Steven DeKnight; Deadline also reports Pacific Rim 2 will be released in 3D.

The first Pacific Rim grossed $411 million worldwide back in 2013. No release date for Pacific Rim 2 has been set as of yet.


Guillermo Del Toro Says Pacific Rim 2 Is Still In Development


Contrary to an earlier report from last Thursday that stated Pacific Rim 2 has been shelved, the sequel to the 2013 film is stated to still be in development.

Following a report by THR, Guillermo Del Toro took to Twitter today to state Pacific Rim 2 is still being worked on.

“[Pacific] Rim 2 cancelled? Don’t believe everything you read. It’s still going and I’ll remain [with] it in one way or another!” Del Toro tweeted.

Guillermo Del Toro was originally supposed to start production on Pacific Rim 2 following Crimson Peak, but Universal Studios recently removed the movie from their schedule leading to the speculation it wasn’t happening. In addition, Del Toro is said to be in talks to direct the Fantastic Voyage remake, which only added to the thought that Pacific Rim 2 was all but done for.

The good news is not only has Guillermo Del Toro put the rumors to rest, but the Chinese have purchased Legendary Entertainment; Pacific Rim did well in China, so as THR notes, that may mean the sequel is more likely.


Charlie Hunnam Confirms Pacific Rim 2


It definitely sounds like Charlie Hunnam will be back for Pacific Rim 2, which starts filming this Fall for its August 4, 2017 release. caught up with Hunnam on the set of his latest movie, Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie Knights Of The RoundTable, where Hunnam spoke about some of the problems with the first movie and offered he hopes “we” fix them with the second, with the article also noting “Hunnam is excited to take another crack at [Pacific Rim].”

“I hope that we are able to remedy that a little bit going into the second,” he said. “Not to say I wasn’t proud of the film. I really liked it, and I felt like it delivered exactly what it was supposed to. But I do feel like we could have maybe plumbed the depths of the character and the storytelling a little bit more.”

Regarding Hunnam’s concerns, he mentioned it was difficult to find a balance between developing the character of the Jaeger pilots with the attention the mechs and kaiju received.

“I think world creation and monster creation and all of that stuff is exciting as a secondary element of storytelling. When it becomes more important than storytelling, I get very nervous, and you sort of lose me a little bit,” Hunnam said. “Although we tried very hard on Pacific Rim to marry those two elements, I do feel like ultimately it got weighed heavier on the side of spectacle than storytelling.”

Guillermo del Toro will be returning for Pacific Rim 2 as well and previously offered the sequel takes place a few years after the first one.

“It’s not an immediate follow-up,” Del Toro said. “It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after – what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat. It’s quite a jump.”


Guillermo Del Toro Updates Justice League Dark, Hellboy 3 & Pacific Rim 2


Coming out of Comic-Con, we get an update regarding Guillermo del Toro’s involvement in Justice League Dark, Hellboy 3 and Pacific Rim 2.

Just prior to Comic-Con saw the news that Guillermo Del Toro had departed the Justice League Dark movie, which was (or is) to feature the supernatural characters of the DC Comics; now it’s learned the reason for Guillermo Del Toro leaving the film is because of Pacific Rim 2.

“Warners liked the script, they were very enthusiastic and wanted to green-light it but they wanted it to coincide with the shoot of Pacific Rim 2,” Del Toro told Daily Beast. “I was put in a very difficult place facing a difficult choice, and I chose to do Pacific Rim 2.”

There has also been talk of late about Hellboy 3, with Ron Perlman leading the charge. Del Toro says it is still a possibility, but there is a catch, as the article notes Guillermo del Toro said Pacific Rim 2 needs to be a success.

“The hard fact is that the movie’s going to need about $120 million and there’s nobody knocking down our doors to give it to us,” Del Toro offered. “It’s a little beyond Kickstarter,” he laughed. “But you know, Ron is no spring chicken, so we’d better get to it before Hellboy has to do everything from a Barcalounger.”

Regarding a new director for Justice League Dark or whether the movie is still moving forward is unknown, but with Guillermo del Toro stating it was to film at the same time as Pacific Rim 2, we can guess the two movies have similar release dates, so JLD may have originally had a Summer of 2017 release date (Pacific Rim 2 hits August 4, 2017 and starts filming in the Fall).


