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Big City Comics and Michael Golden Unveil “Whore” at SDCC 2012

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For San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Big City Comics Studio is offering an exclusive that they are not afraid to “whore” out. Big City Comics Studio proudly presents the debut of their latest graphic novel, WHORE, from creator/writer Jeffrey Kaufman (Image Comics’ Ant, Zenescope Entertainment’s Terminal Alice) and artist Marco Turini (Squadron Supreme,Astonishing Tales), with a SDCC edition only available at booth #2101. WHORE, the SDCC exclusive edition, features cover art by Michael Golden (BatmanMicronauts) and is limited to 500 copies. In addition, both Jeffrey Kaufman and Michael Golden will be at BigCity Comics Studio’s booth (#2101) to sign copies of WHORE, the SDCC exclusive edition.

WHORE is a story about Jacob Mars, who would probably put a bullet in your head if you were to call him a “whore.” However, in simple terms, that’s what he is. After getting downsized from the CIA, he takes any job he can to pay his debts and alimony. He isn’t a bad guy by nature, but out of necessity, he has to live a life where things don’t matter, as long as he gets paid. His motto, simply stated: “Every man has his price.”

WHORE, the regular edition graphic novel, is currently available in July Previews fromZenescope Entertainment (Diamond Order Code: JUL121329) and will go on sale September 2012.


Founded by Jeffrey Kaufman, Big City Comics Studio works with publishers to develop exciting and dynamic graphic novels for the comic book market.Available titles includeTerminal Alice (published through Zenescope Entertainment), TotemTempestOmega OneDragon Cross, and Zombie Sama. Upcoming projects from Big City Comics Studio include the graphic novels Angel Falling, coming early 2013, and Whore, on sale September 2012, published by Zenescope Entertainment.For more information, please and

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