Guillermo del Toro No Longer Attached To Justice League Dark


It’s learned Guillermo del Toro is no longer attached to Justice League Dark.

Yesterday saw Warner Bros. shuffle their DC Vertigo titles around which saw Sandman moved from WB to sister arm, New Line Cinema.

In THR‘s report on the news, they state insiders say Guillermo del Toro is working on Pacific Rim 2 and is prepping for the release of Crimson Peak and is no longer set to direct Justice League Dark.

It is noted Justice League Dark is still at Warner Bros.; the movie is set feature the supernatural characters of the DCU including Constantine, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and Deadman. The reason given (which may be why Guillermo del Toro is no longer attached) is that DC Comics recently moved the JLD characters into their regular DC Universe and the movie is doing the same.

Sandman is based on the Neil Gaiman comic and is being developed by Jospeh Gordon Levitt.

Dwayne Johnson’s Shazam is still at New Line as well.

Deadline reports the reason for the Vertigo titles shifting to New Line under Toby Emmerich and Richard Brener is that the Vertigo titles are considered “subversive” compared to the WB-steered DC Comics titles with those “venerable superheroes.”


Pacific Rim 2, Warcraft & The Mummy Get New Release Dates


Earlier at CinemaCon saw Universal announce a slew of new release dates, which includes mention Guillermo del Toro will be back to direct Pacific Rim 2 that has an an August 4, 2017 release date (formerly April 2, 2017).

Duncan Jones’ live-action Warcraft film has moved from March 11, 2016 to June 10, 2016.

The reboot of The Mummy Franchise gets pushed back almost a year –  from June 24, 2016 to March 24, 2017 – directed by Alex Kurtzman.

A new Tom Cruise movie, Mena, will be released June 6, 2017.

A new untitled Universal monsters movie produced and overseen by Kurtzman will bow on March 30, 2018.

Universal also announced release dates for the sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey: Fifty Shades Darker on February 2017, and Fifty Shades Freed for February 2018.

As we previously reported, Vin Diesel announced the release date for Fast & Furious 8 with April 14, 2017.


Legendary Announces Pacific Rim Comic Book Series


With Pacific Rim 2 in development from Guillermo del Toro and due out April 2017, Legendary Entertainment has announced a new Pacific Rim comic book series for this Fall.

Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift will be written by comics veteran Joshua Fialkov with art by Marcos Marz and the story by Travis Beacham.

The series is a continuation of the bestselling graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero and will feature Jaegers never before seen in combat squaring off against all-new Kaiju creatures.

In addition to the new Pacific Rim comic series, Legendary also announces two new titles with Black Bag and Cops For Criminals.

Black Bag is described as a riveting espionage thriller starring Legendary’s first female action hero. The gripping series is about a suburban wife-turned-covert government assassin from writer Chris Roberson, creator of the breakout comic iZombie (recently adapted into a network TV series), and features art from fast-rising talent JB Bastos, known for his standout work on Night Trap.

Cops For Criminals is from Steven Grant and is described as a daring new crime-thriller series about a federal agent forced to find true justice in the criminal underworld. Pete Woods, whose long and storied career includes iconic franchises such as Deadpool, Catwoman and Robin, returns to pencil, ink and color the title.

To celebrate these launches, Legendary is also giving fans the chance to win an exclusive page of original artwork from the upcoming Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift. Participants are invited to enter at to win this one-of-a-kind prize.

Update: Legendary is also launching graphic novels for Trick or Treat and Krampus, which are due later this year.




Details On Pacific Rim 2 Plot & Returning Characters


Guillermo del Toro offers some new details about the sequel to Pacific Rim.

First, Guillermo Del Toro offers the time frame Pacific Rim 2 takes places compared to the first one, and also a bit about the plot and story details (via Collider).

“It’s a few years after the first one.  It’s not an immediate follow-up.  It is the world having been freed of Kaiju, what happens to the world after – what happens to the Jaeger technology once the Kaiju are not a threat.  It’s quite a jump.”

Next, the director offers Charlie Day (Dr. Newton Geiszler) and Burn Gorman (Gottlieb) will be back for the sequel.

Yes.  It’s quite a different movie from the first one in that, but I think that two of our main characters like in the first one are Burn and Charlie.  They are really, really – I mean, honestly, they are probably the guys I have the most fun writing along with Hannibal Chau so just from a purely selfish drive, I like writing them.  I love writing for Charlie and Burn.  I mean, [Burn’s] in Crimson Peak for that reason, because I love working with him.  You’re gonna get a lot of that, but the Kaijus are very different and you’re gonna see a very different type of the robots I think.  It’s gonna be quite a different adventure.

Pacific Rim 2 has an April 7, 2017 release, with an animated series and graphic novel also planned.


Guillermo del Toro Hoping For Pacific Rim 3 & Sequel Details


We get a slight update on the sequel to Pacific Rim from director Guillermo del Toro who happens to let it be known he is hoping for a third movie.

While speaking with Collider, Guillermo del Toro offers the following:

We have the first draft of the movie, now. We are going to spend another four or five months on the screenplay before we start pre-production. We start pre-production next year in August/September. We start shooting November/December next year. The direction we are going is very different from the first. All I can say is that some of your favorite characters come back, some others don’t because we have decided that we’re going to shoot ambitiously and say ‘Let’s hope we have three movies,’ so some characters come in at the end of the second, hoping that it will ramp up on the third one. I hope people like it. You are going to get a very different experience from the first one.

Pacific Rim debuted the Summer of 2013 netting just over $411 million worldwide starring Charlie Hunnam.

Previously released details about Pacific Rim 2 made mention the sequel may feature Kaiju/Jaeger hybrids as well as more from the other side of the portal.

Pacific Rim 2 has an April 7, 2017 release, with an animated series and comic book also in development.


Guillermo del Toro Updates Pacific Rim 2, Animated & Comic Book Series


With it recently becoming known that Legendary and Guillermo del Toro are officially moving forward with Pacific Rim 2, del Toro has now shared a few details about the sequel.

Via WSJ:

We are three years away, so to spoil anything would be fantastically silly of me. What I can tell you: [screenwriter Zak Penn] and I really went in, we started with [screenwriter Travis Beacham] about a year and a half ago, kicking ideas back and forth. And, admittedly, I said to Zak, let’s keep kicking ideas till we find one that really, really turns the first movie on its ear, so to speak. (…) It was hard to create a world that did not come from a comic book, that had its own mythology, so we had to sacrifice many aspects to be able to cram everything in the first movie. Namely, for example “the Drift” (editor’s note: the neural link between pilots of the giant robots, or jaegers), which was an interesting concept. [Then there was] this portal that ripped a hole into the fabric of our universe, what were the tools they were using? And we came up with a really, really interesting idea. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think at the end of the second movie, people will find out that the two movies stand on their own. They’re very different from each other, although hopefully bringing the same joyful giant spectacle. But the tenor of the two movies will be quite different.

I’m hoping to bring the same idea I had in the first movie, that was to make it multicultural and humanistic as much as possible, to make characters from many nationalities or gender, to make them equal in the scope of the adventure, in the day-to-day of the adventure. So, we’re bringing a few characters that are new and hopefully doing good work managing those that survived the first movie. (laughs) 

I start designing in six weeks. It takes me nine months to design a movie like that. People see the movie, and they have to see that we designed everything in the movie, from ID cards or patches, pamphlets, posters, signs, sets. I start with a core team for about six months designing the jaegers and the kaiju, you know, so we know how many kaiju, how many jaegers. We are creating some new jaegers and a lot of new kaiju. We start [designing the production] in August.

With the official Pacific Rim sequel announcement also came news about an animated and comic book series. Guillermo del Toro comments on that as well:

We are talking about all the possibilities in terms of networks. We’re formulating ideas that are, again, interesting and not the usual route, but the series tackles the stories that happened to pilots working in the Shatterdome (editor’s note: a building where jaegers are built and maintained and pilots train), but also cadets learning how to become pilots. All of this happens prior to the first movie, and it gives you a little more depth into the background of certain characters that will appear in the second movie. So it’s really expanding the material. I was incredibly happy with the comic book series that came about from a graphic novel called “Tales From Year Zero,” and we are continuing the tales for the next three years. So by the time the second movie comes out, you will have probably one year of the animation airing, and you will have three years of the comic book series ongoing, so we are trying for all these things to be canon, to be in the same universe, to not wing anything, so that if anyone … a lot of kids, for example, have discovered “Pacific Rim” through the toys. They come in through the toys, and then they watch the movie, and then they learn this, they learn that through the movie or the comic book series, so we’re trying to make it canon so we can expand the universe. And by the time we come into the second movie, you have a good feel for the world, and we can dedicate ourselves to character and ideas and spectacle.

Guillermo del Toro also previously mentioned that Pacific Rim 2 may see a hybrid made of a Jaeger and a Kaiju.



Pacific Rim 2 Movie, Animated Series & Comic Books Announced (Video)

Pacific Rim 2 is officially a go as Universal Studios and Legendary Entertainment have given the sequel a April 7, 2017 release date.

Guillermo del Toro is confirmed to return to direct and will write the sequel with Zak Penn.

In the following video, Guillermo del Toro also announced there will be a Pacific Rim animated series as well as new comic books.

“I am working on this with Zak Penn and Travis Beacham, and we are all very happy to be bringing you more Kaijus and more Jaegers kicking each other’s butts,” del Toro stated.


Pacific Rim 2 Script Underway From Guillermo del Toro & Zak Penn


It’s learned that the script for Pacific Rim 2 has been underway for months in secret from Guillermo del Toro, and that a new writer comes onboard with Zak Penn, who worked on the likes of The Avengers, Incredible Hulk and X-Men movies.

Previously, Guillermo del Toro confirmed he would be working on Pacific Rim 2, and most recently Legendary CEO Thomas Tull stated they were in talks, but it wasn’t anything official.

With news that Guillermo del Toro told Buzzfeed that he has been working on the script for Pacific Rim 2, we now know that something concrete is at least in the works.

“I’m working very, very hard with Zak Penn,” Guillermo del Toro said. “We’ve been working for a few months now in secret. We found a way to twist it around. Travis Beacham [co-writer of the first film] was involved in the storyline and now I’m writing with Zak because Travis has become a TV mogul.”

Guillermo del Toro does note Pacific Rim 2 hasn’t been officially greenlit.

“I don’t have the money, but I’m proceeding like it is happening,” he said.

Previously mentioned possible details for Pacific Rim 2 stated it could feature a Jaeger/Kaiju Hybrid. Guillermo del Toro offers he doesn’t plan on a prequel, but for the second says he plans on something special.

“I’m going for very new, very crazy ideas on the second one, which are very different from the first one — but you will get really great spectacle.”


Guillermo del Toro In Talks For Pacific Rim 2

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:14418:]]We get an update on a possible sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim from Legendary Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull.

Tull says Pacific Rim didn’t exactly live up to expectations, but a Pacific Rim 2 is still possible given a good story, and that they are in talks with Guillermo del Toro. Tull did state there’s nothing official, though.

Via I Am Rogue:

Here’s the deal. We’re very close with Guillermo. He’s doing Crimson Peak for us right now. With the amount of money that we did on Pacific Rim, over $400 million, it didn’t quite hit our expectations, but it did better than a lot of other films. If there’s another great story to tell with Guillermo then we’re all over it because we think it’s really hard to create one of these things from scratch. The movie did really well on home video and merchandise, and it certainly has a big international following. We’re not just going to do Pacific Rim 2 just to do it. Right now we’re talking to Guillermo del Toro. If we can crack the story, we all think it’s great, and it’s him at the helm, then fantastic. But right now there’s nothing going on officially to proclaim. 

Back in March, Tull also stated they were going to sit down with Guillermo del Toro and were very open to it, and last October saw Guillermo del Toro state he was writing a sequel with Travis Beacham that made mention Pacific Rim 2 could see a Kaiju/Jaeger hybrid. 

Pacific Rim premeired last Summer, and for the most part was received favorably by audiences. It netted about $411 million worldwide on a $190 million budget.